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Styling a travel-themed interior can be quite a challenge, especially if there’s no single rule to stick to. Our gift bundles are a great jumping-off point! Although home décor is a very personal choice, we’ve packed an assortment of purposeful accessories that fit the theme and add a sense of vacation spirit to your home.

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Types of Home Decor Bundles

What’s so great about our home decor bundles? During a single purchase, you can buy a pack of related travel-themed items, each reflecting your sense of style. At Enjoy The Wood, we did our best to save you time and make your experience with us as smooth as possible. We have two options here offered at a discount:


  • Wooden maps (natural colored and multicolored) accessorized with photo frames, sightseeing pins, and flags.
  •  Packs of little extras (flags, photo frames, sightseeing pins) to complete your travel-inspired interior.

All bundles’ ‘ingredients’ blend perfectly and congeal into an aesthetically pleasing whole with existing pieces of furniture in any interior.

Benefits of Buying Home Accessories Bundles


Every living room decor set is the simplest and most affordable way to bring the vacation into your home. Besides, it’s the easiest and fastest way to narrow down your décor choices to have a sophisticated and stylish environment. So, are bundle deals worth it? Absolutely! Here’s why:

  • Bundles save money. Additional savings offered on wood home decor bundles allow you to receive more accessories for a pocket-friendly price.
  • No pressure of tough decision-making. Some choices are hard to make, especially when it comes to furnishings. We’ve prepared hot-tailored recommendations using the most popular choices of our customers to meet your unique needs and preferences.
  • All-in-one!. No need to browse the lists of products wondering what would work better for your home – you have them all in a single package just a click away!
  • Boost your gift-giving skills.. Wrapped in a fancy way, gift bundles are sure to please your loved ones, especially those in a wanderlust state of mind.
  • Receive a wooden map of any size.. Are you considering getting a home decor set with a map? The pack includes a variety of map sizes (M/L/XL) to help you choose your perfect formula for a large or smaller space.
  • Customize the maps. Even if you go for the home decor living room set with no map included, you can still pick the preferred size of it (if purchased separately.
  • A great option for first-time buyers.; Home accessories bundles are the answer if you’re new here (welcome!) not knowing where to start your décor journey.
  • Try it all. Package deals are an excellent opportunity to try various Enjoy The Wood products and see for yourself the exceptional quality of our wooden gifts.