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Cheapest Places to Travel Solo

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Traveling solo? Good for you! According to the results of the annual Solo Traveler Reader, before the COVID-19 pandemic, 14% of people were considering traveling solo. This statistic increased to 23% after the global pandemic was over. Well, why not? After all, traveling on your own is empowering! It’s a unique opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and spend time with the most important person in your life. You.

Unfortunately, traveling is linked with money. Flight tickets, hotels, and hostels, eating out or cooking at home – all the ‘ingredients’ of globe-trotting require you to spend some bucks. But the good news is that there are cheap locations where you’re not supposed to go bankrupt. Below, we will check out the best cheap solo travel destinations to put on your to-go list if you’re looking for single vacation ideas that are pocket-friendly.

Mexico City (Mexico)

Being one of the cheap places to travel alone, Mexico offers pocket-friendly prices for accommodations starting from as little as $8 per night (hostel). Besides, it is one of the most attractive locations to wander around and enjoy picturesque neighborhoods. The city of Mexico welcomes tourists with a world-famous food scene. Just imagine yourself sitting in world-renowned restaurants like Meroma and Contramar, reading Enjoy Stories and enjoying delicious Tamales or Enchiladas blissfully on your own. After fabulous restaurants, make sure to visit the Frida Khalo house, the National Palace, the House of Tiles, the Church of San Francisco, and many other locations that offer affordable group and solo tours. Needless to say, there are tons of places available for free.

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

When it comes to cheap places to travel solo female and male voyagers should consider The Queen of El Plata. With its vibrant ambiance, streets painted in the brightest colors, and abundance of free or pocket-friendly activities, the capital of Argentina welcomes you. The city is famous for French-themed restaurants and cafés, football addiction (hurray to Diego Maradona!), unmatched street art, and good old “parrillas” (traditional barbecue grill restaurants). Known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires has tons of free activities, including wandering along the mausoleums at La Recoleta Cemetery, enjoying performances at the Centro Cultural Kirchner, admiring exhibitions at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, and dancing tango in the kingdom of exquisite architecture. And if you’re on the lookout for nightlife activities, the Argentinian capital has much to offer for less than 30 bucks per day.

Zagreb (Croatia)

The capital of Croatia is a budget-friendly destination for those who are on the lookout for the best vacations for solo travelers in the Old World. What makes Zagreb truly unique is that it has something special for every visitor. Are you into architecture and street style? Or, perhaps you’re addicted to delicious street eats? Whatever your passion and traveler’s preferences are, you will find it in this cute heart of Europe. To enjoy free activities, go to the Dolac Farmers' Market, Zagreb Cathedral, and St. Mark's Church. As for the paid options, the Museum of Hangovers (exactly!), Zagreb City Museum, or even the Museum of Broken Relationships (ouch!) welcome you for not more than €5-7.

Passau (Germany)

Oh, yes. When it comes to affordable trips, Western Europe is not the region that comes to mind. However, there are some surprise locations that are associated with reasonable prices and guarantee cheap solo trips for females who prioritize safety. Passau in Germany is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and safest places to travel alone. You will find this Bavarian city on the border between Austria and Germany. But what makes it unique is the Italian culture that influenced it a lot. Cheap food options and tons of free activities will make your stay in Passau worth every cent you may spend on the tickets and accommodation. Admire the sunsets at the Danube, visit Passau's Old Town, check out Dom St. Stephan, and, of course, enjoy the view of the city with a beer in your hand. 

George Town (Cayman Islands)

Sometimes, you don’t need a magic pill to chase your troubles away. All you need is a sunny beach and a cocktail that you will sip while looking at the sun going down. It all sounds like George Town! Hidden in the Cayman Islands, the location is a paradise for sun-seekers. This wonderful port city offers a great assortment of pocket-friendly activities. Consider visiting the top-notch Seven Mile Beach or, as an alternative, dive into the ocean of history at The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands National Museum.

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Back to Europe! Another beautiful gem and safe destination for solo adventurers. Ljubljana is the go-to place if you seek cheap vacation ideas for singles. Full of colors, the city welcomes you with untouched nature. All the lakes, hiking trails, and breathtaking views are not going to break the bank. At the same time, you can easily save some bucks by choosing to walk instead of using transport (the city is that small!). Plus, the average price of food will reach €7-10, which works for those who can’t spend much.

Budget Tips for Solo Adventurers

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If you feel like you are ready to embrace the me-myself-and-I traveling, make sure you know how to travel solo on a budget. At Enjoy The Wood, we’re geek wanderers and have some quick, tried-and-tested tips to help you along the way. Here are the four cornerstones for successful cheap getaways for one person:

  • Accommodation. Always plan in advance and search for budget hostels, hotels, apartments, guesthouses, or even options like Couchsurfing. The latter is a wonderful option for travelers looking for authentic experiences.
  • Transportation. All the transportation choices like trains, buses, and bicycles offered at a particular location are the most affordable ways to get around. Use public transportation to save money.
  • Food. Follow the locals! Eat where all those people eat, be it small local markets or street food. In most cases, those are incredibly delicious (and authentic!) snacks for an affordable price.
  • Activities. Literally, every location has low-cost or free activities to enjoy, from visiting markets and open-air events to exploring parks and walking tours.


The locations above are just some of the places you can visit with a small balance on your credit card. After all, traveling is the best investment because, eventually, you will get something that money can’t buy – unique experiences and memories. Enjoy!

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