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Wooden World Maps: What, Why and Where to Buy

Wooden World Maps: What, Why and Where to Buy
Universal appeal

Lots of people love maps. This is one product that has a universal appeal. No matter the age or gender, occupation, place of residence, or social status, everyone needs to use a map from time to time and some prefer to have it in front of them at all times. Life is good with a great map! And if you have a large wall world map, it is even better.

The most useful wall decor

Maps look great in any room or office and carry more information in them than virtually any other product you may wish to put on the wall. Simply put, it is the most useful item you can ever have on display in your space and will last a long time if used gently.

The most useful wall decor

A Wooden World Map - what a great idea!

Most of us, map lovers, grew up with paper maps. Some were as small as a page in a book and others covered the whole wall. They would tear up over time or turn yellowish, which could make them less attractive but certainly not less useful. After all, they were our favorite maps that we could always rely on and go back to in time of need.

Both human and map development does not stay in one spot, thankfully, and recently, a brand new Map product has hit the global market with a bang! 

A Wooden World Map - there's an idea that you might not have expected! 

Modern wall art decor

Just in case you have not noticed, a Wooden World Map from a family business brand right out of brave Ukraine has been taking the world by storm. And it's not just one map, but a whole variety of them. There's a lot to choose from in different sizes and colors from soft and natural to simply glamorous. 

Handcrafted to perfection, this is so much more than a map! It is a work of art. You can personalize and customize each wall map. Just specify what you want to engrave and in which language! So choose wisely or why not grab a few, for your parents, your best friend, and yourself? Each of the maps below is one of a kind.

Modern wall art decor

3D Wooden World Map

3D Wooden World Map

Available in every shade of brown and combination of shades
Classic designs: Multicolor, Terra, Oak, Dark Walnut, and Light

Map on Board

Map on Board

Realistic ocean background. Framed in black. Available in Triptych and Single panel. Pre-installed on board.

3D LED Wooden World Map

3D LED Wooden World Map

Multicolor LEDs - 7 options and combinations. Adjust brightness. Customizable like all maps.

Map on Board

3D Colored Wooden World Map

The absolute bestseller 9 gorgeous color schemes from Cappuccino to Mystery to Berry Luminous versions - glow in the dark!

Enjoy The Wood Advantage

Our team has worked hard over the past eight years on the home decor market and is proud of the clear advantages that make our products stand out:

🌲 Internationally patented products  🌲 Made of high-quality birch plywood 🌲 Handmade and hand stained 🌲 We use non-toxic paints only! 🌲 Easy to attach, easy to remove  🌲 Durable and stain-resistant  

🌲 Eco-friendly and sustainable

Most wall world maps come in four convenient sizes: from medium to large enough to cover the whole wall.

You can buy Wall World Maps on Board in two sizes.

Enjoy The Wood Advantage

We have over 100,000 customers worldwide and use a personalized approach to each client.

Your happiness is our priority. 24/7 customer service is available.

Our products come with a lifetime warranty. We provide worldwide delivery. All maps are 100% original, not imported or rebranded. You can also add push pins in the shape of planes or country flags to mark your past or future travels. Use your map as a memory board!

World Maps from Enjoy The Wood

We will be happy to introduce you to our wooden designs that will bring you closer to nature right inside your home or office. Whether you are looking for a unique gift or elegant and meaningful wall decor, World Maps from Enjoy The Wood is a perfect choice. They are the most popular and fascinating maps you can find after all!

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