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12 Fun Things to Do on Christmas Day with Family

12 Fun Things to Do on Christmas Day with Family

Rocking around the Christmas tree…is fun but not enough.
Jingle bells. Kids rush around the house. Three generations of relatives sit over the festive table and are ready to criticize your carrot pie (the one you’ve spent a lifetime making!). Your cat is about to declare war on the Christmas tree. And the voice in your head goes, “Escape through the back door!”
To keep family togetherness at a festive yet sane level is a tough task. After all, your home is full of random relatives each full of hope for miracles, and expectations, and with a full-scale Christmas mode ON.
That being said, you need to get into the holly jolly spirit now to keep kids from bouncing off the walls once the gifts have been torn open and relatives with diverse viewpoints from situations when tension boils over.
You need a plan.
The good news here is that having a harmonious and particularly joyful family get-together is possible. With fun things to do on Christmas day with family given below, you’ll have a chance to foster up the Christmas spirit and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.
Here we go.

Christmas Activities at Home

As December 25 approaches, the days are getting busier. And no wonder – everyone on your list should get a gift that you'll be proud to give and they'll be warmed with on the coldest evenings. Besides, you’re bound to pull off a spectacular event to keep guests relaxed and engaged as they finish the last piece of dessert. If the mere thought of planning and hosting a Christmas day causes a panic attack, let us inspire you with Christmas activities that are sure to solidify your bond as a family and make holiday memories that will last for years to come.

Christmas family movies

Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

Set the mood for the holiday with Christmas family movies! Little details such as candles sparkling here and there, warm plaids, and some Glühwein will definitely beckon the crowd to curl up on the couch and immerse themselves in the Hollywood story. Whether you’re a fan of black-and-white classics like “It's a Wonderful Life” or something new, the list of Christmas family movies is simply endless. To save you precious time, we’ve picked a list of the most family-friendly movies that are guaranteed to get you feeling festive and, who knows, maybe to turn into an every-year family ritual.


  • “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” (2018). If you like re-envisions of the classy holiday stories, put this one on the list. A mysterious parallel world, Tchaikovsky’s music, the army of mice, and a bit of Tim Burton-esque have become a perfect cocktail for a festive evening.
  • “Holidates” (2020). Tired of being single every Christmas, two characters of the holiday rom-com agree to become each other’s ‘holidates’. To cut it, they’ll be each other’s plus-ones on every holiday until they both find true love…in the most unexpected person.
  • “Klaus” (2019). The Spanish-American animated story will hook guests of all ages with a brand-new idea of the true origin of Santa Claus.
  • “Die Hard” (1988). If you magically got kids busy, and it’s only the adult members of the household gathered for movie time, John McClane (Bruce Willis) will make your day. Ah, time-tested classics!
  • “A Boy Called Christmas” (2021). The big-hearted Hollywood work tells the story of Nikolas. An ordinary young boy sets out on a life-changing adventure in search of his dad. At a well-known village called Elfhelm, Nikolas together with his companions – a pet mouse and a reindeer named Blitzen – the boy proves the impossible is nothing.
  • “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993). Someone would say it’s the right choice for Halloween. But did you see Jack Skellington in the eye-candy Santa outfit?
  • “About Fate” (2022). A story of two strangers looking for love but having zero idea of its real meaning until…on a cold New Year’s Eve, fate brings them together in a chaotic whirlpool of events.
  • “The Grinch” (2000). An annual must-see story about a grumpy green loner planning to ruin Christmas for everyone in the city. Can’t we all relate to the guy at times? A bit of grumpy philosophy for adults included.

    Enjoy The Wood World Maps

    One of the best things about Christmas activities at home is that you have more time (you actually have it!) to get together and talk. Share the news. Walk down memory lane. Plan! And what can be a more powerful unifying factor than planning a family trip? Add more style to your place with the Enjoy The Wood world maps and get a stress-free way to entertain during the holidays. Looking exceptionally good next to a glowing Christmas tree, this décor accessory will become a non-conventional pastime of your yuletide routine.

    Christmas activities at home

    Play. Dance. Repeat.

