How to Make a Video with ETW Map?

How to Make a Video with ETW Map?

We live in the Instagrammed world. Whether you like it or not, the power of this photo and the video-sharing app knows no limits. If you’re a business owner looking for brand promotion, Instagram is the right tool to boost brand awareness. Are you in need of a reliable channel to introduce fun learning? Your Insta-account can help you engage more with the target students. Or, perhaps, you’re excited to grow your social media presence by showing bits and pieces of your life in front of the world? Well, you know the answer.

But before you dive into the world of food-cats-fashion content, ensure to take care of the “requisites” to get creative with the classic stuff. The good news – we have something special to set you apart from the ridiculous number of posts.

Excited? Well, without further ado…

Wooden World Map – A Source of Inspiration

Online users of Instagram enjoy quality video content. To create an effective video for Instagram you have to give your target audience something they’re attracted by and will 100% share proudly. In addition to a good camera setting, and playing with symmetry, sharpness, and color, the process of shooting a video includes choosing the right entourage, preferably unique. After all, what sets you apart makes you influential. While professional hunters for beautiful views tend to unanimously say London, LA, Taipei, or Bern are the destinations that receive the most "likes" on social media, a beautifully carved miniature of the world mounted on a wall in a tiny yet cozy bedroom can work magic.

video for Instagram

A wooden world map from Enjoy The Wood is an absolute attention catcher in both real and cyber worlds. Whether it’s your guests looking for a great topic to initiate or you in need of décor to match your vibe, a wooden world map will help you avoid boring conversations and add charm to the entire look of your room. Handcrafted by the creativity gurus, the Enjoy The Wood map matches any kind of interior design – from modern and industrial to transitional and bohemian. In other words, if there is an interior décor that never goes out of trend, you know its brand name.

Along with the real world, the popularity of exclusive map artworks has reached the world's biggest social media platforms like Instagram and KitTok. Besides effortlessly harmonizing and beautifying any interior, map décor can play a key role in intensifying the effect of any video for social networks. Every person who checks your profile and reels first gets the eyes right to the world maps. And if you choose a 3D world map, the uniqueness of your stories will reach its peak as easily as 1,2,3.

How to Make a Professional Video at Home?

Now that you know how to get loads of quick reactions on Instagram with just a stylish and chic décor addition, we’ll walk you through some key tips on how to create hooking Instagram videos and become a must-click. Let’s dive in!

  1. Keep it short. One of the key tricks of how to make a professional video at home is to make content that doesn’t take forever to watch. Before your content goes out, consider the video length for each type - be it Instagram reels (30 seconds), stories (15 seconds), and video posts (1 minute). Crop the video if it doesn’t fit into the above-mentioned timeframes.
  2. Captions are a must. According to PLYmedia, 80% of users are more likely to watch your video until the end if it contains captions. The reality is that loads of people don’t turn the sound on when watching Instagram videos. It happens for different reasons but you have to foresee it and include short and concise captions to your next video.   
  3. Know your target audience to create unique content for. To stand against the crowd of users, you need to come up with unique and aesthetically pleasing content based on the preferences of your target audience.
  4. Use editing tools. Before your video goes out, ensure to polish it up a bit. To add a cohesive aesthetic to your Instagram profile, use the same filter for each video.  There are dozens of editing and filtering apps (Foodie, FaceTune, A Color Story, etc.) to make the content both recognizable and appealing.
  5. Pick a cover photo. The so-called perfect thumbnail represents your video and serves as a hook – something that makes users stop scrolling, captures their attention making them watch the video (or not, if the cover photo is messed up).

Finally, mind the hours of the day that you choose for shooting. If it's an outdoor shooting, go for the so-called blue or golden hour. The time when the sun is about to rise and right after it has set is known as the blue hour. To capture the golden hour, set up your camera one hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset.

 to make a professional video at home

Instagram Reels Tips

If you wonder how to make a video high-quality time-saver like reels will help you flex your imagination and make the concept content. To cut a long story short, making reels videos is performed this way:

  1. Click the Instagram app.
  2. Open the reel camera by tapping the ‘+’ icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Choose Reels at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Follow the steps to create unique footage.

Below, we’re sharing some quick Instagram reel tips and tricks to help you inspire your target audience with your new reels.

  1. Mind the quality. Even if you’re about to tell how you’ve restarted the Large Hadron Collider yourself, your followers will skip your video if the quality sucks. There’s no need to buy an expensive camera, but you should avoid blurring and provide adequate lighting.
  2. Inform or/and entertained. Your task is to keep your content relevant, interesting, and entertaining. Plan. Who is your target audience? What topic would resonate best? Will your reels be cohesive with your current posts and stories? When you know your direction, break down the clips you’re about to make to have a complete set.
  3. Bring your reels to life. Incorporate music, text, transitions, filters, stickers, and other effects to wow your followers.
  4. Find your angles. Sit in front of the red light and try to get comfortable. Make the light work for you and see where you can give the best shot.
  5. Identify today’s trends. Whether it’s challenges, cats, or dances, hopping on current trends is important to make your reels go viral.

Instagram reels tips

Best IG Reels With ETW Map

What can be a better feeling in the world of business than customer appreciation? We’re lucky to have grateful and creative clients who chose us and still do.

We made your day by adding both coziness and creativity to your routine, now you’re making ours with your Instagram videos featuring our maps. “Thank you” warms our hearts. But your videos make us feel important and valued. You guys rock!

TikTok Tips

The TikTok phenomenon is unbelievable. Viewers lose track of time scrolling dozens of videos and craving for more. If you’re about to debut in the world of never-ending content, check some recommendations on how to make a good TikTok video and actually have fun doing it.

  1. Add hashtags. To ensure your content is both organized and discovered, use trending hashtags.
  2. Perfect is boring. When making a video for TikTok, don’t strive for perfection. It’s all about being in the moment and authentic. Less polished and a bit raw video gets massive engagement.
  3. Add great sounds. One of the best TikTok tips for those who want to make a splash on social media is to use well-known tracks in the videos.
  4. Invite TikTokers. Social media is about being social. Collaborate with your “colleagues” to make your videos more engaging and widen their reach.
  5. The snappier/shorter the better. Making videos of the best length (15 seconds up to 10 minutes, based on the type of content) is one of the biggest TikTok tips ever. Gen Z is your key audience (that’s the reality of TikTok) – a very demanding one! Keep your videos short.

Best Tiktok Videos With ETW Map

This. Is. Amazing.

We’re so impressed by your work, our dear TikTokers! It seems like the hottest platform in the social media world is totally tamed by you guys. We loved reading your comments and suggestions. Now we thank you for taking the time to share your TikTok videos with our map woodwork. With that in mind, we have a real push to become better to provide you with more creative products, greater customer service, and better quality with every purchase. 

As you can see, equipped with a bag of ideas, a pinch of creativity, a solid plan, and the right wall art (cough, world map!), you’ll soon know how to make a video that hooks, connects with your audience, and boosts your reach. In simple words, it’s a mix of proper ingredients that make your social media presence stronger. And…that’s it!

Did we succeed to get you in camera mode? If yes, don’t hesitate to share your videos with us!

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Mariana Pinho

Mariana Pinho

O meu Ligth 3D map de Enjoythewood, ficou perfeito na minha sala. Todos os meus amigos ficaram com vontade de ter um☺️

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