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Enjoy The Wood at Home Decor Trade Shows

Enjoy The Wood at Home Decor Trade Shows

"If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” How right was Martin Luther King Jr.! Only having passed all the stages mentioned by the American activist, we know what it’s like to get back on track once someone clips your wings. February 24 changed us as humans, as employees, and as a nation. However, it never made us lose our humanity and self-belief. We have not only stood but also looked danger in the eye.
In contexts of war (which inevitably frames our work now), we do our best to promote the made-in-Ukraine concept overseas while preserving our cultural identity. Trade fairs, presentations, and public exhibitions…All the eye-to-eye home decor trade show events seemed out of reach, but we kept at it. Sooner than we knew, industry-centered guests spotted Enjoy The Wood at AmericasMart Atlanta Market. Was it a hit? Absolutely. Surrounded by designers, storeowners, media influencers, and manufacturers, we showed ourselves in all our glory at AmericasMart Atlanta market. It was a clear manifestation, “We stand firmly on our feet, and we’re making it real!” But there was so much more ahead.

Enjoy The Wood at High Point Market

In simple terms, High Point Market is the New York Fashion week in the world of home goods expos and shows. Diving into the realm of the latest design and furniture trends, meeting the leading brands in the field, connecting with clientele personally, freshening home furnishing assortment – there are dozens of reasons why HP MKT is the ideal approach to grow one’s business. Who’d take the risk of missing it?

What Is High Point Market

The international fair for interior and furniture, High Point Market, is the largest trade show in the field. Throughout about 180 buildings, the expo roofs the most up-to-date products, trends, and styles that rock today’s home decor market. The interior design sector is the ‘holy land’ for those who design, make, create, sell, and inspire. Attended by nearly 75,000 people, the event welcomes interior designers, home furnishings retailers, manufacturers, and industry’s suppliers.

When Is the High Point Furniture Market

The event comes alive twice a year (every spring and fall). This fall event ran from October 22 to October 26. That’s when the reps of Enjoy The Wood attended the most significant furniture industry trade show. Since the registration opens in January, we exerted every effort to sign up for all the fun in advance.

Enjoy The Wood

Where Is High Point Market Located

The exposition showrooms are located in High Point, a small city in the Piedmont Triad region (North Carolina). The happening is grandiose in the furniture and furnishings industries, so it’s no wonder the place's population doubled over the five days.

Enjoy The Wood Experience

The reality is that standing apart among other trademarks at the fairs can seem quite testing. That’s how it actually is. However, it’s an act of genius for those who want to kick off their very own brand.
We were absolutely proud to be part of the international home decor market at High Point for many reasons. First, it was a chance to represent Ukraine on the international stage. Second, it was a clear sign our company was moving in the right direction. We were in tune with the latest trends and had a unique chance to learn from the best and gain competitive insights into market tendencies.

The products we displayed were:

  • Enjoy The Wood map of neutral colors.  
  • Colored wooden maps.
  • Triptychs.
  • Posters.
  • Regional maps (the US).


Shows like HP MKT are the best places to meet potential partners and clients tête-à-tête and feel the power of networking. That’s what we did, and increased traffic from new clients is the best proof.

3D Wooden USA Map Multicolor Sale price$149.00 Regular price$298.00
3D Wooden World Map Alcor Sale price$99.00 Regular price$248.20

Enjoy The Wood at Las Vegas Market

As you can see, our expo adventures didn’t end at High Point. The next stop was the international market Las Vegas. Let’s be honest here. Never before had we seen such a stunning selection of gift brands, home accessories, furnishings, and lifestyle brands! It was an honor to see that Enjoy The Wood was one of the attendees at the largest Las Vegas Market in history.

What Is the World Market Center in Las Vegas

Since its launch in 2005, Las Vegas Market has turned into the fastest-growing trade show display for home décor and the only home furniture market in the west. The 5 million-square-foot venue roofs an incredible array of 3000+ resources from manufacturers of home textiles, indoor/outdoor décor, vintage and antiques, gifts and lighting accessories, bedding, and so on. In addition to exhibitions, designers and retailers can attend more than 40+ events, celebrations, and seminars.

When Is the Las Vegas Furniture Market

Twice a year, professionals from the home furnishings segment come to Las Vegas Market to embark on new opportunities, check what’s hot, and recharge their creative batteries. The trade show is held during the summer and winter seasons. We were lucky to market our company from January 29 to February 3 and certainly got the best from the events.

home decor market


Las Vegas Furniture Market Location

The grandiose tradeshow hub is the World Market Center Las Vegas campus. Located in the heart of downtown, the center includes three interconnected buildings. Plus, the so-called Pavilions (a temporary display facility). All the buildings comprise 40 floors of furnishings, décor, and gift accessories – all delivering the most national buying event for the industry.

Enjoy The Wood Feelings

You don’t realize how vital expos and trade shows are until you’re amidst the industry leaders. Simply walking from booth to booth, you feel like you’re part of something majestic that will advance your career and professional development. Now that the second-largest interior design conference in the world is behind us, we’re honored to have all the professional connections. We are actively introducing the experience gained during this time into our activity.

Together with fellow Ukrainian exhibitors, we were proud to represent Ukrainian innovations far from home and pleased to see that people were actually interested in our eco-friendly goods.
The products promoted at a trade show included:

  • The world maps of neutral colors.  
  • Ukrainian maps of neutral colors.
  • Home décor accessories.

3D Wooden World Map Oak Sale price$99.00 Regular price$248.20
3D Wooden World Map Alcor Sale price$99.00 Regular price$248.20

So there you have it – we were so lucky to join three major expos. A significant advertising mix, these face-to-face events are the best ways for your brand to connect with trade show visitors, learn from industry gurus, and share experiences with like-minded manufacturers. With such a broad audience gathered in one place, we had a unique chance to do what every business should do eventually – to let potential partners and customers put a face to the brand. Are trade shows worth it? Totally. You won’t regret it!

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