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Wall Decor 2022

Ah, home, sweet home. What is it? Just a roof over our heads or a safe retreat where we recharge and wash away the hardships of the day?

Opinions differ but the ultimate truth remains the same – home is where we seek vibrancy and energy. There’s no doubt that to maintain both, it is important to find ways to create an atmosphere that generates harmony and efficiency.

Mini steps as simple as putting minimalistic mirror wall decor or switching to warm-toned LED lights will give a bedroom, living room, or any other place a cozier feel.

Besides making a space look inviting and comfortable, these simple moves will provide more happy energy that is bliss, especially when it’s time to get through the gray months.

Wondering how to create cozy living vibes for yourself and your loved ones? Just keep reading!

Use Wall Decorations to Create Coziness at Your Home

The reality is that decor is much more than just choosing the right colors and fabrics to use here and there. Gone are the days when décor was just a means to express your pompous taste. Today, decorating your place is about transforming your life in a certain environment, improving the overall quality of life, and setting the tone for the whole home.

Adding a human touch to reveal your character and personality can be done with some nice décor elements that, in turn, impact our ability to fully enjoy a space.

wall decor

Taking into account the power of color, a pair of warm blue or yellow wall decor items will promote relaxation and stimulate your memory respectively. Your personal color therapy is just within arm’s reach!

7 Best Wall Decor Ideas to Decorate Your House

There are loads of things that can make your home feel cozy, inviting, and lived-in. If you’ve just become a happy owner of a new home, doing some decorating to showcase your hobbies, or just want to find ways to switch your place up for a change, our unique wall decor will offer visual comfort and make your room a relaxing space for anyone to enjoy after a hectic day at work.

Below are some of the best tried-and-tested wall decor ideas that help create a compelling space that you enjoy calling home.

1. Wooden World Map

Maps are great to have as wall decorations in your home. Are you a passionate traveler looking for the next destination to get out and satisfy your wanderlust? Or, perhaps, you’ve already traveled a lot and want all of your adventures to be displayed? On the other hand, you may be trying to get a better understanding of the world’s news overflow or boost your geography skills outside a boring classroom. Whatever the reason, our wooden world map comes in handy. It is not only a fantastic wooden art decor to accentuate the walls in your home, but absolutely an attention catcher providing you different purposes.

3d wooden world map

2. Wood Posters Enjoy The Wood

The very silhouette of our city posters makes for a beautiful accessory. But when mounted in the living room, it also becomes a perfect conversation starter (no more bored guests or silly how’s-the-weather conversations!).

Whether it’s the place where you got proposed to, spent your honeymoon, or where your mom was born, our city posters will serve well for those looking for ways to both visualize and capture the heart-warming moments. Needless to say, our wood posters match any interior – from bohemian and rustic to transitional, minimalist, and modern.

wooden posters

The pop of  National Parks Posters added to an interior makes even the dullest office come to life. After all, designers tend to recommend bringing in elements of nature. And who said the wooden art for wall can’t become an alternative to flowering branches (it’s all fun and games until you find out you’re allergic)? Traveling within the mind becomes possible as you admire the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, or Mammoth Cave handcrafted and beautified with eco-friendly materials. The good news is that our posters require nothing but a wall and you feel good about the space you live in. 

3. Regional World Map Enjoy The Wood

If you keep on dwelling on your tours in German breweries or trying culinary delights (1,000 calories each) at Christmas Weihnachtsmärkte, why not get a piece of Sauerkraut land in your place? You’re welcome to add some charm of the far-and-away land, color, and character to a space with our  regional world map ! If you’re not comfortable hanging a huge world map in your home, we have decorative wall hangings of smaller sizes to bring some character and coziness into the home. The collection comprises marvelous 3D regional maps of Europe, Canada, the US, and other regions. If the meal of choice seems to be too tough, order a collage comprising the maps of Canada, Europe, and the United States to track your past adventures and plan your future trips.

3d usa map

4. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles from PuzzleU

Created in the 18th century, jigsaw puzzles have turned into one of the best ways to reset from a busy day. In addition to increasing your IQ level, sparking your imagination, and keeping you entertained (and kids off the screen!) for hours, wooden jigsaw puzzles have turned into a decorative trend as well.

To give practical use to the game loved by millions of puzzle nerds, all you have to do is to glue and hang it on the wall. Made from sustainable handcrafted birch wood, the puzzles are provided with tape that keeps all the jigsaws steady.

If you’re looking for non-standard interior ideas, our wooden jigsaw puzzle could be an option for all ages!

puzzle up

5. Mirror Wall Decor

Mirror wall decor is great for so many reasons! Not only does it make any space bigger visually, but it also multiplies natural light and adds the charm that no other wall decorative pieces can.

