Kickstarter 2021 — a dazzling success of our new 3D Wooden World Maps!

As many of you already know, we have had 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns and recently finished our 5th, a massive one. What you may not know is what Kickstarter is and how it works, so a bit about that. 

Putting it simply, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that lets people present their projects and raise money for the actual launch. The people who decided to participate in it are called “backers” and usually, depending on how much they pledge — they get different rewards if the campaign ends in success. 

The point of it is to raise money and to find more people who love what you do and want to support you. Our last best result on Kickstarter was $500 000 in 2019 with the World's first 3D Wooden World Map, which still is one of our most popular minimalistic wall decoration products. This year we decided to go even bigger and created a completely new set of wooden world maps that will make everyone fall in love with them yet again.

We came up with 4 four massive updates: 18 new colors, a geographical world map, a crazy luminescence effect, a fully magnetic map and a new LED backlight feature. Go big or go home, right?

Our team worked day and night to shoot and write everything we needed to launch the Kickstarter with our newest travel world maps and we did it all on time! In just 30 days we broke the $800 000 mark with 3,474 backers, countless reshares and lots of amazed comments which made us beyond happy.

The new Maps were made to be surprising and extravagant, from the simplest push-pin travel maps to the more colorful and multifunctional maps that glow in the dark or twinkle at any time of the day, easily controlled from your smartphone. We created a massive range of new World Maps that will fit a simple interior and pull together your dining area or living room, will add sophistication to your office and make an impression. We even made a topographical (Physical) map that can be a decoration and an amazing educational tool for schools. 

As always, we made some sizes to choose from, and 41% of our backers picked the L-sized Maps. 48% loved the colors “Cappuccino”, “Nordic”, “Urban”, “Mystery” & “Physical” and 40% pickedluminous and magnetic Maps.

We take big pride in having followed through with each pledge we made during all of our Kickstarter campaigns and now, after this massive success, we’re working harder than ever to deliver all the rewards to the people who believed in us. We are really grateful for your support in this Kickstarter campaign and that each of you choses wooden decor made by ETW, that you love us and make the Maps we create — part of your homes and lives. The most important thing — you make them unique, with all the customizations you ask for and push pins you put in them, with the photos that you make with your Maps and share on your social media pages. 

You inspire us to create more and more amazing new designs and kinds of Maps that you put on your walls, and we will always be grateful for that! 

Enjoy The Wood loves you!

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