New Year Gift Ideas

New Year Gift Ideas

Giving and receiving gifts on New Year’s Eve is one of the final joys of the snowy season. The festivities are almost gone, but you would like to have fun for the last time. The ideal present should be unique and meaningful, sentimental yet practical, and of course, match the whole character and nature of your giftee.

The tough part?

By this moment, most of us are as poor as church mice after the Christmas shopping sprint. Santa’s bag is empty as well. But let’s face it, some people are just too special. And it would be a crime to cap off the most wonderful time of the year without giving thoughtful New Year gifts for your loved ones.

It just needs a bit of planning though. But we’re here to guide you through this penniless yet jolly time.

New Year Gifts for Friends

You know who your favorite people are. When surfing for New Year gift ideas, think about each member of the gang – their passions, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and secret wishes. Chances are they will already have your Christmas Eve present. That is why preparing for a New Year gift exchange should be easier. After all, their wish lists are still at hand with loads of ideas still not checked off. Let go of yesterday. Kickstart the new chapter for your friends on a positive note with the prezzies kindly browsed and listed by the creative minds of Enjoy The Wood company.

#1 Wooden Wall Decor

If possible, give something that has a special message conveyed by the present and remains memorable for years to come. A wooden wall decor could be an option. Is your buddy a traveler with vast experience? A 2d world map will become the personal touch that transforms the house into a home and makes the comebacks from far-and-away lands more heartwarming. No need to say a stylish piece of décor showcases the home’s unique ambiance and the personality of its owners living their lives to the absolute fullest.


wooden wall decor

#2 Holiday Gift Baskets

The perfect New Year gifts for friends? The ones they asked for or…the ones you handmade. Take your time to analyze and turn on some of your creativity and rampant imagination (there should be some left after Christmas) and make holiday gift baskets. If you’re stumped for ideas of what to put in one, go for something your friends find delicious. Our picks range from chocolate sweets and caramel-drizzled pretzels to sets of wine, cheese, and meat. Perhaps, there was someone with a resolution to join a health club, lose weight, and keep it off. They will rave about the basket full of holiday-themed fruits, gluten, and sugar-free stuff.


New Year gifts for friends

#3 Personalized Photos

For friends who like to tease their brains, but then look for something personal in each gift, custom wooden jigsaw puzzles could be an answer. Upload their favorite photo to create a personalized puzzle that everyone at the party will love. Or, add a bit of fun by using personalized photos they didn’t know you made during the last New Year party. After all, a good fight laugh is the main ingredient of any celebration.


personalized photos

#4 Comfort Gifts

As the winter weather sets in, you can add some coziness to the New Years' Eve ideas set. Whether shopping for a tech geek or a fashionista at heart, comfort gifts are something everyone loves, no matter the holiday. From oh-so-soft pajamas and plush slippers to the warmest heating blankets and luxurious plaids made of the Faroe Island sheep's lanolin-containing wool – you know better what can turn their place into a hygge haven. Oh, don’t forget to add a couple of decorative accents, such as candles or candlestick holders to have a perfect finishing touch to your special purchase.


comfort gifts

#5 Thermal Underwear

If you’re genuinely struggling to think of special ways to wish someone a happy new year, here’s a simple trick to show you care without getting broke. Thermal underwear. The weather outside is frightful but having a pair of one is so delightful! Seriously, when the temperature drops below freezing, and you’re on your hunt for extra special gifts, this option shouldn’t be overlooked. Every time they’ll be reveling in head-to-toe warmth on a cold winter day, guess who they’ll be thinking of? You.


Thermal underwear

Unique New Year Gift Ideas for Her

Congrats! You’ve reached the hardest part of festive gift-giving. Why does finding a heart-winning prezzie for your ladylove turn into some sort of survival test? Mainly because it should not only make your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend happy but also serve as the so-called symbol of love and togetherness. We've done the legwork to compile a list of non-cliché presents that are full of holiday cheer and will certainly up the romance.

