Top 3 Easy Wall Decor Ideas You'll Love!

Top 3 Easy Wall Decor Ideas You'll Love!

Who doesn't like a cozy home to come back to at the end of the day? The right wall art can make such a huge difference to your home. If you love beauty and comfort as much as we do, read on! 

There are traditional ways to decorate walls such as using photos and paintings or you could try something new.


Whether you like putting up decoration pieces on your walls, painting them in colors, or leaving them blank, the following easy ideas for inspirational home decor might come in handy. What are they?

3D Wooden City ​​Maps

A City Map from Enjoy The Wood (ETW) is a great way to tell a story of a special place in your life and a fantastic piece of wall art decor. The intricate aerial map reveals every street and shoreline while intriguing and enchanting even the sharpest minds. Fully customizable, it is a unique eyecatcher on any wall. It has certainly caught the eye of more than a few Instagram influencers and keeps attracting thousands of views.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Wooden Jigsaw puzzles from PuzzleUp are not only about having the time of your life putting the pieces together but an elegant decoration for art lovers. With nothing but sticky tape, you can put them up and create a gallery right in your house! Do you like Space? Nature? Art? Attractions? We've got them all and 7 designs in each theme. Nobody can resist a jigsaw puzzle.

3D Wooden World Maps

A Wooden World Map from ETW will complete your home or office. It will leave you wondering how on earth you could have lived without it. You may have heard the saying: "Home is where your heart is." Our clients like to say: "Home is where your map is". We couldn't agree more. You can assemble it by yourself or do it with your friends and family. It fits into any interior, is easy to install, and is on a mission to inspire young and old. To top it all off, the Map makes for a fabulous photo zone used by the top bloggers around the world.

Clean lines, rich texture, and statement-making minimalist style features create a simple attractive look. Fine details add to subtle sophistication. Choose neutral colors or go for bold ones.

Home is where we feel at peace. It nourishes our body and soul. The decor we choose is a large part of that. Keep the pieces you have always enjoyed and don't forget to experiment. When you do, ETW and PuzzleUp will be right there to support you with our city maps, jigsaw puzzles, and gorgeous Wooden World Maps.

To date, customers have given our World Maps over 5000 five-star reviews!
We put in the time and effort to create products that are both meaningful and stylish. Made of natural wood, they are good for you and for the environment. Click here to shop our products now.

You will love what you see! P.S. Got questions? Just ask All our maps are size L and come already gift-wrapped. In the box that we ship to your attention, you will also find ocean names, wooden planes, boats and compasses, double-sided sticky tape, instructions, corner stencils, and a lifetime warranty.

Add a set of nice pushpins and you are all set for a magnificent map experience right in your home! Thank you for reading this far, we value your time. We hope that these ideas will help to make your home cozy and make a difference in your life.

Love, Team ETW

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