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Best Places in Florida for Families

Mickey and Minnie Mouse next to each other

Photo by Bo shou from Pexels

Time for vacations? Excellent! When considering family-friendly and the most beautiful places in Florida, a lot of people think of Disneyland. But the good news is that Minnie Mouse and Aladdin aren’t the only attractions the region has to offer. With perfect weather conditions 365 days a year, the state is an oasis for those traveling with family members. You can find more destinations in our Enjoy Travel blog, while below, we listed some of the best Florida vacation spots for families looking for unforgettable experiences.

Lion Country Safari: Drive-Through Safari & Adventure Park

If you are looking for the best beaches in Florida for families, put safari on the list! Being the largest drive-through adventure and safari park, Lion Country Safari is a kingdom of hundreds of animals. The whole family will have some incredible fun in a 4-mile drive-through preserve with exotic creatures such as giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and lions – all roaming just next to your vehicle. At the same time, you can have fun at a separate adventure park. That’s where you and your family members will have an opportunity to feed animals, enjoy rides, go to a water play area, go shopping, and so on.

Cocoa Beach

Looking for the biggest waves? Or, perhaps, your people are more into the galaxy far, far away? Being one of the best vacation spots in Florida for families, Cocoa Beach is located in the very center of the east coast of the sunny state. Famous for its status as a surfing capital, Cocoa Beach is a paradise where the waves are all yours. Never tried before? That’s OK! There’s a range of surf schools like Cocoa Beach Surf School, School of Surf, Ron Jon Surf School, and some others offering pocket-friendly lessons every day.

When it comes to the Kennedy Space Center it’s the place where visitors of all ages can dive into the world of space exploration with a unique chance to see for themselves what being an astronaut is about. You will be impressed by all those artifacts that have actually been taken to the Moon and back to Earth. Moreover, you may even have an opportunity to have a never-to-be-forgotten experience of a rocket launch (if it’s planned during your stay at Kennedy Space Center).

Hawks Cay Resort

If you wonder, “What is there to do in Florida for families?” the answer is Hawks Cay Resort. The resort offers a bunch of family-friendly and luxurious accommodations from comfy guest rooms and airy suites to large private villas. Plus, one of the best resorts in Florida for families has myriads of supervised activities for children, a huge game room, and a pirate ship-themed pool. Setting off on a trip with a teen? At Hawks Cay Resort, you will find activities for this age category as well, which makes the spot a perfect destination for families with kiddos of all ages.

You will never forget the emotional and psychological impact that the Dolphin Connection program at Hawks Cay Resort may have! Let your little ones have a unique experience of close encounters with these beautiful, intelligent, and friendly marine creatures. Meanwhile, you will have a great time at a full-service SPA offered by Hawks Cay Resort, together with a family pool.

The Cox Science Center and Aquarium

Looking for the best places in Florida to have rest and upgrade your skills in flora and fauna? At the Cox Science Center and Aquarium, you can certainly kill two birds with one stone. The spot features a huge (10,000 gallons of fresh and saltwater!) aquarium, over 100 outdoor and indoor hands-on educational exhibitions, regular science shows, a cyber planetarium, as well as an interactive weather exhibit. You will learn what it’s like to forecast the weather, dive into the world of pre-historic creatures, and learn what it’s like to be a scientist at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium.

The Four Seasons Resort (Orlando)

When it comes to the best places to travel in Florida with your family, we at Enjoy The Wood agree on Four Seasons Resort in Orlando. First of all, your pumpkin will be happy about the fact that this luxurious spot is located exactly within the world-known Walt Disney World Resort. Being exceptionally convenient for families, the resort offers direct access to various theme parks. In addition to the magical world of Disney, the resort is famous for its spacious rooms and suites, which means families of any size will have the best possible experience while admiring Disney fireworks at night.

Supervised activities for kids, menus for little ones at cafés and restaurants, grand Explorer Island Park located on 5 acres, family pools, and waterslides – all these (and many other!) elements make Four Seasons Resort in Orlando a 100% mom-approved destination.

Universal Studios Florida

ALT: A hand holding Universal Studios ticket

Photo by Caroline Cagnin from Pexels

As for the best cities to visit in Florida for kids and those young at heart, Universal Studios is the place to go. Populated by the characters you saw in your favorite movies and cartoons, Universal Studios in Florida is the land where all the films, cartoons, and TV shows become reality. And the best thing is that you have a unique chance to become part of your favorite story! After all, who doesn’t like the idea of being a movie star? You can become one of the Men in Black guys or try the Expecto Patronum spell to protect yourself from dark invaders in the Harry Potter universe. And when the fun is over, you will have the most spine-chilling coaster ride at Universal Studios Park. Woohoo!

Visit a Turtle Hospital

What if a cute little turtle gets sick? It should go to the Turtle Hospital in the Keys! Friendly reps of this rehabilitation center have already rescued over 3,000 reptiles. In most cases, turtles get sick because of the virus that causes tumors or get injured by the propellers of boats. If you would like to teach your kids to take care of the environment, the experts at the Turtle Hospital will help. You’re welcome to take a tour to see how both little and huge turtles recover and help the reps of the center with taking care of green buddies.

Explore Miami!

If you are searching for places to go in Florida kid friendly and sunny Miami welcomes you! Famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and relaxed atmosphere, the city offers you and your big family an opportunity to get sun-kissed while exploring the Miami Seaquarium or lounging with your favorite cocktails somewhere on South Beach. You will be extra happy to see the excitement in your children’s eyes as they enjoy all the options provided by the Jungle Island. If there are teens in your company, they will enjoy their time when dealing with hands-on exhibits at the Miami Children’s Museum. However, littlies will have a wow time at an interactive zoological park. Finally, use this unique chance to wander in the Art Deco Historic District. Feel how art kicks in! Beautiful architecture blended with magnificent history will make your stroll a time to remember.

Whether you prefer all-inclusive resorts, theme parks, beach lounges, or educational tours, the best places in Florida for families given above have a little of each. The truth is that the sunny state caters to all existing vacation preferences that the most demanding members of your family may have. Listen to their special requests, make a list, and set off on an unforgettable family getaway

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