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Minimalist vs Maximalist Decorating

minimalist decor style

Minimalism and maximalist decorating are two opposite camps that both speak uniquely to different personalities out there. Widely applied in the niches like music, fashion, and interior design, minimalism is about simplicity, space, as well as purity. The philosophy of maximalism, in turn, emphasizes both vibrancy and abundance. Below, we will discuss both sides and leave it up to you to decide which style works best to create a modern living room, kitchen, hall, bedroom, or any other setting. Here we go.

Minimalist Decorating Ideas

What is minimalist home decor? Clean lines, the near absence of ornamentation, monochrome, and the “less is more” rule – are all about crisp and clean interior design. Started as an art movement right after WWII, it got popular in the 60s-70s. Much water has flowed since those days, but that elegant simplicity and clutter-free spaces are still en vogue.

#1 Wooden 2D Map of the World

Today’s society has already drowned in overconsumption, with tons of purchases leading to human minds cluttered just like their homes. A well-executed mini decor style will visually add more air to any room together with…

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal. With natural materials, neutral décor like a 2d map of the world, and a nude palette, an uncluttered space creates a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Stress-free home environment. The less is more decorating is about being selective and more organized. As we cut off items we take home, we free up mental space that leads to better focus and a stress-free lifestyle.
2d wooden map

#2 Wooden 3D World Map Wall Art

What does minimalist home decor mean? A simple, straightforward, yet non-boring ornamentation. This is where elements like form, light, and quality (beautiful, of course!) materials come into play together with…

  • Increased functionality. By following our “less is more” philosophy, we only focus on what is crucial. This leads to increased practicality and functionality. For instance, a living room can have a single piece of décor like 3d world map wall art, but it’ll be more suitable and of higher quality.
  • Sustainable living. A minimalist living room, bedroom, or any other environment is about choosing quality over quantity. A more earth-friendly lifestyle and lower environmental impact are guaranteed.

3d wooden world map

#3 World Map Concrete – Minimalist Home Décor

Incorporating minimalist decorating ideas into home, study, or office interiors also helps make space more practical at productivity and motivation levels:

  • Combat procrastination. Add minimalist decorating to your place to avoid scattered items that distract you and don’t let you cope with each task at hand.
  • Stay clean. One of those significant advantages of the style with the fewest/simplest elements is that it makes your space easier to organize and clean. Cheers to the time-saver!

#4 Glass Vases – Minimalist Decorating

To achieve a simple yet sophisticated austere aesthetic, glass is the answer. Combining the material that has been the source of elegancy and purity since the Roman empire with clean and light-colored walls gives rooms glow and glam. Glass vases as part of minimalist home decor perfectly jazz up the interior. Oh, and don’t forget to fill one with fresh flowers that add extra beauty to the room and…

  • Boost your mood. Each color you make part of the room décor affects how you feel. Based on what psychologists say, using soft, neutral, and light hues over bright shades helps us calm down and feel happier. Surf our top 5 white wall decor ideas to add visual interest to space without being overwhelming.
  • Make any place more welcoming. In that never-ending maximalist vs minimalist interior design battle, the second opponent sends a subtle message to your family members and guests that they are welcome. Infusing elements like glass proves you have nothing to hide and focus on transparency.

minimalist decorating tips


#5 Aesthetic Minimalist Line Art

Clean lines, less use of color (usually one or two shades), and non-complex geometric figures make aesthetic minimalist line art one of the top fascinating realms of interior aesthetics. Whether painted traditionally or through gadgets, this art form has a unique charm and is more affordable.

  • Economical options. Since it takes fewer tools to craft a quality-over-quantity setting, don’t spend a fortune on a douzaine of decorations.  
  • No unnecessary maintenance. You'll avoid those needless repairs with only a few elements adorning walls.

minimalist decorating ideas living room


Maximalist Home Décor

Bored of dull walls? Bring joy to your home with maximalist ornamentation. And what is maximalist decor? Organized chaos, if put. As an antagonist to minimalistic design, it blends diverse patterns, colorful shapes, and all existing opposites. What do we have here? A surprisingly attractive balance of comfy atmosphere and visual overload.

#1 Home Decor Bundles – Maximalist Decorating

Home decor bundles are one of the easiest ways to add maximalist decor to your room. Designer-crafted and bundled accessories are a complete set that takes out the creative thinking part. All you have to do is hang all items in the most suitable place to make your home look like a glamorous magazine.

  • It hooks! Its vibrant textures and hues surely grab the attention of those who wonder what side to take in the minimalist vs maximalist decor mêlée.
  • Uniqueness is the law. All the elements you choose to incorporate in a room will create a unique look (and a quick glimpse into your personality!).

#2 Colored Map of the World

Whether in a maximalist office, bedroom, or dining room, the maxi home has a wide assortment of versatile elements, from glasses, candles, and artwork to pillows and rugs. And…there’s no such thing as too much! There is always a place for anything, be it floor-to-ceiling mirrors, colored maps of the world, or all types of greenery. All this makes the maximalist home decor…

  • Useful. Since you showcase many accessories, old items don’t go to waste – you use them all!
  • Fearless. You’re encouraged to play with colors and combine the non-combinable. The only rule is to do it with thought. 

#3 Layered Window Treatments

The origins of the maxi décor can be traced back to the XVI century. In those dusty days, nobility preferred to load rooms with their favorite stuff, including Italian Renaissance window treatments like damask, velvets, or brocades. We don’t urge you to go that far. Yet, with some stylish window treatment, your decor will have a more cohesive and polished look. Plus, you’ll enjoy the other benefits that come in a maximalism décor package…

  • Zero restrictions. As long as accessories are functional, there’s no restriction to adding those.
  • No color match. You don’t have to match the colors of the décor pieces or furniture. Just add elements spontaneously! You’ll see how imperfection makes sense immediately.

maximalist decor ideas for a living room


#4 World Map Triptych – Maximalist Décor

Living in a maxi-decorated interior is not just about being surrounded by material objects. Instead, it’s about showcasing parts of your personality and past experiences that would otherwise remain unseen. Is it a trip to Cambodia that you met your loved one there? With a world map triptych, there’s no need to hide sweet memories behind the closed door. Plus, the good thing is that the style itself is…

  • Ever-changing. It perfectly adapts to all functionalities required, the season, and the homeowner’s intentions and tastes.
  • Happiness booster. A simple photo, an artwork by Andy Warhol, or a world map that reminds you of a valuable experience will help re-energize, recharge, as well as reset.

#5 Bold Patterned Wallpaper in Maximalist Bedroom

If “more is more” is your motto, the bold patterned wallpaper will 100% brighten up an interior. The number one advantage of the so-called “busy” print is that it won’t take up more space than any plain, monochromic alternative. Together with another décor from the category, patterned wallpapers make every home…

  • Warm. The vibrancy of colors and textures is there to help you make your setting more inviting for everyone.
  • Just wow! Looking for ways to make a long-lasting impression on your guests? In that case, focus on the minimalist vs. maximalist debate's second part. The extravagant shades will stand out in the minimalistic crowd!

bold patterned wallpaper in maximalist bedroom


And the best part? None of the styles mentioned above will ever win this battle of décor. If it’s all about expressing yourself confidently and eloquently, the daring and bold style is the way to go. However, if the wow factor doesn’t matter, the minimalism vs maximalism dilemma is solved itself. Go all serene with the austere style exuding your aura in the most sophisticated and delicate manner. After all, it's your life, tastes, and style.


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