Wooden Photo Frames for Wall

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So, you’ve had the most exciting trip ever, now what? People come and go, the most exciting journeys end, but memories stay with us for good. Have you captured some precious moments in pictures? If yes, we’ve got something for you. Our wooden multi photo frames for wall are the most attractive way of telling a personal story and making any space Instagrammable.

Although techs have surpassed the charm of snaps in albums, the desire to immortalize your adventures and accentuate the wall with a story-telling composition is still there. For example, you might mix in your photos, receipts from that Art Deco-themed restaurant in Paris, and flight tickets into the wooden photo frames.

Wooden Pictures Frames from Enjoy The Wood: unique decor

Whether you have a small minimalist space or a large rustic home, our photo frames (either collaged or separate) allow you to add your own personal touch. In urban and industrial interiors, our film strip or traditional wooden frames can soften the industrial edge of the settings. In the case of bohemian interiors, wooden frames add a natural element that blends seamlessly with the textures and colors typical for boho. Scandinavian interior, in turn, celebrates functionality and simplicity. Crafted in light wood, our photo frames align ideally with the style. Regardless of your interior style, our frame sets (3 or 9 items in each) can be personalized with unique engravings upon your request. Due to the variations in wood texture and grain, every frame is a unique décor, creating a one-of-a-kind look that plastic analogs fail to. The items are handcrafted to last, with attention to detail that mass-produced frames tend to lack. Finally, products by Enjoy The Wood are eco-friendly. Picking wooden photo frames reduces the impact on the environment usually associated with mass production.