3D Wooden Maps of Lakes

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Your home or office is a place that should be appealing, stylish, and comfy to give the much-needed ambiance. This can only be achieved by picking the most suitable décor that brings aesthetic value to any setting. Our 3D wooden lake map is an ideal choice for adorning any environment with a strong sense of style and adventure.

Map lake of the woods: A Unique Decor Choice

As an avid traveler or just a true connoisseur of beauty, you’re welcome to embrace your wanderlust with this great lakes wood map featuring the most mesmerizing ponds in the United States:

  • Lake Havasu
  • Crater Lake
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Lake Powell
  • Lake Michigan
  • Big Bear Lake
  • Lake Superior

There’s something about that hue of the turquoise palette against the creamy white that looks so eye-friendly, minimalistic, and slick. You’ll love how it adds a textured feel and beauty of nature to any interior! With neutral colors, the lake-themed map has timeless appeal. It’ll never go out of style. Besides, it effortlessly complements any setting, be it a sterile office, living room, home office, study room, or even foyer. Finally, it looks like nothing less than a masterpiece of wooden art that is classy.

Wooden Lake Maps: types of wall decor

As one of the most popular décors, wooden lakes are perfect to use on walls if you prefer traditional or rustic ambiance. The maps give a sense of coziness and warmth – both typical for woodwork art.

Made of several birch plywood layers, the lake maps from Enjoy The Wood are:

  • Informative. Lake maps include comprehensive information about a particular pond, like geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude), depth, and the names of the biggest cities in the region.
  • 3-D artworks. The meticulously accurate depth chart has an intricate 3-dimensional design. Playing with geometric forms, shapes, colors, and finishing techniques, we create visually stunning 3D wall art.
  • Universal gifts. Whether it’s a Birthday, Christmas, Housewarming, or any other holiday (or just because), lake maps become meaningful gifts for all ages and tastes.

Wood Topographic Lake Maps by Enjoy The Wood

Think outside the box! In addition to conventionally framed photos and wall art, add a lake map to the interior to spruce up the vertical surfaces in any room. The item is available in three sizes: M - 20 x 30 cm (7,8 x 11,8 in); L - 30 x 45 cm (11,8 x 17,7 in); XL - 40 x 60 cm (15,8 x 23,6 in).