    What list of family activities on Christmas day would be like without dances and games? Whether you organize a small get-together or a large party, you’ll have to entertain the crowd. And there’s nothing better to liven up your holiday than a good old Alias, Monopoly, or Pictionary.
    Ya, like to move it?  
    Get up and dance! Both party games and dances are a wonderful way to break the ice and get engaged in a fun competition. Browse all-time favorite tracks of the “Just Dance” game. Or, as an alternative, try to learn the 12 days of Christmas dance moves altogether! Can you learn all the moves and keep from laughing? 

    family activities on Christmas day

    Make All-Time-Best Ginger Cookies

    The aromas of cinnamon, gingerbread, chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint are hallmarks of the snowy season. By its very nature, Xmas is a holiday that thrills our senses. The smell, the look, and the taste are the key ingredients of the whole Christmas decoration, flooding us with new emotions and evoking sweet memories of the past.
    When choosing a festive menu, go for the meals that can be made ahead of time. The options are endless but decorated gingerbread cookies are a must-make! Drizzle colorful glaze over cookies to draw a face and buttons for a yummy man, make a little hole in it…et voilà! You’ve got a few more ornaments for your Christmas tree! When it comes to the things to do with kids, Christmas baking definitely tops the list.
    Why is gingerbread associated with Christmas? Well, based on historical facts, some Armenian monks brought gingerbread to the European territory in 992. In the 17th century, it was an integral part of religious ceremonies. At the end of the 17th century, gingerbread became one of the symbols of the Christmas holiday tradition.
    By the way, an old legend says that all the Christmas calories that you consume during the holiday feast do not count.

    decorated gingerbread cookies

    Smile for the Camera!

    You have the best nana on the globe, but the sweater she made for you (and makes you put on every Christmas season!) makes you want to bury your head in the sand. But not this time! Not only will your outfit make the photos of the day so much more fun, but it will also rock your Instagram feed. Just inform your guests about the fun dress code in advance, and get your camera ready for some candid shots. If you feel like you’ve had enough Christmas activities at home, consider a studio photo session with a festive theme for your family.

    Puzzle Up!

    Make the most of all the hard work, time, and effort invested in the home decoration by solving puzzles by the Christmas tree. Even the Scrooge-minded guests will like the Christmas wooden jigsaw puzzles PuzzleUp since they’re a memorable yet fun way to not only fill your heart with Christmas spirit but exercise your brain as well. And why not have a Christmas tree sleepover once the puzzle is done?

    Christmas activities at home

    Christmas Activities Outdoors

    Got a partner, kid, or a family member who doesn’t like the very idea of getting outside on Christmas day? Add the following Christmas activities outdoors to your schedule to make a crisp wintery morning a lot more cheery. You all earned it!

    Go Ice Skating on Christmas

    Put on a scarf and go ice skating on Christmas day. You’re sure to enjoy one of the best family-bonding activities! It’s no doubt that your local rink has something nice to offer for those who overdosed on turkey, pudding, and ginger cookies. While hitting a gym on Christmas day sounds like a curse, burning off those extra calories at a Christmas skating rink is a great combination of the pleasant with the useful.

    Attend a Church Service

    Even if you’re not a particularly religious person, it’s always a good idea to remember the reason for the merry season. After all, if you’re tired of googling “Christmas activities near me,” the local church surely welcomes everyone to share the gospel of God and acknowledge the importance of faith in today’s troubled times.

    Build the Snowman. Or Two. Or More.

    Let’s face it, no Christmas celebration is complete without the army of snowmen in the backyard. When you need to decompress from the holiday fuss, and the thoughts like, “Holy rose punch, I need more kids’ Christmas activities near me!” took you nowhere, it’s time for the snow art!

    Christmas activities outdoors

    Go Caroling

    Most people are tired of all the Christmas tunes by now. If you’re one step away from putting on Marilyn Manson’s record, take your home gang and go caroling. Perfect plan when a sudden crisis about how to spend time on Christmas day with children kicks in.

    Check out the Main Christmas Tree

    The let-it-snow season is so sparkling, merry, and bright…Yet, we get so busy with all the to-do, to-buy, and to-cook lists that we hardly have time to admire the winter wonderland beauty. After the feverish present-opening rush has faded away, make sure to tour the area you live in to enjoy holiday store window displays. Another heart-warming activity to create meaningful memories with your family and friends, as well as keep everyone entertained.

    Enjoy Sledding Fun!

    The ho-ho-ho season is upon us. Time to look through and edit the holiday planning list for all the essentials. Something green? Check. Something glowing? Check. Something delicious? Check. Something traumatic? Just kidding. Sledding is one of the finest Christmas activities outdoors and a wonderful way to enjoy the winter season, especially if you’re lucky to live in a snowy area. However, ensure to take appropriate safety precautions to have a fun and injury-free day.

    how to spend time on Christmas day with children

    Now that you have your decorations picked out, your party is planned, invitations sent, and your star-bright outfit is chosen…have some rest! While the holidays are supposed to be the time to relax and reload, most of us rush through the Xmas time with the speed of light. Put all the to-do’s on hold and doze off. You will thank yourself later.

    Merry Christmas!

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