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6 Tips to Create Nature Inspired Bedrooms

nature inspired bedrooms

I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” Let’s face it, Anne Frank was right. It’s easy to be swept away by today’s fast-paced gadgetized routine. However, nothing can bring you more peace of mind than the smell of wood or sun rays streaming in with a bizarro shadow playing on the walls.
With nature-inspired bedrooms, you can let some sense of calmness and style in while having your camping haven in the concrete jungle.
Before we dive deep into the easiest ways to get closer to nature, let’s quickly go over the basics. What is nature-inspired design? Known also as biophilic design, it is an approach that connects you with Mother Nature through a green interior makeover. It is an eco-themed bedroom with a strong sense of tranquility that reminds you of how important living in harmony with the outdoors is.
Off to details, guys!

Use Organic Shapes in Interior Design

Stare out the window. Look at everything around you. See all those straight lines or squared buildings? Boring. Modern architectural rules make us see orderly clean shapes. Nothing like that ever happens in natural surroundings, where harmonious and fluid shapes thrive, looking somewhat ‘futuristic’ and non-conventional.
Back to the biophilia. Today, 14 patterns exist, one of which is incorporating organic shapes in interior design. That means using furniture, décor, or other accessories that resemble living organisms. Experiment with sofas with smooth rounded corners, lamps with imperfect shapes, asymmetric rugs with floral themes, or décor that looks like pebbles, leaves, or shells. It’s all about connecting and interacting with life forms in their purest form.
Look for wooden items with live edges, grains, and knots, or mimic the outdoors with a cane and rattan popular in modern nature-inspired interior design. Accentuate your passion for the organic world with natural stones like marble that blends brown with green (typical for an eco-inspired interior). They add depth and serenity (something you can’t find in a closet!).

organic shapes

Pay Attention to Natural Light

Lighting is an easy job when you need an immediate nature effect in your everyday environment. First, embrace natural light in interior design. Both fresh air and sun rays have some healing effects not only for that Asparagus Fern on your windowsill but on your soul as well. Draw the curtains, keep your windows open whenever possible, and remove any heavy hangings. Now replace them with light airy alternatives.

Here are top best examples of letting that sunshine in:

  • Bi-fold doors. Your bedroom will absolutely benefit from bifold doors that bring sunshine in and extend the living area. A simple yet effective trick for visually connecting your place to the outdoors – leafy trees, sweet-smelling flowers, and obviously light. If there’s no garden or forest around, don’t worry. Some balcony plants will help achieve the desired result.
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows. Just like bi-fold doors, window walls draw in airy elegance together with natural sunlight.
  • Skylights. A fantastic option for getting lost in wildlife beauty. Optimal bedtime stargazing, a strong sense of height (even in small bedrooms), as well as better zzz guaranteed.
  • A single oversize window. Admire uninterrupted picturesque views while having your sleeping area bathed in sunlight all day long.
  • Light colors. Introduce white tones to your walls. They will reflect the natural light while making your room feel brighter. Stay away from brilliant white, though. This can make a cozy bedroom feel sterile.
  • Use mirrors. Any mirrored surface generously invites all light available as well as adds style. Thus, even compact rooms feel more spacious.
  • Exterior matters. We’re usually wondering, “Why is lighting important in interior design?” while the exterior is being neglected. If climbing plants, bushes, or trees block the daylight, no design tricks will ever help.

    nature inspired bedroom

    Don't Forget about Nature Light Lamps

    Artificial lighting is crucial in living space, even if you’re increasingly focused on creating an eco-friendly interior design. It’s just that in the biophilia-themed environment, you should leverage its power and enhance any natural light reaching your bedroom.
    You should brighten up the space and make it better for resting, working, and…well, living.
    Based on the “Different Indoor Light Environments Can Affect Both the Physiology and Psychology of People” research, “different indoor light environments can affect both the physiology and psychology of people, such as circadian rhythm, sleep quality, human performance, emotion, and cognition.” Therefore, creating a nourishing environment that syncs with your natural biorhythms should be prioritized.
    You’ll know by now what areas get insufficient natural light, switch to picking nature-inspired lamps precisely for your purpose. Below, we highlight some useful tips: 

