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A Guide to Choosing the Right LED World Map

led world map

Thankfully, the most extraordinary home décor ideas can become a reality in no time today. No rules, restrictions, or limitations! Decorating your room and tying it together is a kind of magic, especially when you see how the initial idea lives through to full completion.

The question is…how to make your space – a rented apartment or your own house – look its best while reflecting your wanderlust and sense of style?
Three words here: led world map!

As the finishing touch, it’ll immediately liven up the dullest space without overshadowing or dominating the interior scheme. Just pick the most suitable 3D led wooden world maps, and you’ll end up with a comfy, tasteful, and happy home.
Here’s how.

Considerations for Choosing a LED 3D World Map

The ultimate truth is to never shop for food if you’re hungry. You’ll end up with a basket containing all possible products, an empty wallet, and the I-don’t-know-how-it-happened look in your eyes.

Yes, you need some décor to beautify your nest.

Yes, you should choose the best LED world map.

Yes, it takes time.

But if you pick the first product you come across just because ‘it’s kinda OK,’ without considering the rest of the room, taking measurements, or picking the right spot for future woodwork, the restyling fiasco is guaranteed. To ensure the purchased led 3D world map doesn’t look awkward, determine your interior style, arm it with a measuring tape, and decide what you want from this experience.


Knowing your measurements is a must. An XXL world map can easily overpower your small bedroom or study room, and the rest of the interior will simply get lost next to the massive piece. Before hitting that ‘Buy’ button, measure the width/length of the chosen wall you intend to adorn.

Check out the ceiling height and the space between the imaginary and existing décor pieces. Are there chairs, a sofa, a closet, a table, or any other furnishings standing against the wall? How about the windows? Carefully checking all the objects and measuring them together with the space available for the map is crucial to avoid buying things of the wrong size.


map sizes


Where should the 3D LED decor go? There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to home décor. However, we made an effort to change the game.

The styles and types of interior designing are dozens – from minimalist and traditional to contemporary, industrial, modern, etc. Since our led light wall decor embodies an eco-friendliness, minimalism, and balance philosophy, use it to turn on romance, add calmness, and spark intrigue in absolutely any interior. Each 3D LED item is handcrafted so that once you choose one, the fusion happens instantly.
If you prefer rawness within your room looks – the industrial interior – the 3D LED Wooden World Map Nordik will surely complement it. The neutral color scheme that predominates in the industrial interior will look complete with those Nordik pieces’ cool shades. The same effect is guaranteed for a minimalist interior where vibrant prints and colors are usually absent. That’s where wooden texture creates depth and interest in the interior with simple forms and a limited color palette.
If it’s all about the energy, and you go for electric interior designing, a 3D Solid Wooden World Map is made for it. Bright color palettes, textures, patterns, and mixing of new and old styles – these unique features of electric style call for vibrant colors of a 3D solid map and its backlight options.


If decorating a well-lighted and large living room, dining room, or any other setting, going with a 3D world map will certainly add a welcoming and comfortable mood.

The product from the mentioned category has red and brown accents, both sparking warmth. The best part – you can choose a different backlight color for every mood! Whether you wonder how to decorate a dull wall before the party or it’s about fighting the under-bed monsters your kiddo is afraid of, a strategically mounted wooden map with a LED option will save the day.

Ready for adding some “cool” colors? Although “warm” and “cool” shades evoke different emotions, our map from the Nordik line will help you feel welcomed by the balanced palette when entering the room. Besides, cool colors like grey, blue, as well as graphite are famous for their calming effect. That is why the piece with that color combination will best fit a home office or a bedroom when either concentration or relaxation is much needed.

A tip here: There’s lots of talk about whether grey comes from the cool or warm camp. Actually, it belongs to both. Being technically neutral, it has some shades that can be considered either warm (with a hint of red, yellow, or beige) or cool (bluish-grey or steely grey).

Customized Wall Decor

What we really like about modern wooden wall décor is that it can be customized. For instance, all geographical names on a map can be engraved in your preferred language. Perfect for those who aren’t just looking for fresh ideas for a brick wall but want to add a homey feel to the chosen décor.

Customized wall décor is also about adding extra elements to the map – logos, marking special places, symbols, or any other elements that make it more personal.


