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3D Wooden World Map Smokey

Add vibrancy via décor to transform a dull and sterile room to one with style and warmth! A 3D wooden wall map from smokey collection makes any space feel comfy, welcoming, and luxurious.

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Size: M (24"x 39")
SMOKEY Size Guide:
Style: Blank (no names & border)
Language: English
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Product description

Looking for a great alternative décor because you can't go for a more permanent solution? Our 3D wooden world map for wall is incredibly colorful and cute! Looking exceptionally good in a small bedroom, large living room, and even sterile office, a wooden map adds a personal touch while making your space more stylish.

Incorporate a pop of color into any space with our 3D wooden world map puzzles! Looking exceptionally good in any interior, the map works when in tandem with a light-colored blank wall.

The palette of the Smokey collection is an excellent example of how a single piece of décor can transform a room and amp up the dullest walls.

We produce every 3D map using supreme quality birch plywood with non-toxic oil-wax-based paint. Whether you look for ways to complement modern, traditional, rustic, industrial, or any other interior, the map will become a perfect addition.

Blank Map (only Map, names and borders NOT engraved);

Prime Map (only Map with names and borders engraved);

Prime+(even more details (mountains, rivers, lakes) and even richer colors!)

    Every purchase comes with sticky tape and a set of step-by-step instructions, so you won't feel the pressure when it comes to assembling.

    Get a 3D wooden map as a Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or House Warming gift for your loved ones. The palette of the smokey collection is an excellent example of how a single piece of décor can transform a room and make it look happier.

    PLEASE NOTE: The map is not a geographical one, some smaller countries and islands may be omitted. Each Map is unique and shades vary because it's made of natural wood.


    As the first creators of Wooden World Maps, Enjoy The Wood offers you original products backed by a strong patent portfolio, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and protection 🥇.
    We produce every 3D map using supreme quality birch plywood with non-toxic paint. Every detail is handcrafted and has a smooth surface. While all the geographical names are engraved in the English language, you’re welcome to order an item in any other language used except for the hieroglyphs and rare ones.

    3D maps of size S, and all sizes in 'blank' options are manufactured without any pre-made holes for push pins.


    birch plywood



    Default language

    English (can be customized)


    6 - 12 mm

    International patent

    Guaranteed shipping

    Enjoythewood MISSION OXYGEN


    20 trees today - 50.000 trees tomorrow

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    Empty wall is not a solution








    Map pieces 

    Ocean names, Antarctica, wooden planes, boats & compass


    Double side sticky tape

    Removable double sided mounting tape


    Corner stencils

    It will help you to install the map



    Instructions and lifetime warranty

    Why You'll Love Wood World Map From Enjoy The Wood

    100% Unique Expert Craftsmanship

    Buying unique décor at Enjoy The Wood company is synonymous with quality of origin. Shop for the very best in unique and custom handmade décor pieces!

    Standout Quality

    Treat yourself to top-quality, incredibly realistic, and artfully illustrated wooden world map wall decor. Excellence confirmed by ⭐ 20,000 positive reviews of satisfied users!

    Style Making a Difference

    Patent qualityEnjoy The Wood maps pair well with all existing designs, adding an extra wow factor the any interior. From styling interior advice to helping you pick a specific wooden wall decor, our advisors are ready to assist.

    Tailored to You

    We can customize a wooden world map wall decor to your style. We can change the size, add details,  add personal info, and do all kinds of personalization. Our craftsmen have loads of ideas. Just ask!

    All-In-One Purchase

    Enjoy The Wood world map makes a standout interior spot. Express your style, plan your next trips, track previous adventures, or get an investment-worthy Enjoy The World wooden map as a gift!


    Have a question ? We are here to help.


    World Map: Timeless, En Vogue & Crafted to Last Generations

    There is a die-hard cliché that wood is beyond competition and offers a timeless look. With our handcrafted wall maps, we could go on with more advantages. Our woodwork combines quality, and creative craftsmanship with time-tested wood types. Made of birch plywood, the wooden map is resistant to wear and tear. Besides, the elegant map design successfully transforms the mood of a room or entire place. This provides incredible value for your money.


    Whatever Your Interior Style, It’s not Complete Without a World Map 

    The beauty of real woodwork art can’t be replaced. We offer meaningful and quality wall maps built of birch plywood with ingenious engravings. They look good in any design – from traditional and farmhouse to industrial and modern. Mount the map on the wall, and the beauty of your room is centered around it!

    Incorporate a world map into your room as:

    - a family-friendly décor choice
    - the best look without too many efforts
    - a travel inspiration 
    - an earth-friendly décor 


    Gift-Ready Packaging

    Check out our gift-ready packaging options! Every product delivered in an aesthetic gift box that is:

    - handmade and ready to ship
    - equipped wooden continents, planes, sticky tape, instructions, etc.
    - eco-friendly 
    - crafted in a style that echoes the map style
    - a perfect alternative to conventional gift wrapping

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