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Discovering Excellence: The Uniqueness of Enjoy The Wood's Original Products

Enjoy The Wood original product

According to a recent survey by Certilogo, 1 in 4 products is fake, while 9 out of 10 counterfeits are purchased online. Uh-oh. Living in days of fake goods’ rise, both – companies and those on the other side of the counter – must learn to detect the fakes to avoid the implications that will not take long if no measures are taken.
As a trailblazer in the wooden world map production, Enjoy The Wood knows how damageable knock-off items or imitation replicas are to the brand’s reputation. To preserve customer loyalty and trust, we’ll look into the essence of a genuine product and elaborately discuss the primary evidence of a brand’s authenticity. Now, let legislation do the talking.

The Essence of an Original Product

Due to the growing issues of intellectual property infringement, the world market is in danger of losing the drive for innovation, i.e., releasing more sustainable, quality, and effective products in the sale. Significantly cheaper than their authentic ‘ancestors,’ knock-offs put zero investment in development, which means cheaper is the main bait to capture customers.
What makes an original product? If thoroughly studied, there are several universally accepted rules and tricks that can lead all market participants to understand the core distinction between true originality and a duplicate.

  • Copyright. The legal right (literally – the right to copy) that only an intellectual property owner has.
  • Unique design. Being the only existing one of its type, with keen attention to details, forms, sizes, etc.
  • Quality materials. Purchasing from a certified original company guarantees goods are made of environment and human-friendly materials and in conditions that strictly comply with regulations and laws.
  • Protection against forgery. Patent-based right to manufacture and distribute products within the local and international markets.

3d wooden world map terra original product

Enjoy The Wood's Originality and Legal Confirmation

As a unique home decor store, Enjoy The Wood always respects legislation and norms in manufacturing processes, with an original concept underlying all the activities. This, in turn, allows us to strive for safety, efficiency, quality, and sustainability in our projects. Knowing what makes an original product from the section above, let’s see how Enjoy The Wood fits the bill.

  • Copyright. All rights to original wall decor are reserved by the author – Ihor Fostenko. As a result of human creativity and innovation, our designs, goods, and innovations are confirmed by the patents of the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property. Industrial design patent No. 36373 “Wall decoration “Wooden map of the world” (February 26, 2018); Industrial design patent No. 39373 “Wall decoration “World Map” (May 27, 2019); Industrial design patent No. 39374 “Wall decoration “World Map” (05.27.2019); Industrial design patent No. 39695 “Wall decoration “Map of the world” with illumination (07/10/2019). International patents: No. D/200510 (27.02.2019) and No. DM/203 012 (12.06.2019).
  • Unique design. Our original art and home decor come in a myriad of designs, shapes, and sizes. World map wall decor includes different styled pieces of countries cut out of plywood of different thicknesses, making woodcraft one-of-a-kind within the market. Every detail is sanded, polished, painted, and glued separately. The color palette is chosen based on the principles of harmony and contrast.
  • Quality materials. Authentic room decor is crafted from natural materials – high-quality birch plywood tinted to the natural wood color using wax-based paint while preserving the texture of the material (confirmed by quality certificates).
  • Anti-counterfeit strategies. Ihor Fostenko has the exclusive right to manufacture and sell Enjoy The Wood map décor within (inter)national markets, confirmed by the patents mentioned in the Copyright section. The precondition for obtaining patents, such as the novelty of design (a product design shall be deemed new if it’s not identical to any design existing prior to the application filing date or, if priority has been claimed, before the granted date of priority) was observed.

what makes Enjoy The Wood original

The Day the World Saw the First Enjoy The Wood Map

Pioneers by our very nature, Enjoy The Wood company was established in 2014. In 2016, we applied and filed for the registration of the trademark “ENJOY THE WOOD,” which was confirmed by certificate No. 230274 dated 08/10/2017. The same year, the world saw the first-ever single-layer map on Instagram. Until then, nobody had heard of the innovation confirmed by the patents.
Currently, existing trademarks (Enjoy The Wood/Enjoy The Travel/Enjoy The Home) are registered in Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, and other regions (all information is available in the public domain). Based on the registered distinctive marks, including the word element “enjoy the wood” and the image of a cut tree trunk, we are the sole owners of this trademark. Furthermore, we own the domain name “enjoy the wood,” which means using the same marks by third parties is prohibited by law.

