The rise of Enjoy The Wood: From ashes to new life

The rise of Enjoy The Wood: From ashes to new life

We are Enjoy The Wood, Ukrainian creators of Wooden World Maps. Since 2014, we have been creating inspiring and meaningful products for people's homes, offices and lives. We had beautiful offices and manufacturing facilities in Irpin, Bucha and Borodyanka, lovely green towns not far from Kyiv. Now that Russia has led a brutal assault on Ukraine for 3 months in a row, all three of these towns as well as many other Ukrainian cities and small villages have been ruined. Infrastructure destroyed. Death and misery descended upon us. Many team members were able to move away and became internally displaced or refugees in other countries. Some stayed behind. Their fate is unknown. 

However, our spirit remains unbroken. We are not gonna give up. From the first days of the war, our founder Igor Fostenko has been leading war relief efforts in Irpin where he and his family of 5 used to live. He bought an armored vehicle and donated it to the city, he also bought armored vests for the defenders and supplies for the residents in need. As a company, we have been fundraising and supporting each other and our families. We have not stopped working for one day.

Enjoy The Wood has just completed another successful Kickstarter campaign, the 7th in our short history, and raised over 160,000 USD to resume production. To ensure that we have a future. To bring jobs back. To support the economy of Ukraine. Thank you to over 1,000 backers who believed in us. We will restart, rebuild and renew everything that has been taken away. Don't doubt that for one moment. Do you know our superpower? We’re Ukrainians! 🇺🇦

We work hard to accomplish our goals, we believe in the strength of our country and our team. And so, despite the raging war in the country, we are launching a new product:

3D World Map Wall Art Ukrainian Edition - Stand with Ukraine, the miracle Map. Like the phoenix, Enjoy The Wood is rising from the ashes, building new offices and manufacturing facilities, and with a new amazing Map to join the stock soon. Imagine that!

The team has been meeting regularly in the new office space in Uzhgorod, Western Ukraine. All equipment has been delivered and production is going full speed ahead.

A portion of all sales we make and hope to make goes to support Ukrainian Armed Forces and the people in the besieged towns.

Support Ukraine and choose Enjoy The Wood!


EnjoyTheWood Team and Regina Lyahovetskaya


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rachael watkins

rachael watkins

I currently have 1 of your masterpieces in different shades of
Of grey, are you still doing these, as I, moving house & want a new one



We love our world map in our kitchen/dining room. Every guest makes a compliment. Two of them have already ordered and had their own maps 🙂

I am very glad to hear that Enjoy the wood is back and running again. I wish you all the best!

Laura Harries

Laura Harries

So glad you are up and running again. I love my map and everyday I get at least one compliment as it’s behind me on video calls for work. I will send everyone your way. Stay safe.

Anthony J Hopkins

Anthony J Hopkins

We love our world map, it is the main feature and talking point of our living room. Everyone who visits loves it as much as we do. We are so proud to tell them all about Enjoy the Wood, you are truly inspirational in the way you have rebuild from the russian aggression against The Ukrainian nation.

We will be adding another world map to our home. We will stand with you!



I love my map. Pride of place in our kitchen / dinning room. Pure quality.
All the best for the future.

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