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Best Girl Trip Destinations in the World

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Girls just wanna have fun now? Great! As summer is getting closer, it is time to start browsing girls weekend away ideas or, if time allows, the best girl trip destinations in the world to go for the whole summer. If you need a little help in the process, we have done some work for you here. Below, you’re welcome to dive into the best international girl trips to find your next destination.

#1 Paris (France)

Known as the City of Light, Paris is a truly enchanting destination for girls from all over the globe. How many times have you admired all those cafés and cobblestone streets in the photos on the internet? Just imagine yourself walking in the heart of Montmartre, sipping coffee at a cozy little restaurant and exploring what the Louvre has to hide. Paris has something unique for everyone, including even the most demanding tourists who have seen it all. It’s a unique blend of art (both contemporary and that of the past), culinary masterpieces (ribbit! ribbit!), culture, haute couture, and beautiful language, making it a perfect place to go and create memories that time will never wipe away.

#2 Bali (Indonesia)

Bali is 100% Instagrammable location. One of the best places to go on a girls trip, Bali is a favorite place of millions of people all over the globe. Get ready to completely zone out in the kingdom of tranquil ancient temples, eye-friendly greenery, and the sunsets that will make your heart skip the beat. The most wonderful thing about this paradise-like place is that together with tranquility, you get to enjoy some party fun. The nightlife of the island is as famous as its beaches and landscapes. 

#3 Cayman Islands

Looking for some adventures ASAP? The Cayman Islands is the answer! Take a quick flight right from sunny Miami (if you happen to be in the US) to the place where sailing, scuba diving, swimming with stingrays, and kitesurfing are waiting to make your vacation unforgettable. The area offers a lot of SPA and resorts where girls can enjoy some fantastic self-care routines in the middle of a tropical oasis.  

#4 Aruba

Forget about your office to-do list and white collars as part of your 9-to-5 routine! Time for flip flops, swimming suits, hair buns, and delicious cocktails that serve to manifest that the job is done – time for relaxation. At Enjoy The Wood, we just love the beaches of Aruba because they never fail to impress. Whether you choose to see what untold stories the hidden caves have to tell, lounge by the calm pool, or snorkel in turquoise water, every minute spent here feels like a dream.

#5 Santorini (Greece)

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

If you wonder, “Where should I go for a girl trip, breathtaking views, yummy fresh seafood, and wine that doesn’t taste like anything else?” put Santorini on the list. Its beautiful villages, charming sunsets, and picturesque cliffs make this Greek city one of the most perfect destinations for ladies. You are going to 100% leave your heart in the fascinating streets of Fira and Oia, have your Zen moment on the most beautiful beaches of the region, and feel the romantic vibe of the sailing excursion. When on the lookout for the best mix of nature’s beauty, relaxation, and adventure for girls, Santorini welcomes you!

#6 Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos días, señoritas! Do you hear it? It’s tango! One of the most affordable girlfriend weekend getaways, Buenos Aires, attracts globe-trotters from all over the world with its passion for life. Every street has a secret to hide, while the rhythm of the motherland of tango gets you drunk without alcohol. You will enjoy your well-done steak, grab a glass of wine, and see for yourself that life in Buenos Aires has its own pulse that you would love to dance to.

#7 New York City (USA)

The city that never sleeps. If you would like to see for yourself whether Sinatra was right, pick New York as a destination. You are going to have one of fun girl weekend trips to the city that literally has it all to see and to do. Check out Central Park, see the flashing neon signs of Times Square in real, walk through the High Line, enjoy some of the Broadway masterpieces, say hi to Lady Liberty, and make time for pizza at the end of the day.

#8 Cape Town, South Africa

We’ve already mentioned the land of the Sahara in one of our Enjoy Stories and will gladly put it here, too! When on the lookout for gorgeous landscapes and vibrant culture, Cape Town is on the list of the most popular places to go for a girls day, week, month, or even more. Explore the best beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, see the iconic mountain overlooking the City Bowl, check out how colorful and vibrant Bo-Kaap is, and enjoy the best safari adventure in your life. Ranking among the most beautiful spots in the world, Cape Town hooks with its adventurous spirit only the most courageous girls who are tired of old Europe orthe ultra-modern USA and are in need of embarking on a thrilling trip. Cape Town rocks!  

#9 Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

Looking for some ways to test your friendship? We’re kidding of course; however, they say that going through a particular trial together makes people closer and helps them trust each other. If that’s the case, Mount Kilimanjaro will help! Hiking the mountain that once helped a well-known Ernest Hemingway revisit his relationships, goals, and emotions will help you solidify the bonds of your friendship and boost the strength, power, and endurance of y’all.

#10 Reykjavik (Iceland)

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Photo by Lyn Ong from Pexels

Reykjavik is weird and quirky but so magnetic! One of the best cities for a girls trip, the capital of Iceland is a safe place and home to the magnificently beautiful natural views you’ve never seen elsewhere. All the landscapes that you will admire in and around the city seem to be out of this world. Its volcanoes, coastlines, and larger-than-life mountains provide tourists with a unique opportunity to see outwardly nature as it is. Take a road trip, go to admire the majestic beauty of whales, and enjoy glacier hikes to see how much personality beautiful Iceland actually has. Wonderfully weird, Reykjavik is one of the safest spots on the globe. Women exploring the city on their own shouldn’t be worried since there is almost zero crime in the country.


OK, ladies, where to?

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