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3D Wooden World Map Alcor

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Size: M - 24"x 39" (60 x 100 cm)
ALCOR Size Guide:


Style: Blank (no names & border)


Language: English
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3D Wooden World Map Alcor

Wooden 3D map is a great way to introduce style into any interior without overpowering it. This colorful wood wall art is styled in several color combinations that are alluring and serve as a stunning background for furnishings of any style.


Medium Size

Our M size map is 24’’ by 39” (60 cm by 100 cm).
It is ideal for small rooms.


Large Size

Our L size map is 35’’ by 59” (90 cm by 150 cm).
It is ideal for small rooms or bedrooms.


XLarge Size

Our extra large size map is 47’’ by 79” (120 cm by 200 cm).
It is ideal for bedrooms or hallways rooms.


2XLarge Size

Our 2XL size map is 63’’ by 98” (160 cm by 250 cm).
It is ideal for big rooms, halls, playrooms.


3XLarge Size

Our 3XL size map is 69’’ by 118” (175 cm by 300 cm).
It is ideal for big rooms, halls, and playrooms.

3d-wooden-world-map-alcor-on-the wall

Empty wall is not a solution

Check before and after

XLarge Size Map


Blank Style Map

Our blank style maps are without country names and borders. If you like minimalism this option could fit your space. 3D maps of all sizes in 'blank' options are manufactured without any pre-made holes for push pins.


Prime Style Map

Our prime style maps are with country names and borders.
This option will interest you to look for places you have visited and encourage you to develop new travelings.


Prime+ Style Map

Our prime+ map style contains country names, borders+ mountains, and rivers. More info & richer colors.

Looking for a bright-colored world map to decorate a living room, study room, bedroom, or office? This wooden map décor idea will become the best fit for spacious rooms, small rooms, or rooms styled in neutrals.

The color palette of the world map from the Alcor line introduces a splash of colors and dazzlingly stands out from its environment. It will beautify any interior you incorporate the wooden map into – from rustic, industrial and modern to beach style, minimalist, and contemporary.

The 3D map is available in different options:

Blank Map (only Map, names, and borders NOT printed);

Prime Map (only Map with names, borders rivers, and lakes printed);

Prime+ ( Map with names, borders, rivers, lakes +mountains printed);

    A fantastic way to impress someone on a Birthday, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Easter, or any other special happening! The map will make the world come alive in the room of a giftee and amaze a travel geek of your life. Keep in mind that the world map can’t be used as an educational tool since some of the small islands and countries are omitted.

    Assemble the 3D map using all the tools provided within the purchase – a double-sided tape and a set of instructions. The process is fast and does not require any prior knowledge.


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