Raising Independent Kids with Easy Design Tricks

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Before we make the jump into the design world, here’s a quick question for you to answer – what is the first thing that both mom and dad-to-be do? You would be absolutely right if you mention reading parenting books to get all the nitty-gritty tricks of raising a kid and encourage their development and learning.

Today, we’re going to leave the theory behind and focus on practical tips instead.

Why us? Well...

As an opinion leader in the field of décor and interior, our company knows that nursery has a huge impact on a child's independence and development starting from a baby’s first-year journey. With that in mind, let's go back a little to the basics.

The Colors

Research has demonstrated that the mental state and mood-changing effects of colors are present in adults. When it comes to the little ones, the color of the interior environment is essential to a child's healthy development.

  • 0-2 year old’s room should be designed using neutral, light, and nude colors that bring warmth to the space. Stay away from bright and intense colors since they are too aggressive for sensitive baby’s eyes. Keep in mind that the kid’s interior should include no more than three dominant colors.
  • 2-7 year old’s room would look good with some bright accents. Ensure to add some by using décor, furniture pieces, bedclothes, or any other accessories accented with different colors. This will work great for kids who tend to enjoy a more cheerful, vibrant, and energetic interior. 
full-color 3D world map

If you’d like to give a creative feel to a kid’s room, our full-color 3D world map will be a great addition to every interior from a sports-themed to a contemporary-styled one. Not only is it a strong decorative element but it’s a perfect contribution to the education and development of your little champ. Used as an interactive board, the wall map allows children to pin photos, notes, or drawings, as well as bolster both their world knowledge and imagination.

Check out the most popular colors: Cappuccino, Aqua, and Mystery.

3d colored wooden world map
  • Schoolkid’s room is decorated in moderate and soothing colors that help your kiddo stay focused and progress in class.   

Tip: If you choose between wallpapers and wall paint, go for the second option. Leave some wall space to inspire kids and their creative side.
Giving them the freedom to express their creativity, character traits, and worldview without being punished is a great boost for their academic potential.

If possible, give preference to the zone-by-zone method. Make sure your child’s room has a playroom, a homework center, and a rest zone. 

What Do Parents Think? 


travel wall decor

Maryna Fostenko, the co-owner of the Enjoy The Wood company and a happy mom of four daughters, shares some of her tried-and-tested tips for you exclusively:

  • Don’t get the kid’s room cluttered with tons of toys and books. Giving them enough space for activities is a must. After all, this is where kids’ creativity and imagination thrive, right?  
  • Go for functional toys that let children interpret and organize what they see the way they like. For instance, construction sets that comprise many small parts are a perfect example of activity when both vision and hands work together. Thus, kids let their imagination flow while the learn-through-play element is involved as well.
  • Choose toys made of natural (eco-friendly!) materials.

home interior wall decor
  • Finally, do not forget about the good old role-playing. Provide your child with a doll or car set. Buy some new dress-up items and initiate a tradition for the whole family to take the day off and have the so-called “role play day.” Not only will you have some fun together but you’ll also escape from hectic day-to-day life for a while and strengthen family bonds. 

enjoy the wood map

    Choose safe and quality toys, come up with unexpected scenarios, dress up and… enjoy! 

    enjoy the wood

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