Cork World Maps

Attention all travel fanatics who have labored through the lockdowns! Now that more people are able to travel thanks to the vaccines, why not feed your wanderlust and catch the travel bug with a beautiful 2D cork map?!

All Enjoy the Wood cork maps are compatible with our country flag pins for maps series that is available as an add-on accessory in the online store. With close to 250 individual pins included, they cover most countries as well as the USA t states, Canadian provinces and Australian states.

They are just one of the many different accessory sets that you can use to make your 2D cork map or a wooden world map for wall decoration stand out from the rest. You can find the full range of customizable options as well as an inquiry form here.

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Why get a 2D cork map?

Cork isn’t just for champagne bottles - it is a very versatile material due to its low density, which in turn gives it a very low weight compared to other wood-based materials. This means that you can install an extra-large map 2D cork map in your home or office safely and securely.

This lightweight versatility also makes it the better option if you want to relocate the map at any time in the future.

Cork is also softer than traditional wood materials, which reduces the likelihood of injury in the event of an accident. This may be the perfect option if you share your home with toddlers or small children.

Our cork maps are available in a choice of 2 finishes:

  •  Basic cork – A combination of brown and light brown; muted tones ideal for a traditionalist room
  •  Black cork – Dark cork couples with light text; easy on the eyes and ideal for a room with muted décor

Each option comes in a Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra-Large (XL) version. If you are not sure which one will work best in a particular location, we have the solution – the Enjoy the Wood AR (Augmented Reality) app!

This app is designed to help you visualize exactly what each of the maps available in our store will look like when installed on your walls. Download it from the Play Store or the App Store for all the assistance you need to make the right aesthetic choice.


Making your 2D cork map stand out

No two Enjoy the Wood world maps are exactly the same because they are crafted by hand, not machines. With the two different shades of cork and 3 different sizes, there is already room for personalization.

However, that is just the beginning of the customization journey with Enjoy the Wood. Here are a few more options to make your 2D cork map unique:

  •  Size - Want a map whose height and width are just right for a particular wall? Want to specify a particular thickness? We can do all that.
  • Engraving – Want to add symbols, images, special text, messages, or have the map in another language altogether? It’s all possible with Enjoy the Wood.
  • Your own additions – One of the most popular map accessories is our push pin sets. Choose from the 287-pin flag set, 45-pin airplane set, 48-pin special event set, and the 15-pin sightseeing set.
  • Glow in the dark – We use a special technique to create maps that glow in low light. They are perfect for kids’ bedrooms which are almost always a place of both study and rest.

No matter what combination of add-ons you choose, or none at all, the entire installation process takes just 2 to 3 hours.

This is because all our 2D cork maps come with a mounting kit that includes a double-sided tape. It is not the ordinary tape that you get in stores but one designed specially to hold heavy weights. In fact, it is so strong that it cannot be removed by simply pulling it off.

If you want to relocate your map, you will have to use a hairdryer or similar appliance to heat the adhesive. Once heated, the adhesive melts and comes loose in a matter of seconds. The process does not damage your walls. You can watch a video that describes how here.


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