Wall Decor Ideas for Home Office

Wall Decor Ideas for Home Office

Working from home is the new sexy. While the world is still full of sleepy people rushing to the office with the most common late-to-work excuses made up on the go, working remotely becomes our reality. Now that you’re moving from the traditional office environment to the comfort of your home, you want to make sure your workspace is healthy, non-drab, and productive.

Whether it’s an entire room that you’re going to make money at or just a small nook in a bedroom, living room, or mansard room, there are loads of wall decor ideas to transform the boring walls into the trendiest interior.

We’re about to unlock some of them!

13 TOP Home Office Ideas

Let your at-home workplace become your source of strength and inspiration with this eye candy and practical remote work office decor.  Here we go:

#1 3D Wooden World Map

If you feel a bit lost amidst the variety of home office artwork ideas, go for something that rarely goes out of style. While most trends come and go, wooden wall décor stays. Consider getting a  3D wooden world map with beautiful and precise laser engravings from Enjoy The Wood brand. They’re chic, timeless, and just look natural in any interior. Finished in a variety of colors (terra, oak, multicolor, etc.), this adventure-based work office décor is a great conversation starter in case you let your households in for a home office coffee break.

wall decor ideas

#2 City Posters

Handcrafted city posters are a real find for those planning to add a bit of rural atmosphere and excitement of the big city to the homemade office. One of the best ways to preserve your travel memories is to mount a poster of a city where you’ve actually created them.

Do you still warmly recall that five-star dining tour on every corner of Paris? Or, perhaps, you’ve fallen in love somewhere in the streets of London? A vintage-like city map in a form of a poser is a minimalistic yet meaningful and creative way to visualize sweet moments and get inspired for new trips.

city posters

#3 US National Parks Posters

Multiple studies have shown that time in nature is a perfect tool to combat stress. And what roles aren’t stressful? If your remote workplace leaves no chance to avoid emotional distress, a connected-to-nature décor could be an option. The particular wall decor ideas that are sure to help avoid work burnout include head-turning US national parks posters. Looking for a smooth transition between work sessions and regular breaks? A handcrafted Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, Arches Park, or Glacier Bay poster will become your personal mind escape from routine.

US national parks posters

#4 3D Wooden Triptych World Map

When on the lookout for gorgeous yet earth-friendly home office artwork ideas for an adventurous soul, a 3D wooden triptych world map will fit both categories at a time. Whatever the interior you’re integrating remote office to, the wood-carved imitation of continents and the world ocean will brighten up your walls. The best thing here? You don’t have to overthink these additions to your home office. Just sit back, relax, and switch the look to the designer-approved décor that comes alive if you look closer. Did you hear that? It’s a call for a new adventure!

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#5 Tim Burton Inspired Décor

If you're a spooky soul, consider incorporating a bit of your dark personality into the home office decorations. The fans of The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas should consider adding some eccentric and whimsically shaped décor elements that create a gothic yet playful atmosphere. Let your home office turn into a haunted house using some fun tricks like posters featuring Jack Skellington or curved furniture from Raxfox Design. The easily recognizable black-and-white striped wallpapers will level up your home’s Burton-ing factor.

Tim Burton Inspired Décor

#6 Quotes to Induce Thoughts

When busy processing dull work throughout the week, your brain will most likely switch to procrastination at some point. However, a piece of the best office wall decor with your favorite quote displayed on it is a key to pushing forward. It could be thoughts by your favorite historical figure that speaks to you or anything helpful to focus on the tasks at hand.

Quotes to Induce Thoughts

#7 Hang a Painting

Go classy. Get a painting. After all, nothing adds more aesthetic to a modern home office than a good old painting. Browse through your favorite artists to see what works would become ideal office decorations. If your taste lies in the exquisite paintings displayed in Louvre, feel free to go for quality reproductions. Thanks to the up-to-date techs, getting a museum-quality handmade replica is a click away, be it a mass-produced art or something more eccentric. Choose the option that fits your budget and hand it right above your desk. Perfect.

 Hang a Painting

#8 Pet-Friendly Décor

If you’re a happy owner of some meowing or woofing buddy, there is nothing better than building up a home office decorated with some collages illustrating your life with your favorite pets around. Pets make us happier and give us so much true and pure love. If there are some sweet photo memories of your son growing up with your cat Mina or your daughter on an adventurous trip with your dog Lucky, having a picture of these moments near your desk is bliss.

Pet-Friendly Décor

#9 Books, Books, Books

The idea of getting a home library is as old as the world itself. However, it is one of the home office ideas that doesn’t make you choose between visually pleasing and practical. It’s a mix of both!

When deciding on the printed genres, consider your interests and build a book-filled home office from there. Even if you’re not an avid reader, installing a wall of books will provide you with an impressive background for online meetings.

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#10 Use Photos

Oldie but goldie. If you’re a fan of photography or there are just some photo works that you admire, adding them to your home office wall is a hit! It’s up to you to choose the way you want it to be displayed – framed, together with the other works of visual art, or solo. There’s an undeniable truth that photography radiates a strong emotion called by many a sense of satisfaction. And the latter is known to both inspire and remind us of our aspirations when we most need them.

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#11 Calendars Never Go Out of Style!

When it comes to wall decor ideas for home office, some of the most unexpected motifs may come from the most unexpected accessories. Not only are calendars helpful during the hectic day, but they’re available in trendy and stylish designs. Equipped with neon illumination, containing the space used to note to-do things, and digitalized or paper wall, these practical yet appealing scheduling tools will add a little color to your gray work-from-home routine.

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#12 Mom-Approved Art

Displaying your kid’s masterpieces is one of the cute wall decor ideas and another form of reminding yourself how great life just is. Chances are your mind will be getting into the procrastination trap at times, and you’ll need something particularly stimulating to keep on bread-and-buttering. Just choose any illustration created by your home little genius, frame it, stick it up on the wall, and voilà! You will 100% appreciate your kids getting imaginatively creative when work boredom kicks in.

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#13 Just Pin It!

If you choose more traditional ways to go when it comes to the home office environment, getting a pin board should be on the list. It’s a 2-in-1 option: a minimalistic yet stylish work office decor and an unusual way to display your never-ending to-do lists. Once you set it up, feel free to put up things that are associated with work or replace them with personal stuff like your photos from the last trip to France or the ones featuring your colleagues. Oh, is that la tour Eiffel? Wow!

pin board

How Can I Decorate My Office Wall at Home?

Your office walls are a great space to create a sense of order (not to be confused with the utilitarian approach!). However, that doesn't mean they should lack a splash of colors, super-sized artwork, or any other accessories that add extra character to the room.

To make your Mondays pass in a breeze, choose wall décor that you find comfortable and visually pleasing. After all, you are the person who will be using the space, which means your home office appearance should evoke a zen feeling in its owner exclusively.

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