Customized wall décor

Benefits of Owning 3D LED Wooden World Maps

There’s so much more in how adding wooden led decor to our walls transforms the overall interior philosophy! From making any room less empty to creating a complementary, harmonious finish that coordinates and soothes. Admit it, your wall has never looked that dazzling!

The good news is that all benefits of wooden LED artwork do not stop there. There’s much more about it.

  • It…teaches! Although some smallest countries and islands aren’t there, our maps can still become part of exciting geographical learning activities.
  • It adds color but never overshadows your main interior palette.
  • Health benefits. Psychologists have studied various effects of LED lighting on human health aspects. It turns out that this type of lighting decreases headaches, increases productivity, as well as helps combat stress.
  • Wow factor. Whether it’s a large piece of art or some compact map, it will become something your guests will notice instantly.
  • Personality. Let the world map light reveal much about yourself, your tastes, passions, or plans!
  • It becomes a fancy focal point. Center your map over a bed or couch to accent the wall (avoid one of the biggest struggles that amateur designers face!).

Love, love, love. Whether it’s a special date night or a romantic homecoming, some dreamy glow will make any space perfect for both of you.

wooden led decor

7 Creative Ways to Display a World Map Light

Depending on your interior design style, work model (remote, in-person, hybrid, etc.), lifestyle, accommodation type, and personal reasons, there are tons of ways to display the wooden map art.

Regardless of where you want it, we’re sure you’ll love the final effect!

  • Home. The item will become an astonishing conversation starter whether put in a dining room, kitchen, bedroom, study room, kids’ room, or even inside the bathroom (one of the most unconventional choices!). Whatever setting you choose, get your decor a spare wall.

    map at home
    •  Garage. Many people convert that good old garage into an at-home gym, remote office, or just a man cave. When designing one, you really won’t go wrong with considering maps as garage wall art ideas.

      map in garage

      • Hotel. As a lead piece in a hotel room, an eye-catcher at a reception and lobby area, or a luxury interior component to boost hotel guests' dining experience, the LED map will help make a favorable first impression. Besides, what’s a better souvenir to bring from your travels than hotel décor inspiration?

        map in hotel

      • Office. Don’t stick to that sterile environment! Why not opt for a human touch and home-like atmosphere? The lighting radiated by our 3D world map will help add an extra cozy feeling.

        map in office
      • Hospital. Clinics are quite intimidating, especially for kids. For a positive effect on patients and their families, adding a map with LED lighting will become useful in the areas where anxiety kicks in due to many hours of wait.

        map in hospital
      • Educational institutions. Although décor maps aren’t educational tools (some small areas are omitted), they’re powerful enough to create a collaborative environment for students of all ages.
      • Café/restaurant. Being a big-time restaurateur is not just about food. The feel and look of your place do matter as well. A 3D world imitation with a soothing backlight will make any restaurant, café, or small cozy espresso bar a thing of beauty.

      How to Use Wooden LED Decor as a Travel Inspiration Board

      Missing travel? Or, perhaps, you’re already planning an exquisite journey you’ve always dreamed of? Now you can schedule and execute it properly! With some effort, and preparation, as well as a travel inspiration board at hand, every homeowner will soon master the science of adventure planning.

      But before you set off, check out our LED-lighted maps as an original visualization of the world and your motivator to take that first step out the door.

      • Use map's push pins for marking those places you’ve already visited and dream of returning to one day.
      • Map out the longest distance you’ve covered. Now, feel so proud of yourself (yes, you did it!).
      • Visualize the route you’d love to take to combat the fear that holds you back from traveling.
      • Reminisce on past journeys on long rainy days (those were the days!).
      • Planning group trips don’t hurt anymore! Get your gang in front of your map to ensure you all see, discuss, and expect the same.
      • Get kids more excited about traveling. Instead of talking about an ephemeral trip, show them how big our world is!
        • Change your mind when necessary. Sometimes the chosen destination might seem appealing until you see where it actually is.

      Traveling is a safe kind of drug. Trying new things, being immersed in many cultures, expanding your mind, and even giving your immune system a huge boost are just some proven means to combat monotony. But until you set out on your next big adventure, bring a little piece of wanderlust to your home. An essential part of a voyager’s home interior, travel-themed décor, like a LED-lighted map, will give nostalgic feelings with a strong sense of adventure whenever you walk through the door.

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