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What to Gift a Travel Blogger

What to Gift a Travel Blogger

Picking a gift for a travel blogger is challenging work. It literally means looking for something special for the been-there-and-seen-it-all type. And unless you have a round-trip ticket to the Faroe Islands or Cambodia to gift, you need to do some serious thinking. But don’t fret. Before frustration kicks in, check out the best travel gifts for b(v)loggers we’ve listed below, and you’re sure to please that wanderlust soul.
OK, no more blah blah. Let’s dive in!

12 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2023

Whether on a hunt for the best gifts for travelers that spend 24/7/365 away from home or someone, who travels occasionally but writes about their experiences on an online blog, you’ll find something useful in this quick guide.

#1 Wooden World Maps

If nothing else, an elegant and vibrant world map from Enjoy The Wood adds ambiance, comfort, as well as style to any interior. Rather than just looking like a geographical tool, it is an artwork that brings your room to life. Handcrafted from earth-friendly wood, the map from a Ukrainian brand says much about a giftee, emphasizing their passion for traveling and documenting every other trip. It can be personalized by adding photos of your visited places. Got some pics from your joint trip? Push-pin them to the map to record shared memories!


best gifts for travelers

#2 Posters

The best thing about Enjoy The Wood wooden posters is that they fulfill the crucial purpose in your place – memory and inspiration. Is there a particular city that you left your heart in? The Poster City Map will beautify any interior, telling some remarkable stories of your life. That keen world explorer you gift it to will appreciate this meaningful little something reminiscent of past trips.

city posters

#3 An Instant Camera

What to gift a travel blogger who documents every bit of their travels? Photographers from the so-called ‘instant gratification’ camp will appreciate this cute instant camera. With photos immediately printed out, precious moments will be easily captured! Go for gadgets like Fujifilm Instax SQ1 with extra options, such as auto exposure and one-touch selfie mode.

#4 A Power Bank

What a bummer to be eager to take photos at Piazza del Colosseo and hear the battery signaling, “Nah, no way!” Ensure your favorite traveler has a quick charge wherever they wind up – get a high-speed portable charger. These items are usually compact and lightweight enough to fit any travel back.

#5 The Air Pods Pro

If there’s a crying infant among co-passengers, nixing ambient noise while diving into some good book is possible with these iconic Apple AirPods Pro. Do you prefer some ambient sounds? Pick the so-called transparency mode, and you won’t miss your favorite chickpea salad or espresso next time the flight attendant comes around.

best travel gifts


#6 An Airbnb Gift Card

As an alternative to typical hotels, Airbnb offers some unique places for travelers. Browse Amazon for a gift Airbnb card and let your unique wanderer pick the most suitable destination (they'll save some bucks!) for the next trip. Choose the denomination from $25 to $500 based on your current budget. It's gotta be cozy!

#7 A Subscription to Babbel

Traveling to faraway kingdoms is always an adventure and…a challenge. If possible, you should learn some bits of a foreign language before you set off. Available for PC, macOS, and iOS, the Babbel app will surely get even shy beginners in a new language in a couple of weeks. Babbel's languages include Polish, French, Indonesian, German, Spanish, etc. If an adventurous soul you seek a gift for struggles with language barriers, help them out. With a Babbel subscription, they will get conversational sooner than you know!

#8 She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

As for solo woman travelers, safety is a must. While traveling is usually associated with positive emotions, no one is safe from getting into difficult situations. With a simple personal safety alarm, even a serial traveler will feel safer while making the most of Phuket nightlife or walking around the streets of Rio.

#9 External Hard Drive

For those who blog about every other voyage, using gadgets is their thing, especially if they do loads of photos, videos, screenshots, presentations, etc. As their blog ranks higher, so do files. Make sure they don’t feel limited! There are loads of choices on the market for external hard drives. Most offer storage space levels of 2TB. Ensure whatever you purchase is secure, reliable, fast, as well as compatible with their PC system.

