Imagine that you meet your old friends and chat with them. What is your small talk about? Will you be pleased to know that your friend enjoys his natural wooden map on their wall, just like you do? What if they bought it thanks to YOUR recommendation and now are happy about it? And if you also got your reward for that recommendation: either our map accessory, coupon for your next purchase or even cash… 

Why share with your friends about Enjoy The Wood?

So, here's why to recommend us:

You help us grow and get rewarded
Your friends save on their purchase
You get appraised by your friends & us


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Activate an account at Enjoy The Wood. It allows you to earn points, get rewards and be recognized by us

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Immediately get 100 welcome points. Login to our shop and the Rewards program

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Push the “Rewards” button in the right bottom corner to access the Rewards program

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Like, share, recommend us right from the Rewards program via smartphone – make only few taps, no manual effort is needed!

Recommend us and collect loyalty points to redeem your reward:

  • Join the brand advocate program – get 100 points

  • Submit a review at LOOX – get 50 points

  • Submit a photo or video at LOOX – get 100 points

  • Like on Facebook – get 20 points

  • Share about us on Facebook – get 20 points

  • Share on X (Twitter) – get 50 points

  • Refer your friend personally – get 2000 points (when your referral turns to
    their purchase)

Your small effort pays back!

  • 900 points – get $7 PayPal cash withdrawal for you

  • 2000 points – get $25 additional off next purchase for you or your friend

  • 2000 points - get $20 PayPal cash withdrawal for you

  • 3000 points – Get free shipping of ETW products for you or your friend

  • 10% off additionally to all promo offers gets your friend when they follow your recommendation (referral link)

  • Points-free (yet priceless!) – get an appreciation from your friend