#1 3d Wood Wall Décor

Who says New Year gifts are only about red roses and endless boxes of chocolate? Never let yourself become predictable! Especially during the magic holly jolly season. Instead, get an added layer of warmth to her home, office, or any other special place. How? Luckily, there’s practically a limitless variety of 3d wood wall decor options. For example, you might consider such pieces as 3d wood lake maps that will make her wow and really compliment any room.


3d wood wall decor

#2 Custom Travel Planner

For that truly adventurous feel, only a few gifts can be better than a custom travel planner. It’s not a secret that frequent travelers have a lot to keep in mind. But you’re here to help them unload their busy minds and put all the just-in-case things into a stylish planner. Not only will it become a perfect last-minute buy to show obvious thoughtfulness, but it will also stimulate you two to plan your next duet trip.


custom travel planner

#3 Certificate for Art Classes

Modern life is about being busier than the busiest. All the work demands seem to never end, and you just have to be ready for unexpected turns on the road. Help her put all to-do’s on hold and nurture her creative side. Fitting in an art class can be a tough task due to the hectic schedule, but the impossible is nothing. A simple certificate for art classes will become a sort of invitation letter. Invitation to take some me-time and combat stress. Whether you go for the ceramic, metalsmithing, or acrylic painting workshop, it’ll become the perfect remedy for recharging. Or, perhaps, someone will finally re-awaken the old hobby, who knows?


certificate for art classes

Small New Years Gift Ideas for Him

Buying New Year's Eve gifts for him can be a tricky business. Girls, do you ever feel like you exert every effort to come up with the finest present and…oops. You still fail. It’s no doubt that most loved ones – dads, husbands, brothers, cousins, and boyfriends – will appreciate your effort no matter what you put a Christmas ribbon on. However, let’s be honest, we all want to really surprise and impress the special giftee of our life. At Enjoy The Wood, we know your struggles, and…help is near! Below, to be exact. We picked out top small New Years' gift ideas to ensure you get him something nice without going off the rails.

#1 Men's Cologne

Whether he’s the person that overpowers everyone with their scent when entering the room or, perhaps, he uses perfume on special occasions only, eau de cologne would make a great gift. From notes of citrus to the scents of lavender and labdanum, men's cologne is a must-have for the let-it-snow season (or any season). But be careful here. There are zillions of different combinations. Before you grab something, find out what the sensory preferences of your S.O. are. That’s part of the fun of trying to secretly sneak into their self-care products storage to see what they prefer.


small New Years' gift ideas

#2 Men's Backpack

For a special man who loves traveling, prefers sporty style, or gets stuck in the middle of nowhere during hitchhiking adventures, a durable and water-resistant backpack will be a real find. The best thing about a men's backpack is that it comes in handy both while traveling and on a daily basis. When choosing the right bag for your loved ones, be ready to deal with loads of models and brands with varying prices, durability degrees, and try-on options. Again, as you browse unique New Year gift ideas, ensure you’re aware of the recipient’s preferences.


men's cologne

#3 Wooden Beard Comb

They say that having a beard comb at hand during the first 3 months of beard growth is a must. One should style, comb, and simply make sure that the overall look of the beard is as flawless as it can be. Wrapped in a simple, yet sophisticated festive box, a wooden beard comb is something a bearded man of your life will appreciate.


wooden beard comb

One of the most scientifically proven tips on how to pick New Year gifts is that you shouldn’t make on-the-spot decisions. Browse the above-mentioned ideas, plan, or (at the very least) ask your special someone what is on their wish list. Whatever it is that you put in the shopping cart, think about the giftee and how surprised they’re going to be with what you’ve prepared. And even if you don’t hit the mark, at least, you will have something to remember and laugh at through years to come.

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New Year Gift Ideas

New Year Gift Ideas

Giving and receiving gifts on New Year’s Eve is one of the final joys of the snowy season. The festivities are almost gone, but you would like to have fun for the last time. The ideal present shoul...

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