#10 Tripod/Remote

One of the best gift ideas for travelers who usually go solo. Having no operator means they take care of all photos and videos themselves. The good news is that there’s a magic wand called a Bluetooth remote. Once they need to be in front of the camera, they can manage the process without running from and to the perfect spot.

ideas for travel lovers

#11 Blogging Courses and Books

Regarding knowledge, only the sky is the limit. Bloggers never stop learning! You can ease the process by paying for an online course covering all aspects they want to master. One of the particularly tremendous ideas for travel lovers who are just starting out their blogging career.

#12 Photo Editing Software

Blogging and editing go hand-in-hand. After all, cameras don’t always do what we want them to do. That’s when editing tools come in handy. There are dozens of editing apps and programs that not every blogger can afford. That kind of gift might just make their day so much better.

Best Travel Gifts Between 50$ and 200$

So OK, let's talk about money. Nothing can be worse than packing for your next trip only to realize you forgot something small yet so important. Below, we listed some items most travelers usually overlook. Luckily, they’ve got you – someone who pops up with small essentials travelers absolutely must pack for every next trip.

Good Gifts for Travelers Under 50$

Yes, buying something under $50 is not just wishful thinking. Here’s why:

  • National Parks posters. Travel décor is always a good idea when you need to please some keen tourists.
  • Uber gift card. Whether it’s the road to the hostel or railway station, even the shortest journey like that available for free will be appreciated.
  • Silk sleeping mask. Waking up after a night on a train with panda eyes is so typical for most holidaymakers. However, waking up with skin irritation is no good. A silk sleeping mask will do the magic.
  • Digital luggage scale. One of the things travelers shouldn’t leave home without. If someone you know has an over-packing problem, you know what to do.
  • Pet travel bag. Sometimes those fluffy comrades are the best companions for a trip. Make it comfortable!

      gift for a travel blogger

      Good Gifts for Travelers Under 100$

      These gifts for under $100 will gladden your favorite adventure blogger no matter where they end up.

        • 3D wooden world maps. There are lovely pocket-friendly options out there! Not only will top-notch woodwork add life to empty walls, but it’ll also serve as a perfect welcome-back-from-vacation message.
          • Backpack. Now, write down: loads of pockets, cushions on the back, and lightweight. Something a sightseer would appreciate during long hikes.
          • Drone. Before investing in something that costs all the money in the world, they would like the idea of testing something more affordable. Provide them with this great opportunity!  
          • Phone grip and stand. Frequent flyers will be pleased with this easy-to-use item for birthdays, Christmas, or other occasions. Grips and stands are usually available in various colors and styles to satisfy all tastes.
          • Compass necklace. Add a bit of vintage charm to their look! With a compass necklace, a real wanderlust blogger will feel inspired to muster up the courage for new journeys. Oh, and it looks terrific in selfies, ladies!

          gift for a travel blogger

          Good Gifts for Travelers Under 200$

          With $200, the assortment of potential travel-themed gifts widens. You’ve got more options to make any journey more convenient and enjoyable to put a smile on the face of a globe-trotter of your life.

          • 3D colored wooden maps. Go for huge ones; that is our advice to you. Looking extravagantly elegant in all existing interiors, wooden maps are earth-friendly and let’s face it, they never go out of style!
          • Priority airport pass (standard). Something that wows frequent tourists! Priority Pass provides VIP access to lounge zones in airports worldwide. A bit of comfort that we all usually lack while far from home.
          • Annual Canva subscription. Bloggers love Canva! It’s easy to use and helps when you need some graphics done.
          • Suitcase. Your jet-setting special someone always needs one, right? A small carry-on will remind them of your wherever life takes them.
          • RayBan sunglasses. Help them do some Instagram-worthy photos by adding style to their look. A pair of those will also save your favorite travel blogger on a sunny day somewhere in Lisbon.

          best travel gifts


          Whether it’s a full-time outdoors person or someone just about to hit the road, getting the right gift is an art. So many things to juggle, after all! Tastes, prior experiences, hobbies, preferences, plans, dreams…ugh, that’s just too much. Luckily, there’s the right thing out there for every giftee. You just have to find it. With a bit of investment of time, effort, and…well, money, you’re sure to please even the pickiest jetsetter of all times.

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