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15 Places to Go on Valentine's Day

places for Valentine's Day

Can you sense that? Love is in the air!
V Day is upon us, and it’s time to get ready to celebrate your love in a way that goes far beyond a box of chocolates and a romantic dinner. Whether it’s a friend, SO, or a family member (or, perhaps, you yourself?) that you’d like to express your emotions to – the places to go on Valentine's Day we picked for you exclusively are sure to take February 14th to the next level.

Places for Couples to Go on Valentine's Day

Posh jewelry, chic flatware, luxe skin-care products – all these seem like win-win gifts that help with setting up an extra romantic atmosphere. But the best V-Day idea that will put a smile on the face of your special someone is to give them time spent together. Correction…time and a lovey-dovey gift.
Ready? You’re about to fall in love with these no-fail activities for couples on Valentine's Day!

romantic atmosphere

#1 Cozy Photostudio

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or what kind of relationship you are in now. It’s always a good idea to capture your feelings and create some sweet memories in the name of love. Besides, having your photos taken together is a unique and bonding experience. Put on your favorite clothes, experiment with make-up and accessories (shoes and jewelry), add boudoir furniture, and voilà! You’re ready to capture moments that will last a lifetime.
If you’re more into at-home photoshoots, our creative team has something to help turn your place into a photo-shoot-worthy home. With wooden maps of the world used as a backdrop, you will tell your unique photo story and beautify your nest with a stylish wooden home décor.

wooden maps of the world

#2 Romantic Getaway with your Sweetheart

Take a day or the whole weekend, if possible, to play tourists. A sentimental getaway is a perfect opportunity to (finally!) leave your comfort zone, visit the special place you've always wanted to see, and simply change the scene. Designed for unplugging, loads of country resorts provide gorgeous surroundings for those planning the perfect date. Open-air tubs for stargazing, mountain biking, and festivals – the options are endless!

#3 Relaxing Yogastudio

Those of you who are tired of noisy restaurants and fancy outfits on St. Valentine’s Day, get ready to practice self-care and self-love. Not only will you fuel up your current relationship, but you will also have a chance to focus and reconnect to someone just as important: yourself.

#4 Bachata Master Class

If your plans for the holiday include a romantic partner, go dancing! Based on multiple pieces of research, dancing is good for both your mental and physical health. The best thing about the bachata class is that it requires no previous skills. A certified coach will make sure to draw up a program based on your skills (or absence of any) to ensure you two feel confident on the dancefloor.

fun activities

#5 Comedy Events

They say laughter is the best medicine. We would say it’s also an amusing past-time that helps zone out and relax in a hectic world for a while. Catch top-draw stand-ups, comedy shows, improv theaters, or any other fun-filled activities to make more room for happy hormones!

Places to Go on Valentine's Day with Friends

Celebrating your BFFs who double your joy and give you a shoulder to cry on is a great way to show that they’re appreciated. Especially if you’re single at the moment, the V-Day spent with your special squad proves the holiday isn't just for lovers. If you wonder, “What are some fun activities to do with friends?” to spread the love even wider, we’ve rounded up some options below.

Escape Rooms

#6 Escape Rooms to Challenge Yourselves

If you have a knack for dealing with mysteries of any kind, welcome to escape rooms! Fun, unique, and absolutely entertaining experience that includes challenging riddles and interactive puzzles. Oh, and the giggles you’ll have in the process…priceless!

#7 Paintball Center

Ready to get your body moving? Playing paintball games is excellent to stay away from the fancy-schmancy hullabaloo of February 14th and do some war. Make your brain work, train eye-hand coordination, and develop tactical strategies to combat your enemies! If you’re looking for adrenaline and bonding experience for the gang, it’s 2 in 1!

breathtaking views

#8 Some Spots for Hiking

 If you’re feeling adventurous yet need to save a few bucks, go outside! Prepare some snacks, hot drinks, and your camera to take a hike to the place with breathtaking views. Not only will you all unwind and feel a sense of get-togetherness, but you’ll have a chance to finally unplug and feel free from the office chains.

