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Setting Goals for the New Year

Setting Goals for the New Year

New Year is upon us. It might feel like the right time for self-reform has come. After all, how many times have you promised yourself to lose those 2 pounds? Or, perhaps, you plan to ring in every other year with the same resolve to learn le français? But suddenly, life happens. Slowly and invisibly, New Year’s resolutions catch dust and pop up again when it’s time to set goals for the new year.

The time for a major change has come, and we’re here with our quick guide.
It’s no doubt, you won’t become the new you overnight. Getting rid of old habits takes time and effort. However, with the vows that we will make together, you’ll have your personal ‘road map’ for navigating life mindfully and effectively.
It’s time to stop making excuses and go for it!

 Forget about making excuses and go for it!


goals for the new year

What Is a New Year's Resolution?

Simply put, it’s a promise. A promise to yourself. A clear measurable goal that one solemnly swears to reach within a particular deadline. Usually intended for helping us live better and more fulfilling lives, New Year’s vows are seen by many as a challenge that makes us move toward whatever we strive for.
So, what is a new year's resolution? It’s choosing objectives or targets you’d like to achieve to ensure you have the best fresh start possible with the year ahead.

How to Get Organized About Setting Goals for the New Year


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OK, how can you ensure that your determination to get off the sofa to do squats in 2023 doesn’t fade away? By creating new habits.
To help you keep nudging yourself in the direction you've chosen, the creative brains of Enjoy The Wood company listed time-tested recommendations. We’re here to help create long-lasting changes, guys!

    • Choose solo New Year goal setting. To make value-driven meaningful resolutions, hear what your inner voice whispers. The latter can be best heard when there’s no one else around.

    colored world map


          • Set the mood. Need some inspiration for good-for-you goals? Cater to the sense of comfort, inspiration, and tranquility. Lighting is the key component with the details like candles, home scents, marshmallow cocoa, and soft luminosity of a colored world map that together transform any room into something snuggly and warm.
                  • Get back in time.What is it that was on your previous resolutions list but eventually failed? Browse your last year’s big dreams but be flexible. It’ll help avoid making the same mistakes.
                  New Year goal setting


                          • Choose the form of resolution making. For an artistic soul, a vision/dream board could be an option. If you prefer more conventional methods, a good old notebook with a pen will do the job. Your goals can be digitized as well. Use online apps for setting goals as well as tracking your progress throughout the year. Whether you are into the law of attraction or make a simple MS Word list with a checkbox, visualization of goals for the new year is guaranteed to help you progress.

                              How to Set Goals for the New Year


                              how to set goals for the new year


                              You'll give yourself a chance to reach the stars if you set doable goals. Oh, meaningful as well. In other words, even if you dream about climbing Everest but work as a barista, think twice before putting that on your list.
                              All the dreamers wondering how to set goals for the new year should take the steps below:

                                  • Classify goals into categories Is it getting married? Or perhaps, you dream big about buying a new car? Put each item into a specific category. For instance, your resolutions might be included in the categories like Self-Care, Career, Traveling, Love Life, Work-Life Balance, Hobbies, etc. To logically structure your plans and dreams for a year, use a printable new year goal-setting worksheet available in a variety of styles online. Perfect for adults and kids.


                                   new year goal setting worksheet


                                      • Keep it simple. Aspiring for great things is good since it gives a strong sense of accomplishment. Unless there’s a well-thought-out plan at hand for conquering Paris haute couture fashion week, starting small is best. Since more than half of all resolutions fail, don’t aim high now. Instead, make tinier new resolutions this year. Whether it’s catching up with a high school friend over a cup of coffee or getting your nails done, simple yet so heartwarming goals will help kickstart the resolutions’ implementation.
                                          • Break your plans into bite-size chunks. Those who think big and choose to kick off the year with one-year goals must build a detailed plan. First of all, it will make things more manageable if one chunks them down into smaller pieces. Not only will it help reduce stress but it will also make it easier to advance toward a larger goal.
                                              • Don’t be a people-pleaser. After all, it takes only one person to build the life of your dreams and/or change it. You.


