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From the beautiful frozen landscapes of Scandinavia in the north to the sunbaked beaches of Italy in the south, and from the long ocean shorelines of the Portuguese coast in the west to the inland sea bordering Ukraine in the east, it is all Europe.

From world-leading technological centers to charming, rustic retreats, the northern continent is bursting with sights to see. It is a hotbed of current affairs where exciting history and diverse geography combine to make an unmissable destination.

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While these maps are made of precision-cut plywood, Enjoy the Wood offers maps of Europe as part of our Europe Maps collection. This series is available in 5 color scheme versions:

  • 3D Europe Wooden Map Multicolor
  • 3D Europe Wooden Map Terra
  • 3D Europe Wooden Map Nordik
  • 3D Europe Wooden Map Cappuccino
  • 3D Europe Wooden Map Country

You can expect a wider range of color patterns in the near future. However, we can also make custom wooden maps for you immediately if you want a particular color combination.

A Quality Product

Every product from Enjoy the Wood is specially-crafted to be of the highest quality and comes in a premium finish. Available in a range of colors to suit the décor in any home or office.

The thickness of the final product ranges from 0.15 in (4 mm) to 0.35 in (9 mm). It is available in 3 sizes:

    ✔️ Small 21 in x 24 in (54x60 cm)
    ⭐️ Medium 35 in x 39 in (90x100 сm)
    🔥 Large 53 in x 59 in (135x150 cm)

No matter how much empty space you have on a wall, one of these 3 options will be the perfect decorative and educational addition to it.

These maps certainly look stunning on their own but Enjoy the Wood also gives you a wide selection of additional customization options. Here are three accessories that can transform your wooden map into a personal 3-D journal.

  • Flag pins – A set of flag pins to mark on each country or state. Use them to indicate where you have been, where you want to go, or where your friends and family live. They are also a fine educational tool to teach the kids (or yourself!) the flags of countries all over Europe.
  • Airplane pins – The head of each pin is shaped like a paper plane to add a touch of whimsy to your map. As with the flag pins, you can use them to indicate places that have a special meaning to you or those that are on your bucket list.
  • Engraving – The one way to make your wooden map of Europe really stand out is to have it specially engraved. Enjoy the Wood lets you add customized messages, images and symbols to the wood. You can even ask for the text to be in a language of your choice!

Easy to Instal

Installation of any of our wooden maps is quick and simple. In the box that comes with your wooden map, you will find the individual map pieces, special double-sided sticky tape, and a set of simple instructions.

Most of our customers tell us that it took them between one and two hours to complete the project. They also add that it was a fun and educational activity, something they loved themselves or enjoyed thoroughly with their partners and kids.

Changing locations

If you wish to move a wooden map of Europe that has been installed to another location or another room, follow these instructions:

  •  Use a hairdryer or similar appliance to blow air between the back of the map and the wall to loosen the adhesive.
  •  When the adhesive has weakened, simply lift the wooden piece away from the wall.
  •  You can clean the remnants of the adhesive on the wall by wiping it away.

You can see a step-by-step video of this process here. To make it easier to know where your wooden map looks best, we have created a special AR (Augmented Reality) app. It allows you to see exactly how each map looks on any surface. Android users can download it from the Play Store and iOS users can get it from the App Store.