  • Don’t go above 2700 Kelvin. After all, the bedroom is usually associated with an amber, warm, and soft glow.
  • Incorporate a self-sufficient ecosystem. If you’re passionate about indoor greenery, the Mygdal Plant Lamp is something to opt for. Dive in here for some terrific biophilic lighting collections. With an intelligent design and LED lights, plants have the so-called self-care (automatic watering, wow!) system. Perfect for plant owners who fail even to keep cactuses alive.
  • Don’t focus on overhead lighting. While it’s the lighting system’s core, add pendants or bedside lamps as well. It will add more glow by pulling all necessary light into the darkest places.
  • Pick organic forms. Why are shapes important in interior design inspired by Mother Earth? Because as Alice Walker once said, "In nature, nothing is perfect, and everything is perfect.” Go for imperfect forms - anything that brings wildlife in. For instance, Forestier offers to beautify home interiors with poetic lighting. Their Parrot or Grass pendant lamps bring in natural warmth with minimum effort.
  • Install dimmer. Get some control over how sleeping areas are lit, as the natural light levels change throughout the day.
  • Safety is above all. This is essential, especially when picking artificial light sources for the kid’s bedroom. LED lamps contain no mercury, so they can be used without harming your child.

  • green and wood bedroom

    Pick a Natural Color Scheme for Bedroom

    Nothing complements your urban-free bedroom better than an appropriate color scheme. It’s the direct experience of the natural world through things like colors, hues, and saturation. Even if you lack inspiration or are wondering how to choose a color scheme for a bedroom (and avoid regretting it!), check nature’s color palettes.
    That’s right!
    Remember sitting outside surrounded by the first Spring greenery? The warmth is still on its way, yet some flowers are eager to bloom. Or, perhaps, it’s the sweater weather in mid-October that gets you in the mood. The variety and beauty of eye-friendly brown and beige combinations make many want to bring this color palette home.
    Now turn off the sentiments. Let practical tips in!
    To pick the winning color scheme for your bedroom, keep the answers to the following questions in mind as you create eco interiors:

  • High-energy or calming? Do you expect the room to get you into an active or creative mood or be a showstopper?
  • What’s your favorite natural environment? Is it mountains covered with vibrant shades of green? Or a sandy beach where all tones of gold or beige thrive?
  • Will you incorporate plants? If yes, keep in mind these sweet oxygen buddies will add color splashes as well.
  • What are your favorite colors? Probably, the number one question you should gravitate to.
  • What are popular design trends? Chances are you might end up using the most unexpected color combinations you would never consider otherwise.

  • green bedroom

    Speaking of colors. Together with disturbing news and hormones, colors influence us physiologically as well. Check out the effects of colors chosen for bedrooms inspired by nature:

  • Cream & beige. No, they are not dull. Warm and dependable, these neutrals stand the test of time while bringing on the memories of long promenades on a deserted beach.
  • Chocolate brown. The color does a fantastic job of evoking feelings like earthiness and warmth.
  • Green. If you dream about a foggy forest coming alive upon entering the room, avoid its bright tones. Perfect for creating an inviting and healing environment with some elements of biophilia. Consider also khaki, deep earthy green, mint green, etc.
  • Gold. The color is related to success and triumph. If represented in a gentle tone, it reminds you of fall's beloved flavors and harvest festivals. Boo!
  • White. Simple, timeless, pure. Add an open feel while making quite an eco-friendly statement with a classy white.
  • Grey. This regular ‘guest’ in dull and sterile offices is actually a trendy addition to nature-themed homes. It has zero personality, which makes it extremely versatile. Can sync with any style or mood you’re in.  
  • An excellent option can also be terracotta, ivory, or milky color. Now that you know how nature can influence interior design (and your mood as well!), opt for soft and tender hues creating a peaceful and earth-friendly ambiance.

    Choose Furniture Inspired by Nature

    Using furniture pieces that have more organic shapes is common for this interior style. Whether you choose to design a brown and gold or green white and wood bedroom, every element of its interior should resemble the greatest wonders of the earth. Guess what? You can get very creative with it and have your bedroom elegant and cozy like no other! As for furniture au naturel, it is essential to polish up your skills in the business, follow simple rules, as well as take all pros and cons into account.

