Enjoy The Wood at TOP 100 USA Awards

TOP USA Awards 2023

The TOP USA Awards 2023 was successfully held, celebrating the amazing contribution made by entrepreneurs of Ukrainian origin. Brimming with immense entrepreneurial talent, noteworthy show performances, and a great sense of presence and unity, the evening honored those working tirelessly within the American business sector.

TOP 100 USA Awards – a Sensational Event

Roofing hundreds of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, the TOP USA awards ceremony was upheld on July 22 in Manhattan – the center of glamor and entrepreneurship culture.
Filled with well-deserved wins, the award for business excellence is itself the brainchild of the visionary duet – Diana Hetun and Taras Lavrovskyi. Driven by a commitment to innovation, a solid work ethic, and a spirit of service, the couple established the business award to recognize the most creative, ambitious, and successful Ukrainians.
While doing business with Ukraine for two years, experience-driven Christians immersed themselves in the ins and outs of Ukrainian enterprises across many industries. After the full-scale invasion, some enthusiasts relocated their initiative to the New World. To unearth the US entrepreneurs with Ukrainian roots, they established an annual TOP USA Awards. Now each year, Cipriani 25 Broadway becomes where the top 100 entrepreneurs are recognized and honored for doing big things. Something to inspire and pass on to the next generation of America’s entrepreneurs.

TOP USA awards ceremony top 100 entrepreneurs with Ukrainian origin

Enjoy The Wood: The Fostenko Family Goes Above and Beyond at TOP USA Awards

Doing business during the war? One recurs to the analogy of an excellent old rollercoaster. With all the useful networking one has built so hard and globally recognized status, it drops you to the bottom in seconds. However, even with the devastating moments and despair, giving up is never an option.
For Maryna and Igor Fostenko, falling from the most spectacular heights has become a reality in a flash. Having risen from the ashes, the owners of Enjoy The Wood and inventors of 3D woods map hit the TOP 100 USA Awards carpet to share, learn, and network with more than 100 entrepreneurs who are driving the most various niches. Going to the memories of the big night, Igor shares a personal inclination,

“There are still so many noteworthy companies out there that just stun me by how marvelous they are. Yet somehow, I was standing there amongst those shiny awards for entrepreneurs and holding ours. Why me? Why here? Many questions with a single appropriate answer – God. I often find my thoughts returning to my teen years… Deprived of basic needs and completely lost, I had spent four years homeless on the streets of Kyiv. But He returned the sense to my life and ended my aimless wandering. Now I’m here feeling the unfailing support of my beloved wife, family members, and matchless Enjoy The Wood team. I pray for Ukrainian soldiers who sacrifice their lives so that people like me and many others in this place could work freely to make this world better.”

The evening of inspiration and celebration is over. It opened the other door for the company to reap a harvest of blessings. With care for the world, Enjoy The Wood keeps growing. And as a reward for genuine caring, courage comes. Something the nation of brave people does not lack. Never have, never will. Slava Ukraїni!

Enjoy The Wood at TOP 100 USA Awards Fostenkos at annual TOP 100 USA Award ceremony Igor Fostenko at TOP 100 USA Award ceremony

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