first publication of Enjoy The Wood map in the Internet

How to Identify Scammers

Copycats are everywhere. However, if you learn to spot replicas, you are sure to buy original product, be it a visit to a physical retail or while shopping online.
Watch out for the traps below:

  1. Too-good-to-be-true prices. They promise authentic decor at a 90% discount? The first red flag. Cross-check the prices from the original brands' sites to face the reality.
  2. Mediocre quality. Copycats don’t take the time to hone their manufacturing process to produce goods of the finest quality. The result? Pathetic quality with zero attention to detail.
  3. Neglected packaging. Things like running colors, ill-fitted flimsy boxes, grammatical or spelling mistakes, and cheap plastic covers 100% indicate scammers.
  4. Zero certification. Whether shopping for handcrafted wall decor, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or anything else, demand a document proving the authenticity of the good.
  5. Fake reviews. Excellent tool for thorough evaluation and risk assessment, reviews can play havoc with our decision-making abilities. One-word or too enthusiastic, with competing brands mentioned, or a short time gap between product release and posting – all these reviews should warn you ASAP.
  6. Poor social media activities. Today, the initial step in brand discovery is browsing its social media channels. A lack of consistent social media presence signals that the chosen brand might be unable to deliver on its promises.
  7. Lack of details. Buying from original manufacturers means having barcodes, contact details, serial numbers, trademarks, and other crucial information at your disposal.

signs of counterfeiting

Opting for Enjoy The Wood Excellence

Seeking to protect ourselves from issues surrounding replicas and provide the best-quality unique home decor, we ensure to revolve around a “customer-first” attitude.
Here’s what we do:

  1. Back-up service. While scammers are just a sales pipeline, we take responsibility for every item on sale. The clients can trace back where, when, and how it has been manufactured and rely on longtime support with quick reaction times.
  2. Respect for legislation and norms. To ensure technical safety, we craft original home decor from safe materials in accordance with exciting health/environmental standards, product safety, and international trade standards.
  3. Work with law enforcement. We closely collaborate with lawyers to battle replicas so that end users don’t deal with poor-quality goods.
  4. Guaranteed delivery. Enjoy The Wood guarantees that every product will be delivered by a certain time and date. The option of requesting a full refund or exchange of goods is available as well (see more on the ‘Shipping & Return’ page).
  5. Investment in development and innovation. We’ve successfully innovated a unique wall decor, but we never stop improving it. This enables us to bring more sustainable and effective items onto the market.
  6. Patents. Every product on the line is protected by trademarks and patents, meaning both quality and innovation the replicas’ distributors can’t boast of.
  7. Money saver. Handcrafted to stand the test of time, our goods have a high lifetime, saving you from reinvestment cycles in the future.

Enjoy The Wood’s values

Unveiling Illustrative Examples of Non-original Products

We cherish our brainchild. That is why the patent for industrial design strictly protects the unique design elements that are part of our identity. Granted the right to produce a product, we constantly face other companies blatantly copying our ideas.

Unlike the competitors, Enjoy The Wood checks off the boxes below:

  • Human presence at all stages of manufacture. While we let machines do their job, most of the work is done manually to ensure extra accuracy for every detail. Together with assembly precautions, such as best quality materials and gluing temperatures, we guarantee the quality of our woodwork.
  • 3D collection. We go far beyond the soulless implementation of boring design. Instead, we play with light and shadow, geometric shapes, and natural wood texture to create a 3D surface structure for stunning visual effects in various interiors.
  • Good looks. Our products are aesthetically pleasing with their minimalist design. The maps are beautiful just the way they are – nothing superfluous.
  • Exclusive design. We don’t copy or imitate any other reps of the market. Instead, we create an authentic design from scratch that stands out. Acknowledged and confirmed by patents, the ownership of the wooden world map design is rightfully ours.

reasons to buy original wooden world maps from Enjoy The Wood

As inventors, designers, and creative minds behind an original home decor store with international recognition, we rely on authenticity as often the critical component that stands in line with quality and customer service. Shopping from bonafide companies, you can be sure to receive continuously paramount quality products you require while your consumer rights are respected. Above all, you get the main benefit meanwhile. What would that be? The peace of mind.

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