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What Is the Largest City in Europe

Tower Bridge with towers and lights at night

Ah, Europe…Cultural diversity, historical richness, and architecture that you can't take your eyes off. Being home to some of the most vibrant and largest cities on the globe, Europe offers a bunch of opportunities for never-to-be-forgotten cultural experiences and career boosts. Needless to say, the European continent is home to high quality of life. 

What is the largest city in Europe? Well, if you consider a move to one of the largest urban centers of the Old World, here’s a special look at some of the best destinations for you exclusively.

London, United Kingdom

Population – 8.8 million

What is the largest city in Europe by population? This status (just like the role of a financial hub) belongs to the capital of Great Britain. Famous for its diverse population, rich history, and cultural landmarks, London virtuously blends modern innovations and timeless charm, being a popular subject for paintings, Enjoy The Wood maps, and other décor. From the well-known Big Ben to the sprawling Hyde Park, Londongrad is the largest city in Europe and the go-to place for those on the lookout for career opportunities in various niches, from the culinary world to a thriving arts scene. Even though living costs in the city are quite high, London is still one of the most attractive locations for people who appreciate a cosmopolitan lifestyle and seek unparalleled cultural experiences.

Paris, France

Population – 2.161 million

The synonym for haute couture, art, and gastronomy, Paris hooks residents and tourists with sophistication and timeless beauty. Notre-Dame Cathedral, la Tour Eiffel, and Musée du Louvre are just a few of the landmarks of the City of Light that prove how rich its cultural heritage is. Parisians know what a high quality of life is and enjoy it to the fullest! In addition to being one of the largest cities in Europe, it is home to efficient public transportation, top-class healthcare, and a vibrant culture of cafés and restaurants. Despite being on the list of places with high costs of living, Paris is known for its unique blend of history with a cultural gem that hooks a diverse demographic.

Paris, France

Population – 3.9 million

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is a thriving metropolis that always has stories to tell! Being one of the 10 largest cities in Europe by area, Berlin attracts globe trotters from all over the globe with its history, creativity, and spirit of non-stop progress. If you enjoy stories of the reunification of Germany while looking for the place where your artistic soul will flourish, Berlin rocks. Today, it is a dynamic cultural hub with the most diverse art scenes and neighborhoods. Both residents and tourists enjoy the electric architecture of the city, its laid-back lifestyle in tandem with pocket-friendly costs of living in contrast to the other capitals of Europe. In addition to being on the list of the biggest city in Europe, it’s famous for historical landmarks like the Berlin Wall. However, the saddest page of the city’s history doesn’t come in the way of the desire of young artists, professionals, and expatriates to explore the location and maybe even settle here for good.  

Madrid, Spain

Population – 6.7 million

A perfect combination of relaxed siestas and vibrant nightlife. Madrid, ladies and gentlemen! Famous for its warm climate, diverse culture, and lively atmosphere, the capital of sunny Spain welcomes you with its high quality of life and lower cost of living if compared to other capitals on the continent. From stunning architecture to world-class museums like the Prado, Madrid is also among the bestsellers when it comes to culinary tours. All foodie travelers will enjoy tons of gastronomical treats in various places, from small cafés to Michelin-starred restaurants. It is the welcoming atmosphere and efficient public transport that make Madrid an attractive spot for tourists and expatriates.

Rome, Italy

Population – 2.8 million

What is the biggest city in Europe that gets you mesmerized by beauty and grandeur? Buongiorno, Roma! UNESCO World Heritage site and the capital of Italy, the place is the crossroad of modern living and ancient history. Just take a look at the magnificent Vatican City, the Colosseum, and Trevi Fountain to admire the jaw-dropping culture with a deep sense of history. When it comes to the climate of the region, Mediterranean weather contributes to the allure of the vibrant street life of Roma. Even though life in the Italian capital is more expensive than other cities in the country, its relaxed style of life, historical significance, and artistic heritage appeal to everyone searching for an extraordinary and quintessential Italiano experience. And if you want the visual keepsake of your trip, the best maps from our Bestsellers category will serve as creative ways to keep your travel memories.

Tower Bridge with towers and lights at night

 Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels 

So, what's the biggest city in Europe? London welcomes you with its global influence! Or, perhaps size doesn’t matter, and you’re into romantic allure? Paris’s calling! Now that you know the list of largest cities in Europe, you’re welcome to browse these priceless treasure troves of architectural beauty, history, and culture. But before you make your choice, make sure to consider the issues like cost of living, cultural offerings, career options, and lifestyle preferences. Whether you go for the timeless charm of Rome or it is the creative energy of Berlin that makes your heart beat faster, the list of Europe's largest cities above promises a wide variety of experiences and opportunities.

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