Who We Are

Enjoy the Wood is a Ukrainian family brand that has a history of not only countless hours of hard work for the last three years, but also:

- Hundred thousands smiles of happy owners of our products
- A presence in 72 countries that have a small piece of Ukraine in them
- 40 thousand coffee cups our employees had to support the energy levels on the path to success
- 1100 early mornings to create something incredible for our customers
- More than 1000 unused drafts, samples and models to get exactly that one product
- 111111111111 messages about what, where and why in providing you customer service (ok, let’s pretend it’s a real number)

We play by these simple rules:

- We do everything 101%. Why? Because we ourselves use the same products we make and sell. And we love to treat ourselves well, as well as you, our customer.
- Ensure a high quality that we guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product, please feel free to let us know whether by message, email of phone. We will do our best to resolve your issue.
- We create something new everyday. This means that new ideas, designs and products are updated on a regular basis and you will enjoy the new stuff regularly.
- Honesty is our middle name. We don’t make fake discounts (increasing the price beforehand), sales of the damaged products and so on. We do not approve this policy nor do we recommend doing it to anyone.
- Enjoyment and excitement derived from the process are our constant friends. And you will like it too!

Coming to a conclusion:
- Our own factories
- Outstanding quality
- personalized customer service
- Cool designs
- And countless smiles and happiness in your eyes!

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