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Modern map art takes your most fascinating journeys, favorite cities, parks, and tourist attractions and turns each into a stylish and sophisticated work of art. If you’re looking for a perfect way to keep memories of long walks at Montmartre, your honeymoon in New York, or proposal at the Grand Canyon, our wooden maps will showcase your nostalgia like no other. Guess what? We have some great accessories, too!

Decorative map pins: features

Why pins? Designed to add another dimension to the wooden artwork, unique push pins for map from Enjoy The Wood help preserve memories of events and trips for solo owners, couples, or families. They can be taped to or inserted anywhere on the map multiple times. The collection is vast, including items from the most diverse categories:

  • Flag push pins.. 287 metal flags with a round flag-themed head at one end and a sharp point at the other.
  • Wooden sightseeing sticky pins. Set of 16 pins with the most well-known sights worldwide.
  • Wooden flag sticky pins. Set of 45 pins with adhesive backing.
  • Sticker flags. 24 My Special Moment flags with sharp pins.
  • Wooden location pins. 20 lovely plywood sticky pins to mark your favorite destinations
  • UA sticker pins. Set of 7 Ukraine-themed sticky pins to add a pinch of Ukrainian flavor to your map.
  • National parks pins. All 63 National Parks with adhesive backing in one set!
  • Europe flag pins. 45 pins for each European country with adhesive backing.
  • US flag pins. Star-shaped US state flag pins with adhesive backing.
  • UA hero - cities pins. 15 pins with double-sided sticky tape to mark the bravery of Ukrainian cities withstanding russian invasion.
  • Ukrainian landmarks pins. 35 sticky pins to mark the most famous sightseeing spots in Ukraine.
  • Wooden special marks. 12 pins with adhesive tape to mark special locations worldwide.

As you run your fingers through the fiberwood board with pins, it’s absolutely smooth with no sharp edges. For the pins with sharp points, we recommend keeping kids and pets away to avoid any harm.

Unique map push pins from Enjoy The Wood

In tandem with beautifully crafted wooden triptych maps, they create a complete piece of décor that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also useful from a practical point of view. Whether tracking your past adventures, plotting new ones, or simply strategizing your plans for world domination, you can get creative with pins. Spend time with your family or friends by pinning your future destinations together. Just ensure to pick a specific collection (or a combination of those!), and show up with this cute gift on any occasion – Birthday, Christmas, Housewarming, or any other holiday. The choice is yours!