                                                  Illustrate your goals

                                                  • Illustrate your goals. Once you have visualized your utmost aims in your mind, transfer them to the piece of paper. We’ve already mentioned the NY resolution vision board above. Spend some extra time turning your vows into reality through the power of painting, drawing, scrapbooking, etc.


                                                                  wood panel world map


                                                                  • Keep your eyes on the dream board. If there’s an effective way to make your visualization panel work it’s through displaying it in a visible place. After all, it manifests your biggest dreams and helps you stay motivated to achieve them. Keeping it in the drawer would be a crime. Put this daily reminder of your hopes on a wall in a living room or (even better!) pin it to the wood panel world map. The duo on your wall will constantly motivate you to keep going.


                                                                      New Year's Resolution Ideas

                                                                      good new year's resolutions


                                                                      What do best New Year aspirations look like? Is it saving enough money to finally see the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Or maybe giving fewer hacks about what others say? No, wait. It definitely has something to do with (finally!) creating a cleaning schedule. Anyway, there’s a simple truth: so many dreamers, so many opinions. Whatever is yours, ensure you put yourself first this time.
                                                                      To help you start the list of attainable yet non-trivial new year's resolution ideas, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite vows. Each is quite achievable. Plus, it makes a difference. Just in case you need a little extra piece of advice.


                                                                      new year's resolution ideas


                                                                        • Visit Mikladalur's Kópakonan on the Faroe Islands. Why? First of all, the place is unbelievably beautiful. Second…Seriously, did you see it? Inky fjords, breathtaking mountains, and lush greenery make a perfect combination with the folktales about the seal woman. The place is totally worth a visit throughout the year!


                                                                          Gifts for New Year Day


                                                                            • Master the art of giving. So simple yet unattainable for many people. Think about where you are now and what it is that can be possibly done for others. There’s always someone in need of help. It does not necessarily have to be financial help. Sometimes all we need is a pinch of love, support, and reassurance. Something that can be definitely found in the arsenal of your inner world.


                                                                              new food idea


                                                                                • Just cook it! If you’d love more diverse food, try something new each week. No need to arrange a festive dinner for a bunch of people. Just pick the recipe you’ve never tried before. Now, focus on every stage like chopping, slicing, marinating, eating, etc.
                                                                                  • Rock the stage. Just kidding, guys. It’s the new year new me time of course, but if you don’t feel like you can become the next Jim Morrison, try to start off small. Learning an instrument is one of the number one resolutions given all over the world. Not only does it provide a sense of accomplishment, but it is also a perfect stress reliever.

                                                                                  new year new me


                                                                                    • Sleep more. Now, this is a luxury. If you’ve been thinking about creating a healthier sleep routine for a while, the right time has come. The habits one may need to cultivate to reach sleep goals look different for everyone. But you know what your particular rhythms are, so start from there.
                                                                                      • Join a  theater club. First, participating in a theater group is just wow. Second, it’s an opportunity to get to learn a lot about this exceptional form of art and (let’s be honest) face your fears to combat them proudly in Don Quixote’s outfit.
                                                                                      • Give up smoking. Good new year's resolutions are the ones including healthy changes. Cigarettes do no good to your health, especially when it comes to your lungs and heart. Quit this habit asap. By the way, switching to the vapes instead doesn’t count.
                                                                                      • Step on the path of the art of writing. Maybe you don’t even want writing to become your full-time job. But there’s a plot stuck in your head that you’ve been putting away for later. Writing is an unpredictable form of art, but the key is to start.

                                                                                      make your dream true

                                                                                      Whatever you go for – small or grandiose goals – learn to accept failures first. It’s OK to stumble or even fall. It’s OK to miss a dance class or enjoy a cigarette you promised to stay away from. Don’t self-torture yourself for being a human. Instead, get up, dust yourself off, and get right back on track. Perseverance is the cornerstone of success. Keep trying. Keep calm – the new year is coming!

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                                                                                      Setting Goals for the New Year

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