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What to Gift a Travel Lover

What to Gift a Travel Lover

They know it all.
They’ve seen it all.
They have it all.
Ugh. You know these three main stumbling blocks very well because you trip over them every time you’re on the present hunt for a wanderer in your life. Among the variety of travel-themed presents, anyone can be easily lost, especially when looking for a way to delight the hardest-to-please recipient.
Knowing you’re in trouble, we did the homework to provide the roundup of the top best travel gifts that both adventure geeks and enthusiastic amateurs will be over the moon with.

Top 11 Best Gifts for Friends Who Love to Travel 2022-2023

Since the way to go to the best prezzie for a traveler is through thorns, we know something that never fails in impressing your beloved voyager. So, without further ado, would you please welcome…

travel décor


  1. 3D Wooden World Map

A treat that will last a lifetime? Ta-dah! Enjoy The Wood wall maps make five-star gifts for all ages. They look great in any interior. Children love them. They’re sentimental to bring up memories of past trips and inspiring in their ability to motivate you to pack bags right now.

The trick? A reputed travel décor manufacturer is sure to know some magic, guys. After all, what else can you call luxury woodcrafts at reasonable prices that look like they should cost a fortune?

Wooden City Posters
  1. City Posters
London celebrates creativity. Stockholm lifts the fog that shrouds Viking heritage. Kyiv is the capital of brave people. Trying to decide where to go for your next city break? Not a problem with Wooden City Posters from Enjoy The Wood that makes a house home.

travel wallet
  1. Travel Wallets

Staying organized during a trip is a must for cruising nerds and enthusiastic amateurs. With a travel wallet, your favorite world explorer will have the smoothest experience at the airport. No more rummaging through the bags at the last minute to find the I-definitely-had-it-somewhere passport!

  1. Universal Power Adaptor

Another gift a travel lover would yay at! What a disappointment to book a room at a branded hotel to only realize outlets fail to match your plug points. With a universal power adaptor, your lovely nomad is saved.

  1. First Aid Kits

Health comes first! Whether stuck in the Himalayas or somewhere in the noisy streets of Phnom Penh, every tourist should be prepared for emergencies. Let them know you care! Designed with adventure in mind, the first aid kits are the best gifts for friends traveling to regions with high rates of various diseases.

gifts for friends


  1. Board Games

The road to both – the place filled with the world’s most notable attractions and unremarkable town in the middle of nowhere – might be equally long and boring. That’s when travel board games come in handy!

  1. Pet Backpack

Perhaps, they most frequently travel with a meow buddy. Help them make the next trip the safest for a furry comrade! A secured and crash-tested pet carrier backpack is one of the gifts for travel addicts with eternal love for felines.

  1. Mini Photo Printer

Does the art of photography add the same zest for life as traveling for your beloved traveler? A portable printer will definitely rock any celebration – from Christmas or birthday parties to Thanksgiving and wedding anniversaries. Let them set their favorite shots free from gadgets!

gifts for travel lovers


  1. Travel Journal

Moments come and go, but memories stay. The author might be unknown but the truth is undeniable – you have to keep globetrotting memories alive! A road journal is one of the gifts for travel lovers that like to preserve their unique experiences and get back to them when the weather outside is frightful.

  1. Travel Mug

Stylish, practical, and very I-carish. A thermal (unspillable of course!) mug will help the wanderlust addict stay hydrated, warm up on a cold day, and handle jet lag.

gifts for travel


  1. Safety Socks

A set of compression socks is both a source of comfort and a safety measure. Long flights have nothing to do with comfort, so a pair of these thingies will facilitate blood circulation and save your vocabulary from the ‘vein thrombosis’ word combination. Frequent fliers will be impressed!

How to Decide on a Gift For a Traveler Friend

What to gift a travel lover will depend on how well you know the giftee, the sum of money you’re ready to spend, and their overall experience in wanderings. Yep, experience means a lot! After all, what travelers on the move find useful might be of no use for someone exploring the world from the comfort of one’s sofa.
Do you know where the recipient is about to set off? If possible, find out more about the destination of their choice. This will make the job of gift shopping less challenging and time-consuming. Finally, if you’re planning to travel together, you can pay for a romantic dinner cruise along the River Seine or in the heart of Amsterdam. Not only will you save some bucks for your special someone, but make them feel loved and appreciated. Ensure to take some epic photos!

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