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TOP 10 Travel Room Decorations

travel room decorations

Traveling has long stopped being just a hobby. It’s a state of mind. A free drug, if you want. Whatever you call it, it is almost always an inner experience, says Paul Theroux, the author of Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings. However, with the right travel decor incorporated into interior design, your home is sure to tell and show the story of who you are and what your passion is. We have some ideas!

#1 Add Decorative Wall Map Like Travel Wall Decor

What’s so great about decorative maps of the world? They’re classy, timeless, and inspirational. Crafted from climate-friendly materials, maps are great gifts for globetrotters with exceptional interior taste.

decorative wall map

#2 Use Wooden Lake Maps as Travel Themed Decor

In addition to being made to execute flawlessly into many different designs, the wood lake map is a stylish way to show guests your favorite body of water. Whether it’s the Big Bear Lake or Lake Michigan, the piece has a unique vintage-like design that, in tandem with beautiful shades of blue, adds a strong sense of escapism to any interior.

wood lake map

#3 Add Wooden Key Holder as Travel Inspired Decor

Even a wooden key holder has the power to catch attention if beautified with your favorite city plan and the quote that helps you through tough times. You’ll be proud to display this travel wall decor as a welcoming sign and a captivating blend of artistic elegance and functionality. Don’t forget your keys!

wooden key holder

#4 Use Wooden City Map Like Travel Home Decor

The beauty is in the details. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, wooden city maps show in miniature how superb some megacities are. Pouring their expertise and passion into every intricate detail, the craftsmen provide every wanderlust soul with versatile travel room decorations for years to come.

wooden city map

#5 Add Wood Photo Frames to Display Your Keepsakes

There’s a romantic vibe to the photos. Constantly reminding us of how great all those adventures were, they motivate us to do more. If you wonder how to incorporate travel photography in home decor, try wooden photo frames – the kind of decoration and souvenirs you don’t have to somehow fit in your carry-on to bring home.

#6 Use Suitcase Decor Like Travel Themed

DecorLove vintage travel decor? So do we! Without the time-honored charm of an old suitcase, travel-themed decorating would never be complete. The authentic vintage aesthetic of luggage decoration ideas always seems in fashion. Trunk-shaped and rigid, the retro valise rocks the home of every vivid voyager!

luggage decoration ideas#7 Incorporate Indigenous Textiles

Honor your trip to Morocco by introducing beautiful textiles and fabrics into your home. Or do you have a couple of Irish mohair throw blankets from your adventures in Emerald Island? Textiles like drapes, pillows, throws, and tapestries make the best travel theme decorating and create visual coziness in any room.

indigenous textiles ideas

#8 Add Travel Departures Board Wall Art

If you are on the lookout for travel decoration ideas that combine simplicity, style, and a one-of-a-kind look, the airport departure wall art has it all. Rid your room of an empty wall with an elegant memory keeper of all the times you passed through the airport.

travel themed decorating

#9 Use a Travel Themed Shower Curtain

You’ll dig into this idea of having the whole world beautifully printed on water-resistant and soft fabric. A simple and quick makeover of your bathroom with just a single touch!

travel themed decorating

#10 A Globe Collection to Welcome You and Your Guests

Globes are a classy illustration of traveling and one of the travel decor ideas that will kindle the wanderlust in you in an instant. You’re welcome to go for the model globe used as a desk topper or add the so-called globe bar to the living room. Born in Italy, this elegant piece has plenty of storage and can be easily rolled around into any room.

travel room decorations

To cut the story, every room can handle a captivating piece of travel décor. Whether a small cozy bedroom or a large airy living room, incorporating a journey theme is the right way to create a momento-filled space. The best thing is that no adornment from this category ever goes out of style, perfectly enduring the test of time. Your money is saved while your home is adaptable to the current trends and your evolving style preferences. Win-win!

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