3D LED Wooden World Maps

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Anyone can put up a world map poster in a room but how many times have you seen a 3D sculpted atlas on a wall? Well, now you can show everyone your very own! 

Enjoy the Wood’s LED Wooden maps of the world combine the rustic chic of earthy, traditional timber with the modern, futuristic look of LED lights. The result is a wonderfully unique piece of décor that will transform any living space and is sure to become the focal point of any room. 

The gorgeous finish of our birch wood is a thing of beauty in itself, but when the LED lights are switched on, these beautiful 3D world maps for wall decoration take on a life of their own. Treat your family and guests to the sight of these stunning pieces that combine learning and wanderlust with modern aesthetics and wanderlust with modern aesthetics. Looking for inspiration to turn your place into a welcoming oasis? Add a pinch of creativity and your unique personality to absolutely any interior with a world map light!

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What sets our LED maps apart?

LED maps are fast becoming a very popular piece of artistic décor around the world. Dozens of companies all over the globe produce similar products. However, the LED world maps from Enjoy the Wood are in a class of their own.

We do not just create our products from the best birch wood and high-quality LEDs but they also include a range of features that few other companies can match. Here is a small sample of what you can expect from your Enjoy the Wood LED world map:

  • Bright multicolor LEDs – The RGB LED lights glow in 7 main neon colors and you can select a range of illumination combinations. Select the brightness using the compact remote control included in the package.
  •  Custom handmade design – Each Enjoy the Wood wooden map is made by hand by expert craftsmen and craftswomen using the skills and techniques passed on from generation to generation. Because of this personal touch and attention to each piece, no two sets we ship are alike – yours is the only one of its kind in the world!
  • Personalized for you – If you want a wooden map atlas that truly stands out, Enjoy the Wood can engrave messages and symbols of your choice into your order. Customers use it to mark out specific places that have a special meaning to them or to include the dates that hold a special place in their hearts.


Accessories and add-ons

In a way, every Enjoy the Wood LED world map is a blank canvas. Sure, it has all the names of cities and places, international borders and lights. However, even that can be just the beginning of a thousand possibilities.

We offer a range of accessories that you can order to add even more customization to your 3D LED world map:

  • Flags – a huge set of 287 flags, including the flags of almost every nation in the world, as well as the flags of the USA states, Canadian provinces and Australian states.
  •  Planes – a set of 45 pins with a head shaped like a paper airplane
  • Sightseeing pins – 15 pins to mark 15 special places around the world
  • Special event markers – a set of 48 pins, including 40 colored pins and 8 special event pins to mark:
  • The countries or locations on your travel bucket list
  • Places which you have already been to alone
  • Places that you have already been to as a couple or family
  • Countries or states where your friends and family live
  • Your favorite cities


Mounting and Unmounting your LED World Map

An LED world map is easy to set up. While it takes between 2 and 3 hours to install a standard world map on your wall, these maps can be up and running in an hour or less. This is a result of the exceedingly simple design.

Firstly, the map is divided into just 5 or 7 pieces. Next, every LED map comes with an acrylic backing. Mount the individual pieces onto the backing, no glue required!

We have even designed an Augmented Reality (AR) Enjoy the Wood app to help you decide on a map size and location within your home. You can find it on the Play Store and the App Store.

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