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Enjoy The Wood Green Initiative in 2023

green initiative

In our business, we identify two core goals – to add a distinct cozy vibe to your home and make this world a better place. Luckily, we’re doing very well on both. To help restore global forests, our company engaged in one of the most grandiose green initiatives ever - the Tree Nation project. Established in 2006, it has successfully transitioned from a great-in-theory strategy to a global reforestation program.

At Enjoy The Wood, we know how enormous the purpose and value of a single tree are. Vital for our survival and sustainable living, forests are our most reliable allies in the severe battle against pressing climate change issues. Armed with a desire to take action, we planted our very first seed in the ground, and this is where it took us.

The Forest of Enjoy The Wood by 2023

Inspired by our planting results in 2020-2021 our team decided not to stop there. Partnering with forest service tree planting, we enriched our planet’s ecosystem with 600 more incredible natural filters. And this means that 480 tons of CO2 were already captured by a bit of wonder known as Bombax Ceiba! Browse online data of Enjoy The Wood Forest mission here to see how dedicated our reps are to this wonderful undertaking.

eco-awareness activities

Tree Planting Locations

To save Mother Nature from biodiversity loss, we pledged to broaden our eco-friendly lifestyle and take better care of the environment. Today, our team is planting trees all over the globe, with most reforested locations in Madagascar (6650 trees), Tanzania (2590), Nepal (2400), Nicaragua (1110), India (900), Mozambique (800), Kenya (525), and Peru (310). Indeed, we aim at going above and beyond in making this world a much greener place.

tree planting locations

 Most Planted Species by Enjoy The Wood

Throughout our mission, every member of our team has been guided by science, common sense, and expert reps of the above-mentioned tree plant service. The latter helped us enter into all details of environmental activities – from how to plant a tree to where exactly this or that tree species should be planted. We track everything! Recent data show our most planted ecosystem warriors include Croton Megalocarpus (CO2 380 Kg), Ceriops Tagal (CO2 40 Kg), and Avicennia Marina (CO2 40 Kg).

Enjoy The Wood forest

Enjoy The Wood Forest Impact

The power of a single tree is unimaginable! Their complex yet sophisticated mechanism (our world’s smartest scientists would never re-create!) is a natural filter that absorbs harmful CO2. When the process is done, trees ‘exhale’ oxygen that gives life, well, to us. Regarding overall stats, 2571.92 tons of CO2 have been captured since the registration (made us so proud!). Thus, all Enjoy The Wood eco-awareness activities positively impact our world’s climate. From purifying air, fighting the urban heat, and reinforcing soil to providing homes for forest inhabitants and preventing erosion damage, our strategic tree planting is a vital natural asset for everyone out there.

impact of reforestation

Evolution of Number of Trees Planted

Now that all benefits of planting trees are apparent, our company is seriously committed to undertaking large‐scale business. Our aim is to raise better eco-awareness by planting 20 trees per day and reach the number of 22,600 flora gems eventually. Sounds mega-ambitious, but there’s so much at stake! Just think about how nearly every life on Earth depends on trees. Luckily, everyone can make an instant difference. You are doing that by purchasing our environmentally friendly world map wall art while Enjoy The Wood adds more to the global forests to ensure they survive for future generations.

sustainable living

The most splendid undertaking starts from the first step, like planting a single tree in mountainous Nepal. By planting more trees, Enjoy The Wood will help the damaged ecosystem heal and combat today’s harsh climate crisis. The best part? There’s no need to donate your last penny to restore lost forests! Even a bit of money is helpful toward a goal initiated by dozens of people who care. Humanity has already taken away much from nature — time to give it back.

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