  • Furniture inspired by nature is absolutely any household item – from rugs and curtains to tables and chairs – that brings the beauty of wilderness inside. Meaning? No plastic, neon, or fluorescent 80’s accessories!
  • Chairs, sofas, and loveseats with smooth forms. The items with rounded corners are very welcome.
  • Say NO to tables with hard angular lines. Your choice should gravitate to curved/circular tables or ones with a living edge.
  • Provide direct experience with the outdoors. A green and wood bedroom beautified with natural materials will help you reconnect with the eco-world while enhancing your psychological well-being.
  • Rich natural materials work magic. In this type of design, materials with organic origins, like wood, marble, rocks, bricks, natural fibers, leather, etc., create an incredible tactile effect, showcasing the beauty of its texture.
  • Biomorphic furniture is diverse. How to tune your bedroom with nature textures and still fit in it yourself? Luckily, these furniture pieces are so diverse that you’ll have no problem finding something even for your tiny home. By the way. Just because you can’t get that huge tree-shaped stool through the doorway doesn't mean nature-inflected furniture is bulky.
  • The balance of comfort and style is crucial. The outdoors means freedom and peace. The same rule works for the eco-inspired interior: use only those pieces of furniture that you know create a relaxed environment in tandem.
  • Talking about the benefits of green furniture…

  • It’s eye-friendly. Since all the colors, textures, lines, and shapes are borrowed from scenery, this palette doesn’t spoil your vision. Plus, it reduces eye strain.
  • We are the environment we inhabit. Incorporating flora-and-fauna traces in a bedroom is a go-to option for eco-conscious homeowners.
  • Embracing nature in this way very well affects human health (immunity boosts and stress relief).
  • It’s timeless! Nothing can beat it in its glory and beauty.
  • Sustainability is the perfect complement to any decor scheme. Since most items are crafted from sustainable materials like bamboo, wood, and stone, they’ll serve for ages.
  • Versatility makes the beauty of natural home stuff even more magnifying. Whether you live in a city that never sleeps or an old county manor, nature-inspired furniture will always create a simple yet unique space.
  • While it seems that nothing can go wrong with the eco-sufficient interior, reconnecting with the outdoors through nature-themed furniture can cause allergy flare-ups for you and those you share the bedroom with. Forewarned is forearmed.

    Add Nature Inspired Home Décor

    Van Gogh once said, “Art was inspired by nature.” A famous post-Impressionist painter was in love with nature and created every other masterpiece as an ode to it. Just like nature can take endless forms, decorative accessories vary. That gives a lot to work with!
    Whether you go for some massive grotesque décor or more elegant options, bringing a bit of nature inspired home décor into your bedroom can create some uplifting energy. Feel free to choose the following pieces:

  • Wooden world maps. Kill two birds with one stone – showcase your wanderlust soul and earth motifs through gorgeous wood textures.
  • Choose pieces shaped like nature elements – leaves, shells, pebbles, and sea creatures.
  • Use plants. Options vary from simple plants to herb gardens, hanging plants, or living walls.
  • Oddly shaped wooden photo frames. If you can’t imagine those dull walls without photos of your loved ones, irregular and asymmetrical frames crafted from a wood snag work well for indoor spaces.
  • Decorative moss wall art. This one is great for adding room aesthetics and caring about your environmental impact.
  • Bio-wall containers. Dear fans of minimalistic design, it’s your opportunity to keep things easy to find and tidy.
  • Bring Natural Materials into the Bedroom's Interior

    In addition to having a keen aesthetic sense, homeowners need to have an assortment of eco-materials for a successful bedroom makeover. The good news is that the Earth’s resources are limitless, and it’s up to your taste to decide what exactly should be incorporated. Typically, organically inspired elements include wood, coral, flowers, bricks, rattan, wicker, bamboo, cork, jute, rocks, leather, and so on. Almost all of the materials are available outside your home and require no processing to be incorporated into a sleeping area. Applicable for each room, environmentally friendly materials are multipurpose, looking equally good as part of the furniture, wall decoration, floor renovation, and even old wooden roof makeover you had no hope for.

    nature inspired design

    The innate need to connect with nature seems to take over. While the plastic world is urbanizing, why not turn your home into a luxurious wellness oasis? Overdosed on big city life, more and more homeowners bring in aspects of the natural world and introduce them in the form of the most captivating design solutions. If you’re after an organic feeling in a bedroom, feel free to use our tips above to fill your home with natural items cleverly balanced throughout the space.

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