Scandinavian Interior Design, Home Decoration Styles and Wooden Maps

Scandinavian Interior Design, Home Decoration Styles and Wooden Maps

The concept of Scandinavian interior design dates back to the 1930s. Since then, many people around the world, not just in Scandinavia, have been fascinated by its ideas and implemented them in their homes either exclusively or in combination with other styles. I have spoken to three of my friends to learn about their preferred home decorating styles and whether they had any experience with the Scandinavian style. I also wanted to know what they thought about Wooden World Maps as wall decorations. 

 Handcrafted in Ukraine, these versatile maps are made of high-quality birch plywood and have flawless engravings. They are durable, stain resistant, and eco-friendly. The maps come in four different sizes, from a compact one the size of a painting to a large enough to cover an entire wall. They are available in just about every shade of brown. Each Map is unique. Simply put, it is an ordinary map that has been transformed into a beautiful piece of art!

Below are my friends' responses which are quite insightful:

My first interviewee was Elsa Kuprina, a project manager from Ukraine who moved to Finland twenty-five years ago. She is a big fan of the Scandinavian style. It gives her enormous esthetical satisfaction. In particular, she appreciates its minimalism, simplicity, clean lines, soft hues, purity, timelessness, and the peaceful warm atmosphere created as a result. Her friends use a lot of lamps in their homes, objects made of Finnish glass, wooden chairs and coffee tables, and floor coverings. Her plan is to put more lamps into her home as well. To those wishing to create a Scandinavian home, Elsa advises the following:

- Get rid of everything superfluous. Be bold in your decisions!

She did not think there would be many wall decorations in a Scandinavian home but liked the idea of a Wooden Map. She thought it would be a suitable wall decoration for someone keen on traveling or just loved seeing a beautiful map in front of them at all times.

Rock Warner, an American writer from Los Angeles, and a great friend of Ukraine say that although he appreciates the Scandinavian designs, he is more in favor of retro design elements from the 1950s and 1960s in the USA. To Rock, Scandinavian interior design style means the adoption of a minimalist, practical mindset in how one chooses their home furniture and decorations. He finds this approach very practical: 

- Just enough design to create a functional space, which is elegantly simple yet attractive.

Some of his friends consider IKEA to be a great example of Scandinavian design, but he is calling upon people to look beyond IKEA and explore other brands.

When asked about his opinion on the use of the Wooden World Maps, Rick responded enthusiastically:

- Well, that is logical and makes perfect sense! It sounds like an interesting product, Wooden World Maps!

Stan Cottingham, an American businessman who has lived in Norway for the past 30 years but worked and traveled all over the world shares that his home would not qualify as a typical Scandinavian one:

- My home decoration tastes are very eclectic and are not really “Scandinavian Style” even though I live in Norway. I combine Asian and Norwegian antique furnishings with old hand-woven carpets and original artwork from all over the world.

Despite being asked about preferred wall decorations, none of my interviewees had much experience with wooden maps. So I went ahead and encouraged them to consider the fabulous Wooden World Maps by Enjoy The Wood that no Scandinavian home, and no home in general, should go without. They completely agreed. 

To those looking for fresh wall decor ideas that will satisfy the most selective tastes,

we recommend a 3D Wooden World Map Multicolor and a 3D Wooden World Map Terra.

If you feel your home or workspace lacks a centerpiece - this is it. The Wooden World Map is an amazing piece of wall decor: meaningful and inspiring! It will greatly compliment your interior design whichever style or any combination of styles you may choose.

We hope that the elegant Wooden Maps from Enjoy The Wood will help you create a stunning space that is characterized by simplicity, beauty, and functionality. If you would like to discuss how our products can benefit your interior design, please get in touch with our team.

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