The best thing about mirrors is that they go perfectly with all the other decorations in the room. Even more, they seem to easily tie the interior elements together harmoniously. Besides, mirror decor isn’t limited to wall designs. It can also serve as works of art incorporated into any furniture piece, from frames to sofas.

mirror decor

Finally, decorating with mirrors is a great option to add some instant Hollywood glamor to the dullest room and, as a result, have the right place to check your outfit and be like “wow.”

6. Wood Art Wall

One of the most wonderful things about wooden art decor is that there’s something for everyone. Together with substantial feeling, comes a variety of design options. Add a pop of color to your room with wood art wall decor in the form of a wooden clock, mosaic-like panels, custom wood maps, hanging sculptures, world maps, and motivational posters.

Showcase your favorite photo and make a wooden art decor more personal by hanging a photo engraved on a wooden plaque. Play around with the designs and colors – geometric wooden art for walls will enhance the atmosphere and bring extraordinary character to your home.

Wood Art Wall

Creative and sturdy types of wooden art for walls are handcrafted, which means together with original design, comes the attention for details and passion of the artist. The supreme quality is the result.

Whether it’s a living room, a nursery, a kitchen, or an entryway, wood wall art is incredibly versatile and matches any interior. You’re sure to find something that speaks to you.

7. Decorative Wall Hangings

Decorative wall hangings are a great way to show off your artistic prowess to guests and loved ones.

If the style of your place is mainly based on the grandeur of the past, consider adding some dimension with the help of wall murals. Leaning toward the craftsmanship of the ancient frescos, wall murals are a perfect add-on to current Zoom meetings. After all, the empty background is no fun at all.

To add more life and fresh scents to your room, think about a green wall. Rather than leaving it bare, let it “bloom” with a few climbers planted at the base. The green “décor” will “creep up” sooner than you know covering walls in the attractive jungle style.

green wall decor

Book worms, rejoice! Bookish wall art decor is always en vogue. If you’re tired of old-fashioned bookcases, try to design a blank wall with an invisible bookshelf. All your favorite novels will look as if floating in the air!

3 Extra Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Shopping for wall decor is like traveling to the most exotic countries. Designs can vary from traditional art to the most extraordinary oversize items that will quickly change your idea of wall art. Just keep an open mind since you never know what may catch your eye – a wooden world map, a vintage clock, or…a wall ladder. Why not, indeed?

Wall Ladder

If you aren’t looking for decor to hang on wall, try out decorative ladders. Compact and lightweight, wall ladders will add a perfect touch of balance and style to any room. Not only will they command attention and set the tone in your space, but they will also lend a vintage atmosphere that many homeowners feel nostalgic about. Lean your ladder against the wall and voilà! An exclusive shelf or a stand for a flowerpot gives your room a unique look.

ladder decor

Guitar Wall Decor

Do you play the guitar? Time to display it! Just pick that empty little corner in your home and add some guitar wall decor to give some musical pop to the room. At the same time, adding this kind of musical touch to the empty wall will also serve as a touching tribute to the special guitarist in your life who is no longer with us.  

Or, perhaps, you own a guitar that you don’t play. That’s great! Hurry up to create an unconventional shelf to hold flowerpots or books you like to curl up with during long winter evenings. Jimi Hendrix would be stunned.

Guitar Wall Decor

Skis Wall Decor

Whether you’re a fan of skiing or not, skis wall decor is an original, fun yet fancy way to add creativity and make home space aesthetically pleasing. There are no special tricks to this kind of decor. All you have to do is to paint your skis with the color you prefer and find the right spot to mount them.

Skis Wall Decor

Just don’t throw your old dusty sticks out – they can easily pass as winter decor, especially when it’s time to adorn large walls like the fireplace area. Not only will they add a warm fuzzy feeling to the place, but skis wall decoration will also serve as a perfect inspo and motivation toward sports practice. 

What else is there to say? Do not be afraid to go big and play with different types of decor! It is small adjustments that make a major impact, after all. And those empty walls are filled with decor opportunities!  

Whether you hang a regional world map, mirror, poster, assembled puzzle, or any other decor piece – your walls are the canvas for your creative masterpieces. While being kinder to the planet, the wooden interior decor will set the tone in both huge and small spaces while making it feel like home.

No matter your style, the best thing is that there are choices. Whether your wall sees a rectangular framed wall mirror, a London map, a giant whiteboard, or stays naked, ensure it reflects your personal style, taste, creativity, and brings you joy!

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