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Well-known TV hosts speak about how to select a centerpiece for your room

Well-known TV hosts speak about how to select a centerpiece for your room

The Kadilaks choose the 3D Wooden World Map Dark Walnut

What do you do when you want to learn as much as you can? You go straight to the experts. And so we did. We spoke to Susan and Paul Kadilak, the owners of the very successful design-build firm in Greater Boston. They are also hosts of the widely popular Emmy-nominated show “Renovation Rekindle.”
Susan and Paul have built and renovated hundreds of homes together. They focus on creating spaces that are both practical and beautiful. We wanted to learn more about their business and what they think about their newly acquired possession, a very special map from Enjoy The Wood made in dark Walnut color. Here is a transcript from the interview:

What was your most memorable project in 2022?

Our most memorable project for 2022 was a new house for a family who immigrated to the USA and dreamed of owning a brand new home one day. It was extra special because the family agreed to purchase the home without seeing it. They only saw it after it had been completed!

Which project do you remember the most?

This is like asking which child is my favorite! I love them all! 🙂

Why is it important to trust home renovation experts?

Having a good relationship with your home renovation expert is key to achieving the outcome you’ve been dreaming of. The working relationship is important throughout the entire process. You are investing a lot of time and money to transform your home so trusting the team who is going to handle that for you is a top priority.

Which part in the process of bringing a new design to life is your favorite?

My favorite part is listening to what is lacking in the current space, hearing about how the client dreams of living in their home and then coming up with solutions to make it a reality. Watching a client walk into the completed space after months of waiting and planning is just amazing.

Could you name three home decor principles that you follow?

A home decor should be interesting, functional, and reflect the homeowner’s personality. It is so individual and my main rule is that there are really no rules that you have to stick to.

Why did you choose a product by Enjoy The Wood?

Our latest client is an avid traveler and nature lover. He loves products that are both meaningful and inspiring. Enjoy The Wood creates unique designs that are great for homes. We love the fact that the products are handcrafted, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Which map have you bought?

Our choice is the 3D Wooden World Map Dark Walnut. We were looking for a centerpiece for the client's living room wall and found it. Made of high quality birch plywood with flawless engravings, this Map is an amazing piece of wall decor for any interior. Love the color! So classy.

World Map Dark WalnutWorld Map Dark Walnut

Great choice indeed! Thank you!

Stay tuned for a special review authored by our good friends, Susan and Paul!

Click below if you wish to explore and order our best-selling Dark Walnut Wooden World Map. You will be happy you did.


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