How to Choose Wall Decor for Living Room?

How to Choose Wall Decor for Living Room?

Buying a new place, moving into a new home, renovating your living room, or simply sprucing it up a bit are some of life’s great joys. To accommodate the wants and needs of your loved ones, you should compromise when selecting wall décor. Whatever you choose, ensure it brings about feelings of calm, happiness, relaxation, and joy. The very moment an accent wall or an artwork becomes part of the interior, it must breathe life into it. After all, interior decoration is more than just choosing the right furniture, relocating it, and finding the perfect color palette. It’s a form of art. Whether your style is bohemian, traditional, or rustic, art decor for wall is an excellent way to incorporate a bit of your creative personality into an interior and prove you’ve got style. 

To discover the current living room décor, keep scrolling — ahead, you’ll see various pieces to fit your design theme without going broke.

Top 10 Trends: Wall Décor for Living Room

Depending on the style of the space that you are looking to decorate, you might find modern wall decor for living room that not only expresses your emotional and spiritual self, but also raises energy levels, and reflects the moods of a space. Let's get into some of the best wall decor 2022 to see what the latest trends and styles have to offer.

#1 Beautifully Detailed Maps from Enjoy The Wood

The creation of a quality wooden décor is as beautiful a process as the craft itself, and the reps of the Enjoy The Wood company know it from A to Z. Originating from Ukraine, the company is family owned. Its creative minds make their own products, most of which are inspired by traveling and eco-friendly lifestyles. With an innate understanding of aesthetics and proportions, the reps of the Ukrainian company know how to add the artwork to a simple block of wood.

wall decor 2022

Handmade wooden maps are the business card of the company, its pride, and its joy. With a trained eye for details, aesthetics, and meaning, the craftsmen create world maps to add color and interest to your living room. Classy wood or multicolored palette, three size options (M, L, XL), equipped with futuristic LED lights or non-illuminated – this unique wall art creates a synergy between style, coziness, and a sense of comfort like no other.

#2 Local Artists

Updating yourself with the wall decor for your living room in 2022 is impossible without some local ‘ingredients.’ While the prominent art makers have their special place on décor Olympus, browse the local artists’ selection to let them get some fame. Whether at the wall décor shops or by friends’ recommendations, seek the works of some emerging artists in your area. You will be surprised by how many people out there turn out to be creative souls ready to share their art to become part of your living room décor scheme. Not only will you pay less than in the case of the artwork done by the greats, but you will also become a happy owner of a unique piece of unconventional art.

wall decor for living room

#3 Neon Art from Yellowpop

More and more homeowners use their places for entertainment, relaxation, and work at the same time. It’s no wonder that companies like Yellowpop make their way into living rooms all over the globe. Think of eye-catching and colorful neon signs placed as if unintentionally next to the traditional piece of art. A simple yet effective way to transform your space without any damage to your eyes.

Comprising eight designs, the latest Yellowpop collection offers text pieces, led neon versions of a pill, and an Atlas profile – perfect for those craving a living room that’s more controversial and eccentric.  

The trick? No more than one neon item in a room.

wall decor for living room

#4 Botanicals

If it’s the festive season around the corner, why not bring some Spring life right to the walls in your living room? Inspired by the time of delicate and bright colors, botanicals-themed wall decor 2022 can transform your space as an extension of your taste. This is a win-win décor idea for those looking for ways to create a home office that inspires both productivity and creativity.

When in doubt, invite freshness and warmth to the living room. You’ll thank yourself later.

wall decor for living room 2022

#5 Pop Art by Andy Warhol

Just like half a century ago, the world-known artist keeps impacting all existing areas of visual art. Fashion and interior décor inspired by Andy Warhol’s artwork never seem to go out of style.

With an edge of the avant-garde, the “pops” of the color of Andy’s works will perk the dullest living room. Needless to say, a wonderful project (a pocket-friendly reproduction) by the art icon will become an instant focal point.

When in need of a large wall art for living room that is part rebellious part glamorous, the key figure of the pop art movement of the 60s has something that will definitely speak to you as a homeowner.

large wall art for living room

#6 Positive Art

It’s not a surprise that when browsing the top trends for wall decor in 2022, people give preference to something…uplifting. Large formats of inspirational quotes and sayings hook the attention of those looking for ways to alter the energy and mood of a living room. Décor items displaying mouth’s watering desserts, happy faces, and uplifting quotes are something people have a greater focus on today. After all, we all seem to be nostalgic for the pre-pandemic non-violent golden days that seem so much better than the world we live in. The works by Dara Piken and Humberto Cruz will 100% cheer you up.  

top trends for wall decor

#7 Minimalist Décor

Less is more, they say. If there are top trends for wall decor art that perfectly blend with any living room and last for years to come, minimalistic décor is a timeless investment. Whether it’s a large piece or a small work of art, it will highlight the chosen room area and provide you with some Insta-worthy background.

tip for choosing the perfect wall art

#8 Art Influenced by Cultural Background

After months of self-isolation, the world has become welcoming once again with traveling turning into a renewed kind of pleasure (if at all possible). If you were lucky to encounter new cultures and explore far-and-away lands, feel free to display mementos of your adventures as part of wall decor for living room 2022. Textured artifacts, souvenirs, and mind-blowing photos that develop associations with people, symbols, colors, and places from various cultures will find their way into your living space making it more personalized and inviting.

top trends for wall decor

#9 Sous le ciel de Paris…

If you’re a fan of traditional wall art or nothing just hooks your attention in the variety of decade-defining styles, the dreamy Parisian theme is the black dress in the world of décor. Matching many furniture designs in modern living rooms, Parisian wall art is always up-to-date while never losing its classy charm. From abstract posters to impressionist prints featuring the city of light, an endless assortment of unique designs will bring subtle personality to any decor. Be it a miniature or large wall art for living room, it helps achieve visual balance in a lively interior space.

wall art for living room

#10 Mirror

Being a secret weapon of pro interior designers, mirrors add space, drama, and style to the living room. Whether you’re a minimalist style addict, an art lover at heart, or a fashionista, hanging a mirror will brighten up the living room in a matter of minutes. Besides, mirrors reflect light, which means even the darkest room will finally get a refreshing vibe. The good news is that experts recommend incorporating mirrors of any size.

 perfect wall art

Those looking for the magic-bullet tip for choosing the perfect wall art and worrying about buzzy trends may eventually find themselves in interior decision paralysis. The way out? Trends in wall décor come and go. Always, always keep the focus on what speaks to your inner self. That’s when a house becomes a home.

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How to Choose Wall Decor for Living Room?

How to Choose Wall Decor for Living Room?

Buying a new place, moving into a new home, renovating your living room, or simply sprucing it up a bit are some of life’s great joys.

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