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Enjoy The Wood brand history

In the heart of Ukraine, the story of Enjoy The Wood came alive in 2014. Born from the collective vision of Igor and Maryna Fostenko, along with the support of Maryna's parents, this company was founded with a soul and purpose. Their mission? To infuse homes, offices, and lives with joy, inspiration, and adventure through sustainable and stylish creations. And that mission lives on.


The roots of this remarkable company trace back to Igor's unshakable optimism, even in the face of adversity. His path was forged through a childhood marked by hardship – poverty, loss, homelessness, and personal battles. Yet, these trials transformed into stepping stones that led him to build a purpose-driven business and a resilient family.

Igor's father had left them when he and his sister were not yet three years old, leaving their mother to raise them alone. The mother also had Igor's disabled grandmother in her care. They lived in extreme poverty, sometimes not having enough to eat.

"Money was scarce. When I was six years old, my sister Katya and I would gather strawberries and lilies in the forest valley, and then sell them at the Svyatoshynsky market," Igor recalls.

Igor witnessed his mother's struggles and dreamt of the day when he would grow up and become independent. At the age of 11, a tragedy took the lives of Igor's mother and grandmother.  Igor and his sister were left alone. In the beginning, the kids moved in with their father's new family, but due to constant arguments, they ended up in the streets. 

For four years, Igor survived in a basement not far from his father's house, winter nights spent in subway stations. He became friends with other runaways, hustling for survival by begging and working as market loaders. Their earnings bought them sustenance, but also a dangerous addiction to glue.

At fifteen, Igor and his sister met Mykola, who became their mentor. He took them into his home, where several other homeless kids were staying. The children worked in the mornings, studied in the evenings, and attended church on weekends.

Mykola's modest salary scarcely met their needs. In winter, Igor cleared snow; in summer, he mowed lawns and helped Mykola dismantle cars for spare parts. Gradually, Igor mastered the trade, and soon enough, he was able to disassemble an entire car in a day.

"Driven by a love for cars, upon completing my evening studies, I joined an electro-mechanical school. I excelled and graduated with honors."

Igor met Maryna when he was sixteen years old, marrying her at twenty-one. He dreamt of starting a family business.

"I craved a life where my family had all they needed. It motivated me to become an entrepreneur."

Igor and Maryna constantly brainstormed new ideas, driven by their affinity for taking risks and bringing innovative ventures to life.

It all started with an idea

During a family dinner, Maryna's parents mentioned a friend who sold engraved items on Etsy. The idea captivated Igor and Maryna. They decided to start by crafting exquisite and functional home goods and selling them on Etsy. That's how in 2014, Enjoy The Wood was born. In 2016, Igor had an idea to create a captivating wooden world map for his office wall. 

Kickstarter Triumphs


Enjoy The Wood's first Kickstarter campaign was a game-changer, catapulting the company into the spotlight and introducing it to a larger audience. Originally aiming to raise $15,000 for PR purposes, they surpassed expectations, securing over $100,000 in funding.

This achievement showcased strong market demand, exceptional craftsmanship, and unique offerings. Backers' overwhelming support reinforced the value of Enjoy The Wood's woodworking creations.

The campaign's success provided not only a financial boost but also spurred innovation. Increased funds allowed investment in equipment, technology, and resources, refining production and product quality.

The Making of the Wooden World Map

Enjoy The Wood specializes in crafting exquisite handmade maps with meticulous attention to detail. Each map is a unique work of art, carefully designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced techniques for durability.


These painted parts, ranging from 3-5 mm thickness, are glued to a 4 mm workpiece with pre-engraved borders for uniformity. Quality controllers ensure compliance with manufacturing requirements and finalize all the details. This adds individuality. 

Finally, the packers put not only the map parts, foam and various accessories such as pins into the box, but also the warmth and incredibly special energy that you will feel as soon as you unpack your order.

The process begins with CNC machines engraving country names and capitals on birch plywood. Parts are cut along country borders, and grinding machines make them smooth to the touch. Parts are painted with oil and wax for wood preservation.


Enjoy The Wood's Originality and Legal Confirmation

As a unique home decor store, Enjoy The Wood always respects legislation and norms in manufacturing processes, with an original concept underlying all the activities. This, in turn, allows us to strive for safety, efficiency, quality, and sustainability in our projects. Knowing what makes an original product from the section above, let’s see how Enjoy The Wood fits the bill.

  • Copyright. All rights to original wall decor are reserved by the author –Ihor Fostenko.
  • Unique design. Our original art and home decor come in a myriad of designs, shapes, and sizes.
  • Quality materials.Authentic room decor is crafted from natural materials – high-quality birch plywood tinted to the natural wood color using wax-based paint while preserving the texture of the material
  • Anti-counterfeit strategies. Ihor Fostenko has the exclusive right to manufacture and sell Enjoy The Wood map décor within (inter)national markets, confirmed by the patents mentioned in the Copyright section. The precondition for obtaining patents, such as the design novelty, was observed.

