Wooden World Maps Enjoy the Wood: Diversify Your Interior

Wooden World Maps Enjoy the Wood: Diversify Your Interior

 When it comes to timeless interior ideas, wood has been the number one choice through the ages. After all, no other material for furniture or wall decor is as adaptable and pleasing to the eye while making the historical and rustic, contemporary and modern home look and feel like…home. With its delicate yet durable nature, wood is the perfect complement to a nursery, living room, or workplace that you’re tired of and dream to renovate.

3 Reasons Why Wood Decor Perfectly Suits Your Interior

If you’re on the lookout for space design ideas, consider incorporating wood accessories into your interior.  Whether you don’t have the budget to work with a pro designer or simply enjoy making your home aesthetically appealing yourself, Enjoy The Wood has something to help you in the process. When you have all the essentials in place, it’s time to add some accessories. Chances are your room already has some elements of wooden furniture. What about using it on walls? Here’s why. 

3d wooden map

Map Decor Creates a Feeling of Unity with Nature  

Compared to most decor items, home interior wall decor crafted of wood is environmentally friendly and less harmful to the users. Putting the wood map on your wall will give you a strong feeling that a little piece of the outdoors is always there.

The natural look of every 3d wooden map gives people a feeling of being close to nature, less stressed, relaxed, and somehow safe. Those who spend more time indoors will appreciate this feature.

Travel Decor Inspires to Plan New Trips

Always at the heart of the home interior of a geeky traveler, Enjoy The Wood map stands out with its aesthetical design, textures, attention-to-details quality, and intense yet eye-friendly colors.


3d wooden map

Not only will you boost your knowledge of geography, but you’ll get inspired to set off on a new journey! Perhaps you know someone embarking on adventures at the moment? The beautiful color palettes of this travel decor make following the journey of your loved ones more exciting while wondering yourself, “Where should I go next?”

Home Interior Wall Decor Adds a Lot of Coziness  

We know that interior design is more art than science. That is why our wooden world map will both beautify and personalize the space without the need to renovate it. Whether it’s a modern high-rise apartment, a 10-bedroom manor, or a cave, the need for a place to feel safe and cozy is a part of being human. A handcrafted world map on wood panel will create a feel-good spot and add coziness vibes to your home.

There’s a good chance that you will find something that speaks to you while browsing our wood décor ideas. Let's get started.

5 Travel Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

Every home will stand out with a 3d colored wooden world map! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what kind of changes we need to make. That is why we’ve updated the classic maps to provide a new generation of designers, travelers, or simply aestheticians and dreamers with a feast for their eyes.

3D Wooden Map in Dining Room

3d wooden map

Our wooden world map wall decor is an absolute attention grabber. Tired of the boring conversations at the dinner table? A world map decor out there will turn into a great topic to initiate, especially if there are travel enthusiasts sharing meals together. After all, even coffee tastes better when you share fun memories made during travel adventures with your loved ones.

Wood Map in Bedroom

Map on the Board

The simple look of your bedroom might seem to be dull without a colorful and elegantly framed world map. Browsing travel wall decor ideas is the key to transforming your space into a retreat. Balance warm interior design with a stylish wall feature in energetic hues. Of course, you can leave your walls bare or hang some artwork, but if your space is in need of a bit more travel personality (that you actually are!), a wooden world map is worth a try.

3D Wooden Map in Living Room

3D wooden world map Terra

The focal point of the living room is one of the best areas to put a 3D Wooden World Map. Every person walking into the room will first get their eyes over the vibrant alternative to the globe! You can easily hang some pop art by Andy Warhol, but why not have some fun with an authentic wood map for a unique look? The world illustration doesn’t just fascinate but is a stunning conversation starter that is sure to get your guests talking. However, it’s not just for show! Create a moody vibe by putting a map above the coach to have a cozy reading nook. Curl up. Coffee poured. Perfect.

World Map on Wood Panel in Study Room

triptych world map

Whether it’s a single panel or a triptych, this wood wall map with perfectly proportioned countries will have a practical purpose. Those who are scientifically minded will leave their hearts in a wooden colored panel world available on the shelf. This wall piece will inspire one to think while checking exactly which country is next to which, and the names of the capitals. If you seek ways to improve your score on a college geography quiz, adorn your study room with an attractive world map. You will thank yourself later. 

3D Colored Wooden World Map in Children's Room

colored world map

The world map wall decor takes learning to a whole new level. Eco-friendly, educational, and fun, it makes a perfect geography guide and travel wall decor for the kid’s room.

Get your little champ curious about the world we live in and motivated to know more with the bright 3D maps. Don’t forget to point out the locations you’ve already explored with push pins! Some stylish flags will make educational games more fun. Do they know where Sweden is? How many states can they count in the USA?    

3 Iron-Clad Arguments to Choose Wooden World Maps Enjoy the Wood

It’s no doubt that most of us when furnishing our homes want living spaces that are stylish, cozy, and far from the plastic world. The trick? Placing a world wood map where you need additional style and a peculiar zest. The good news is that Enjoy The Wood wall decor reigns supreme, and here are reasons why nothing can beat it:

Premium Quality of Wood and Lifetime Warranty

The quality of wooden world maps is incredibly durable. Needless to say, every product is designed to last for generations. Your purchase will withstand the test of time and require only minimal maintenance (not anytime soon!). 

Thousands of Happy Customers

The superior reputation of out-of-the-ordinary maps speaks for itself. Customer reviews provide social proof that the company is both trustworthy and reliable. Every customer is welcome to browse glowing recommendations when deciding to make a purchase. The testimonials available online prove that others have had a positive experience with the company’s customer care department and products.

Fast Delivery with No Problems

Your comfort is the company’s priority. You can rest assured that your requirements will be met and your questions answered to help you in picking the finest quality wall decor that suits your style. The items are shipped within the specified deadline. In other words, on-time delivery that is scheduled in advance enables the company clients to order world maps by a specific date.

So, why not check out a vast array of world maps to make your contemporary home feel warm and look fantastic? Or, perhaps, you’ve already intensified the beauty standards of your home with wooden products from Enjoy The Wood? Show us the space you love! 

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