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The 3D Wooden World Map Light exceeds all expectations!

The 3D Wooden World Map Light exceeds all expectations!

Enjoy the Wood is proud to partner up with Lola Navarro, an interior designer, and content creator. She has founded the Decoestilo12 blog which offers a wealth of resources to those looking for fresh home decor ideas and lifestyle tips. 

She has recently introduced Wooden World Maps into her home decoration projects and had a lot of fun doing that. 

Wooden World Map LightWooden World Map

We have spoken to Lola about her experience, how she used the maps and what she liked most about them.

- Hi Lola, how did you get interested in interior design?

I have worked in furniture and interior design for 8 years, been passionate about interior design since I was a little girl. I enjoyed moving furniture around, haha. Transforming objects to make them more beautiful has always been something I liked doing. 

- Tell us about your blog.

I wanted to share my vision of interior design and different trends with the people, and this is how Decoestilo12 was born. At Decoestilo12 we work with brands that people can trust and get their inspiration from. We are proud to have worked with many renowned brands and promote their products and services.

- What do you like about wooden maps from Enjoy The Wood?

I like to introduce new things on walls, objects that are different from simple paintings. Wooden maps are very decorative and versatile. You have maps with a multitude of finishes, and different shades of wood. They can fit any interior. You can adjust them, for example, to the width of a sofa or the width of a desk. It is a very original and customizable decorative prop, some even have LED lights!

- What type of customers will be interested in a map as a decoration?

The wooden maps are ideal for those with a traveling soul, but really, this product is for anyone who prefers elegant and meaningful wooden decor.

- You had a chance to see all of our products. Which map is your favourite?

My favorite one is undoubtedly the light wood. It integrates very well with the rest of the elements in the room.

This color adapts to all decorative styles, and I find this ideal for youth rooms, such as the ones I showed you in the photos. It is a room of a teenager that I restyled a few months ago. It was just an incredible experience. The outcome has exceeded all expectations. The room has gained amplitude and luminosity. 

Wooden World MapsWooden Map Light

- The youth room sounds like a great project! Could you tell us more about it?

Sure. Pablo's mother contacted me to renovate his room because it had become a bit childish for his age. So the first thing I did was take a look at the furniture and decor objects they wanted to keep because it was of good quality and in good condition. I wanted to decorate in tune with the furniture. The owners re-painted it with white water-based paint. The walls were painted in a bright and warm oatmeal color. So the natural wood wall decoration such as the map in light color was the perfect choice.

- What are important considerations in decorating youth rooms?

The decoration of youth rooms is usually the cause of disputes within families. Teenagers need to feel protected and fully identify with the environment that surrounds them. It is important that they choose what they like and fully participate in the decoration process. Pablo was really looking forward to having his 3D Wooden Map up on the wall. So that was an easy choice for all of us. We also placed a set of Flag push pins next to it, so he could mark his past and future adventures.

- Which rooms are best for wooden maps?

Whether you use the wooden maps in study rooms, offices or youth rooms, success is guaranteed!

Natural color maps have been really popular among both experienced Enjoy The Wood's customers such as Lola and folks new to interior design. They are handmade of high quality birch plywood with beautiful engravings and can be customized and personalized. Lola tried different design options and sizes but found the 3D Wooden World Map Light, size L to be the most fitting for her latest youth project. Indeed, this map completely transforms the room!

And what is there not to like? It is an absolute winner when you are going for a subtle look that is both attractive and timeless. 

Thank you, Lola!

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lola navarro

lola navarro

Gracias, es todo un placer trabajar con empresas que tengan buen servicio, rapidez y atención al cliente personalizada.
Mucho éxito en vuestros proyectos !

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