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5 White Wall Decor Ideas

wall decor in 2023

It’s a paradox, but having white interior walls as a backdrop is both a curse and a unique design opportunity. You’ve got the dullest canvas possible that you’re tired of staring at. Conversely, it’s like a real easel where your creative forces go wild, and only your imagination (and the budget) is the limit. The white wall design is perfect for trying complex techniques and works well for mixing different textures and colors. With the right strategy in mind, one can make the most of the white interior. Who knows, maybe one of the white wall decor ideas below will finally liven up your room? 

1. Add Wall Art for White Walls

With a neutral foundation, there are dozens of ways to draw the eye to it. Picking some wall art for white walls is one of the most effective. Find some piece that best meets your taste. Then display it based on the ceiling height (avoid huge décor in small bedrooms at all cost!).  
Keep things interesting by adding photos (if you made them – score!), paintings (mix different frame styles), kid’s artwork, panels, murals, or anything else. Neutral walls are the perfect base for any form of art.
Plus, it turns out to be the best background for displaying your personality. Have you caught the travel bug? Let the world know! A colorless canvas would look exceptionally good with an eco-friendly colored map of the world. Alternatively, go for a world map triptych style when ready for some non-conventional approach. This travel-themed décor is a proven-by-generations option to relive humdrum interior.
One drawback of an all-white interior is that it usually looks cold or even sterile. That is why adding warmth becomes a necessity. Look for décor that helps balance coldness. At the same time, counteract the coolness radiated by the color with the help of textural accessories. Rugs, curtains, cushions, as well as textiles create cozy and welcoming aesthetics while adding colors to your environment.

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2. Incorporate Plants and Greenery

Let some greenery steal all the attention from dull walls. The juicy green color is just what the doctor ordered when sprucing up your colorless bedroom, office, living room, or any other setting.
Whatever plants you pick, they all will be healthy because of the light constantly bouncing off white walls. However, don’t grab that first flora reps encountered. Instead, do your homework to see different plants’ needs (can you meet them?). Watering, height, sunlight, companion planting, etc., will become your routine, so make sure you can handle that and be ready to compromise. A lot.  
There are many house plant choices adding interest to beautiful white rooms. From spectacular Anthuriums to fantastic Kentia Palm, you will soon find something that boosts the interior.

  • Something easy to look after? A String of Hearts, of course. It usually reaches up to 6.5 ft. Looking gorgeous when on shelf, it will do an incredible job in your bedroom.

  • Sansevieria, in turn, adds a bit of drama with its leaves looking like swords. Place it neatly in a corner for the best look possible.

  • Choose Peace Lily if you wonder how to decorate white walls and add more tranquility and simplicity to the room.

  • Hungry for tropical vibes? Monstera Deliciosa will make a beautiful statement in a warm living room.

    Remember that placement is as important as the types of plants you choose to incorporate into a light-colored interior. Spreading them around the room will visually enlarge it. Put them in corners, on windowsills, benches, coffee tables, mantels, shelves, etc. If hanging some greenery, avoid spots where someone tall can hit their head on it.
    Flora theme is guaranteed to add good vibes to non-colored places. Besides, the “Interaction with Indoor Plants May Reduce Psychological & Physiological Stress…” study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology proves that houseplants make you feel more soothed, comfortable, productive, and happy. That is all we want, after all.

    how to decorate white walls

    3. Use Functional White Room Décor

    Fortunately, white room decor isn’t just about being beautiful and useless. It can also be functional. Simply put, it’s something that wows your guests, and that can be used. Here, we’ve listed some of the top useful décor ideas that add purpose and meaning to your next purchase:

      • Mirrors. Best decor for dull walls and an excellent opportunity to let more light in (mirrors reflect natural light like no other surface!).
      • Baskets. They add more storage space, textures, and eco-friendliness to the interior.
          • Floating shelves. You remember them from our article “Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room” here. Add some to hold books, flowers, photos, or any memorabilia that matters most.
              • Wall hooks. It’s all about storage, folks! These are small yet useful in any setting.
                  • Indoor herb garden. Did anyone say ‘multifunctional décor’? Here you are!
                      • Decorative ladder. Best wall decor in 2023 and previous years. Use it to store/display your clothes, scarves, towels, and other cherished stuff.
                          • Rugs. Probably, one of the easiest ways to switch attention from snowy walls. Besides, they’re so wonderful to walk on!

                                What it all comes down to…do not over-decorate! All pieces like pillows, rugs, vases, or shelves are helpers until you incorporate tons of them into a single interior. Moderation is the key even if you try to get creative with a small foyer decor (in fact, we mentioned this earlier here, too).

                                small foyer decor

                                4. Experiment with Textures in White Wall Design

                                If simply wallpapered or painted walls aren’t enough, search for some texture tricks that help make white walls less boring while complementing those milky tones. Here are some:

                                • Textured wallpapers. They have the so-called built-in design and feel both perfectly camouflaging all possible wall imperfections.
                                • Textured paint. Add faux sand or stone finish to some standard color for a more sophisticated look.
                                • Wood panels. The easiest way to go for homeowners who choose to keep things simple and organic. 
                                • Plaster. This versatile tool is also contemporary and cool. Any interior will benefit from it (with gypsum being the most popular one).
                                • Tiles. Bathroom or kitchen, you say? Absolutely not. Meet the very new trend to incorporate tiles where one least expects them to see (bedroom, living room, etc.).
                                • Brick. Ah, the classy. Although it plays well with any room, we’d recommend using it in places getting more sunlight. The best possible result can be reached by uncovering the original brick your place was built with.
                                • Fake animal skin. For instance, faux crocodile wallpaper will bring your room up to style while adding some non-ordinary texture to the surface.


                                How about some experiments? Mix two wall textures to instantly up your room look. For example, a marble famous for its rich aura can be easily used with other surfaces like matte-painted panels or wood. At the same time, the latter can be combined with different textures (none of which will be competing for attention!). The most significant thing here is that all surfaces are great for disguising faults or imperfections resulting from the building process.

                                to make white walls less boring

                                5. Brighten up White Interior Walls with Lights

                                Finally, consider using artificial lighting in your space. If you’ve already picked the texture or best accent color for white walls, the light will reveal both and create shadows that add depth to the interior. Here’s the thing about the surface of white paint – it will give back whatever you throw at it. In other words, it will toss it back if you add cool light. Same works for warm lighting. Luckily, there’s a great, versatile option like a world map with lights. If you have a sense of adventure, a LED world map will display your wanderlust in no time! Besides, it goes with everything and serves as an additional light source (several modes add a beautiful warm ambiance to any environment). You can read more on choosing the right LED world map here.

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                                White is the bag of opportunities when it comes to filling up walls. There’s no shortage of ideas, while the unique background is a perfect start for untrained decorators and a wide field of activity for those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Finally, it will never go out of style. Say YES to it!

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