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Black Friday Photoshoot in Enjoy The Wood

Black Friday Photoshoot in Enjoy The Wood

Life gets you tested at times.
First, it was Covid-19. Planning a photoshoot in the pandemic reality was a challenge that we faced and were brave (and creative!) enough to handle. Now the game of life took us to the next level – face-to-face with the task to arrange photoshoots during war-torn times.
Breathe in, breathe out.
We’ve made it!
Previously, we’ve already told you how virtuously we managed to deliver wholesale orders during the full-scale invasion. Similarly, we’ve overcome all the barriers to an in-vogue Black Friday photoshoot.

Planning a Photo & Videoshoot

This time, we chose to incorporate creative photoshoot ideas in the process. Brainstorming with the members of the content department gave us an idea for a perfect brand video shoot – The Great Theft! According to the scenario, Maryna and Ihor devised an evil plan to steal all the maps in the store to get perfect gifts for people they know. What they were shocked about was that when they sneaked into the store, there were no maps! Why? It’s Black Friday, guys, and the prices are just wow!

It took us a couple of days to organize the photo shoot setup. With a photoshoot preparation checklist at hand, we started with the scenario. The latter was approved only on the second try (you know what they say about opinions, right?). The good news is that our own photo studio works perfectly well to plan and do a quality photoshoot.   
The fun started in the process of work.
We decided to conduct most of the photo shoots in one of the local shopping malls. A little clarification here, guys. In the event of an air raid warning, the shopping malls get closed while all visitors and staff must leave the buildings. Maryna Fostenko recalls those days with mixed feelings, “See, nobody knows how to set up a photo shoot in wartime. The air alert went on two times while we were busy in a creative process. And every time we were told to leave asap. And then…Well, then you just wait outside for hours until the alert goes off. And it’s wintertime! Thank God, we managed to do all the shoots despite the war alarms, hunger, and getting cold.”



Then came the other challenge – photoshoot looks. The owners of Enjoy The Wood company needed something that would make them harder to spot and not stand out from the crowd. Invisibility, suspiciousness, and mystery were the key ingredients of the theft ‘meal’.
Danylo Kinzera, the videographer, shares some of the memories of the day, he said some interesting things:

“I browsed some great photoshoot outfit ideas and sent them to Maryna and Ihor. They found the clothes in their closet that worked best. Karyna, the photographer, brought berets. Then someone appeared with a hat. In other words, with all the photoshoot clothes bit-by-bit brought together, we managed to create the images worth attention.”
No one was left unsatisfied by our work! All the clients, social media followers, and the reps of our team were impressed by the creativity and talent of everyone engaged in a photo shoot.
It was a brand new experience that you can’t gain anywhere else. Nobody is ready to work under the conditions of war. Needless to say that you don’t think about how to prepare for a photoshoot when your county is under constant missile attack. But…we do! We adapt to the new reality and do what’s possible (sometimes even more!) for the future of our people, our brave defenders, and our Ukraine.
Let us know what you think about the Black Friday video and the image of Maryna and Ihor. Your comments are very welcome!  

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