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Small Foyer Decor in Modern House

small foyer décor

If homeowners face a list of decorating challenges, increasing the sense of a small space would go somewhere between proper accessorizing and focal point identification. Often overlooked, small foyer décor plays a crucial role in house presentation. Whether it’s the circulation space between two or more rooms or the very first area guests see entering the house, the foyer needs particular attention in terms of décor. If the very idea of picking the wall decor for a small foyer freaks you out, let us smooth it over for you a little bit.

Benefits of Small Foyer Décor

As a source of inspiration and an ultimate place where you go to recharge batteries for the new day, your house should be something you call home. It is an environment where you can unwind and calm down, no matter the storms outside. Even if it’s just a small foyer, take it as a foundation for a peaceful and inviting atmosphere in the whole house. Below, we’ll talk about the key advantages of incorporating décor into the entryway area that, at its core, is the reflection of your personality and one of the cornerstones of an at-home oasis.

  • It makes the best first impression. It’s no doubt people might have different impressions of your house every time they happen to drop by. However, the first one never lies, they say. Appropriately chosen decor for small entryway will improve the chances of making a mark in any first interaction.
    • It adds the home-sweet-home feeling. Since your home is supposed to be your secure place, keeping you and your loved ones safe and relaxed, investing in some top-notch décor will boost your sense of belonging.

      • It creates a welcoming spot for every visitor. Whether it’s your family or friends from far-away lands, small foyer decor ideas will help you create an inviting area for everyone. You’re not just hanging pretty thingies in the foyer but surrounding yourself with what reflects your interests, passions, and unique traits. That’s what hooks visitors’ attention.

      • It maximizes bonus space. With the wisely picked décor, you can easily make the entryway feel spacious. Try open shelving, wall-mounted hooks, or a large mirror as the simplest maneuvers to add plenty of room.

      • It lets out your inner creativity. Hiring a pro interior designer rocks, but nothing can compare to the rewarding experience of entering the house and saying, “I decorated it!”

      • It reflects your tastes. Looking for ways to personalize your environment to display your unique style? Home décor is one of the channels to broadcast your personality.

      • It makes a small foyer appear to be much larger. Get your guests visually tricked with proper furniture, colors, and décor selection!

      Color Ideas for Small Foyer Décor

      No other room makes you feel the power of color like the one that lacks space. Since a small foyer is one of the spots people are usually challenged with, the space-saving ideas we’re about to share will help you pick the best color for entryway and add depth to the room.

      • Neutrals & pastels. If you’re looking for a spacious feel, nothing works better than subtle variations of blue. Not only does it make a clear statement, but also creates an atmosphere of coziness and calmness. At the same time, the warm white will let the natural light in and open up the smallest foyer. Play up with grey best known for its neutral nature that can be easily manipulated by adding more colors.

        small foyer decor ideas

        • Add a bright splash. We suggest creating an accent wall that wows. Pick a juicy and attractive color (orange, red, yellow, etc.) and paint the wall you’d like to draw attention to. Keep in mind that when you use it in tandem with neutral shades, you create the contrast that, in turn, adds a bigger room illusion and depth.  
          • Experiment with textures. Feeling like the entryway is missing something? Got stuck in the variety of paint color ideas for small entryway? Textures could be the answer. Paint strips and dots to make a lovely look and add dimension. If painting is not an option, consider hanging a textured rug or works of art.
          • Go drama with dark-blue and black colors. If properly incorporated, dark colors can become winning small space solutions. Designers explain this phenomenon by the ability of navy blue and black colors to create the illusion that the walls are further away than they actually are.
          • Beige, ivory, taupe, etc. Best ways to add elegance and sophistication to the foyer? You’ll never get wrong with the beige & co.

          10 Small Foyer Decor Ideas

          Now that you know the answer to the “what is the best color for entryway?” question, it’s time to make the most of that small room with a set of décor pieces. But before you get your creative forces activated, here’s something to remember when you’re in the middle of shopping – you’re limited on size but not on style. With some non-cliché decorative entryway ideas for small apartments, you can jazz up the foyer and make it feel much roomier.

          3D wooden panel world map

          1. Wooden World Map Wall Decor

          One of the biggest challenges of choosing the small foyer décor is finding pieces that make a statement and showcase your personality. Got an avid traveler in the house? Or you’re a keen adventure seeker yourself? A 3D wooden panel world map will help you adorn the setting and deal with the tininess of space (the geographical tool never takes up much of it!).

          2. A Bright Rug

          There are things that speak volumes about welcoming people living in your house. The patterned rug is one of them. Use it to make guests warmly welcomed and tie in existing colors.

          3. Plants

          Put a large plant or incorporate a series of small plants to breathe life into the compact entranceway. Alternatively, use artificial greenery along a wall if taking care of the flowers isn’t your strongest side.

          plant decor

          4. Mirrors

          If you go for minimalist decor to make a more welcoming space, hang or lean a mirror. Create the illusion of the added space with the help of a full-length mirror designed to reflect natural light and visually dispel the tininess of any room.

          5. Wooden Regional Maps

          When you have a teeny-tiny foyer, you want to add meaning to every other accessory used to adorn it. Nothing can beat maps here! Whether it’s a United States map wall art or a wooden map of Canada, it will surely draw eyes to itself.


          regional maps

          6. Wooden City Posters

          Striking yet pocket-friendly, map posters of city are famous for their textural vintage charm. Pay homage to London, New York, Barcelona, Paris, or any other city you left your heart in. The eye-catching posters are ideal for preserving memories!

          city posters

          7. Personal Photos

          Timeless interior design tips? If you lack decorative ideas, add personality to the environment. The comfort and warmth double as you hang a couple of framed photos in the foyer to set a mood and spice up the walls.

          8. 3D Wooden Lake Maps

          Less is more, especially when it comes to a compact entryway. Despite a soft color scheme and simple design, our 3d wood lake maps bring in more texture and leave your wanderlust mark in a miniature interior.

          lake map decor

          9. 3D City Map Wall Art       

          The wooden city maps will not add space to the small anteroom; however, they are atmospheric and play well within narrow spaces. In addition to lending a cozy feel, the city maps easily relive special memories of you being adventurous where no one knows your name.

          city map

          10. A Narrow Bench

          The good news is that the piece won’t occupy much real state while providing you with the comfy place to put on/off or store shoes. Although it might not look like a usable space at first, a simple narrow bench (if made in an eye-catching design) can make a difference.

          Even those homeowners have to go the extra mile when decorating the most microscopic foyer, there are many fantastic accessories to prettify it. With clever lighting, colors, décor, and multi-functional furniture, you’re sure to transform your entryway into a dazzling place that creates a fantastic first impression for guests. However, no matter how voguish and non-conventional the chosen décor is, it won’t work if you fail to reorganize, categorize, and declutter the small foyer first.

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