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Learning, wanderlust and unique décor come together in Enjoy the Wood’s 3D wooden world map series.

Constructed of high-quality birch plywood, each of our fully wall-mountable maps is the culmination of a long and arduous process. Each step of this process is lovingly and painstakingly handled by our expert craftsmen and craftswomen. Their experience and expertise bring ordinary pieces of wood to life in your home or office.

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Your Map, Your World

While every 3D wooden map is a work of art in itself, you can also personalize and customize each one. Every custom wooden map can be modified in dozens of different ways, including:

  • Size – A massive map large enough to cover an entire wall or so compact that it will fit in a frame on your desk
  • Color – Wood is versatile enough to be finished in a variety of colors and 3D natural color maps are available in just about every shade of brown
  • Language – If people can read it and understand it, we can engrave it on your map!
  • Special additions – add any engraving of your choice, from a symbol to a special occasion to the name of a particular location to a wish that you want to make

If you really want to go all out, why not customize your order with flag pins for maps? Each pack comes with one pin for each country, making a total of 287 pins. Every one of these precision crafted metal pins is built to last and will keep its bright colors for years to come.

You can use these pins to:

  • Mark the countries you want to travel to in the future
  • Indicate which countries you have already visited
  • Identify the places that have a special meaning to you (and your family)

The possibilities are endless!

Map Types

Enjoy the Wood’s world map series offers you a range of options for finish and details.


You can choose between 3 types of map details:

  • Blank - Each continent and island block has a premium finish but national borders and country names are not engraved into the map.
  • Basic - Each continent and island block has a premium finish as well as national borders and country names. The names of states in the USA, Canada and Australia are also engraved.
  • Premium - Everything in the Basic map is included as well as the continent of Antarctica. National capital names are also engraved into the map.

2D vs. 3D

Many customers simply want a large world map as a piece of interesting décor. For them, the 2D map is ideal. It consists of just one layer of wood that is between 0.2 in and 0.24 in (5 mm to 6 mm) thick.

Those who want an extra bit of flair and more intricate details should choose the 3D map instead. Made of three individual layers of wood put together, the completed map is between 0.23 in and 0.47 in (6 mm and 15 mm) thick.

Assembly and Disassembly

Putting together your Enjoy the Wood map is meant to be a fun experience, whether you are doing it on your own or as a family activity. Most customers tell us that they spent a thoroughly enjoyable 2 or 3 hours putting theirs up.


A regular map comes with specially-designed extra-strong double-sided adhesive tape. Unlike common tape that you find in stores, this tape can handle the weight of large pieces of wood. (Please note that the tape may not work with certain kinds of wallpaper).

However, even this special tape cannot handle the weight of our LED maps. Instead, every LED map kit comes complete with mounts and dowels.


Unmounting an LED map is simple – just lift it off the mounts.

There is a special way to unmount regular maps which are mounted using the extra-strong tape. Use a hairdryer to direct heated air between the back of the map and the wall. This weakens the adhesive so you can just remove the wooden pieces off the wall. You can watch a video of this process here.

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