#9 Library to Play Board Games

 If you’re in a stay-at-home mood, get in touch with your competitive side and enjoy the board games marathon! Grab dozens of snacks and your favorite drinks (some bubbly would work best!), put on pajamas, and get ready for teamwork. If you feel like going out, check with your local library. They’re sure to host board-game nights.

Kart Racing Center

#10 Kart Racing Center

Hungry for some extreme? Ditch the vision of dressing up in your finest and watching “Titanic” (not again!) on Valentine's Day. Sometimes the best V-Day pastime is the time of uninterrupted madness (in a good way) and…speed! Get in the race car, feel the adrenaline kick in, and enjoy a playful competition.

Places to Go for Singles on Valentine's Day

Still here? Looks like you’re single.
If no one gets into the picture, and you’re not dating yet, it’s called FREEDOM, guys. What should singles do on Valentine’s Day? The world is yours. Level up those feel-good endorphins by getting into your favorite activities. Going to a rage room? Excellent! Learning to make piña colada by taking an online cocktail class? Yummy! Hitting your favorite restaurant with an overpriced menu? Bon appétit! When it comes to singles Valentine's Day is like Hermione Granger’s Mokeskin pouch: there are no limits on this one.
We did some homework to list the most popular me-time V-Day ideas below.

Wine Degustation

 #11 Wine Degustation

Are you a massive fan of wine? Head to the local vineyard and master the well-known art of wine degustation. Wine tastings top the list of holiday activities that let you feel fancy, don’t cost a fortune, and enable you to boost your skills in viniculture. Don’t forget to buy a bottle or two for your loved ones. They’ll be excited to hear about the cinnamon-tasting notes that tend to affluent Italian red.

#12 SPA Resort to Relax

Treat yourself to a SPA. What can be better than luxuriating in the jacuzzi with your favorite magazine or just daydreaming during a Thai massage session? It’s no doubt you’ll see many couples here and there. Well, not everyone gets as lucky as you on this day.

#13 Blind Date

Now, this is tricky. Another adrenaline-filled option for someone who’s single yet feels risky on St. V-Day. Whether you’re looking for a new love story to begin or just being playful and ready to step out of your comfort zone, a blind date is your ticket to Adventureland.

Volunteer Center

#14 Volunteer Center

Love is about giving. As weird as it may sound, focusing on someone else’s needs can change your perspective and even add life energy. You learn what compassion and empathy are through in-person volunteer work like blood donation, serving meals, and feeding shelter animals. Needless to say, you feel grateful for all you have at the end of the day.

#15 Tea Ceremony

Unwind, meditate, and brush up on your tea skills. There’s something mysterious about a tea ceremony! Together with a true tea guru, you’ll be getting into the details and rituals of a tea ceremony. An unusual alternative to partying hard, the performance enables you to relax, meet new people, and who knows, maybe find a new passion in a well-known drink.

Tea Ceremony

Quiz: Which 10 Valentine's Day Facts Are True

Now that you know how exactly you’re going to celebrate V-Day - going all out with a big gang, on a date, or staying in waiting for a cupid – let’s see how well you know the most romantic holiday. Put your knowledge to the test with the fun facts about Valentine's Day below! Your task is to guess which five Valentine's Day facts are true and which are false. Chances are you might find some hot ideas to spice up this beautiful fête.

All you need is love. The Beatles knew the ultimate truth: the to-do list on a St. Valentine’s Day must contain the main ingredient: L-O-V-I-N-G. It doesn’t matter how you spend the holiday. Whether it’s taking your love for a romantic dinner or snuggling on a couch to an old noir love story, maintaining closeness and emotional intimacy are keys to reconnecting and nurturing your love. Going solo? Keep the night upbeat! Spending some quality time with BFFs will keep your social bonds strong and provide you with feelings of love and appreciation.

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