War and Rebuilding

Prior to the war, Enjoy The Wood built a modern production facility in Borodyanka and relocated its main office to Irpin. These were lost in the war, along with equipment valued at $2 million and $300,000 worth of finished products. 

One month later, they made a remarkable comeback in Serednie near Uzhgorod, overcoming challenges to rebuild. The company secured a new location, facilitated the transportation and resettlement of personnel, re-established logistics and procurement processes.  On top of that, they supported the Ukrainian army by purchasing body armor, helmets, vehicles, and organizing fundraising events. Throughout the war, their team has worked tirelessly to acquire and deliver humanitarian aid to the local population.


our office in Irpin


our manufacture in Borodyanka


our rebilding in Uzhgorod


re-establishing logistics and procurement processes

Contributing to Ukraine's War Effort

In April 2022, Enjoy The Wood purchased 120 body armor and 50 helmets worth 1,800,000 UAH. In August 2022, they organized the first charity training marathon called "Enjoy The Export" and donated 2, 030, 000 UAH to Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation. They conducted a charity raffle in partnership with Open Hearts, raising 100,000 UAH. In January 2023, Enjoy The Wood donated 500,000 UAH for drones and partnered with Zdvizhevka residents to raise funds for safety nets. Overall, they have contributed over 5,5 million UAH to the war effort and continue to do so.

From frontline heroes to lifesavers and energy system defenders, each individual and collective contribution, no matter how small, counts. Diplomatic efforts, information warfare, volunteering, and business development all play crucial roles. 

"We urge you to join our journey toward a brighter future for Ukraine, asking: What can you do today to aid Ukraine? Together, we shall achieve victory, and Ukraine will thrive!"


ETW Global Partners

Empowering Global B2B Sales

Enjoy the Wood has expanded their B2B sales worldwide since 2021, starting with Japan. In just two years, they’ve achieved stable sales figures in the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. The focus on customization allows them to tailor wooden decor products to local preferences and traditions.

The company’s success is rooted in understanding the diverse needs of their global partners. They work closely with B2B clients, fostering trust and collaboration, offering personalized guidance throughout the sales process.

Quality is of utmost priority. They use premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship to create durable and elegant wooden decor. Enjoy The Wood is committed to excellence  as they expand B2B sales worldwide, forging partnerships and creating inspiring environments.

Partnering in Times of War

Before the war, Enjoy the Wood signed a contract with a U.S. partner for 900 maps, intending sea delivery upon transporting the maps from Irpin to Odesa. On February 23rd, the maps were loaded on the ship and ready for the long voyage. However, on February 24th, the war broke out, disrupting the sea routes. The maps were redirected to western Ukraine, then shipped to Hamburg, Germany, and finally, to their destination. 

This incident, later followed by the destruction of the production facilities and offices, tested the company’s logistics abilities and resilience to the maximum. Not only was the team of Enjoy The Wood able to save.


ETW Global Activities

The Enjoy The Wood's LED map stood out, alongside other decor items and eye-catching product packaging. Reflecting on the event, Igor Fostenko shared that his goal extended well beyond financial success. For him, the experience was about inspiring others to embrace their own creative endeavors.


Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, September 07-11, 2023

Enjoy The Wood team is currently attending Maison&objet Paris Expo. It is the decoration and lifestyle industry’s most highly publicized event in Europe. All the latest trends, musts, and non-standard decisions — everything you need in your daily routine — have been gathered in one place to inspire. 

67,000 visitors all over the world, 145 countries represented, 2,300 exhibitors —Maison&Objet Paris is a concentration of creative talent and top leaders in each niche. 

With such a variety of products, the only thing that can bring you success is to be the best manufacturer in your niche


At High Point Market 2022 in the USA

Enjoy The Wood debuted as the first Ukrainian company to showcase wall decor. As the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, the event provided a unique platform for Enjoy The Wood to display their craftsmanship and modern design. They introduced handmade wooden maps and unique decor to a new audience, highlighting their innovation and eco-friendliness.


At AmericasMart Atlanta 2023

Enjoy The Wood vividly displayed their creative expertise and technical skill. The event brought together designers and retailers from across the United States and over 60 countries to explore the latest trends and innovations in the industry.


Environmental Commitment

Despite the ongoing war, Enjoy The Wood continues vital projects to make the world a better place. They've teamed up with Tree-Nation to combat climate change by offsetting CO2 emissions. Customers can  contribute to reforestation by purchasing Enjoy The Wood products via Tree-Nation's platform. The platform allows visitors to track the progress of their tree planting contributions. With the help of interactive maps and personalized profiles, individuals can visualize the impact of their purchase, and have a sense of connection.

This partnership aids habitat preservation and carbon reduction, while aligning with UN goals, making Enjoy The Wood a socially responsible brand for eco-conscious customers.

ETW team

These are just glimpses of the incredible minds propelling Enjoy The Wood's journey forward. In today's competitive and turbulent world, Enjoy The Wood stands out not just as a business, but as an embodiment of human spirit. With each product they create, they infuse a piece of their journey, inviting you to join them on this extraordinary odyssey of craftsmanship, perseverance and bravery.