Poster City Map Custom

Wooden City Posters from Enjoy the Wood are the best wall art décor to tell your story and spark conversation with the guests. We often live our lives in different places for years and even decades.

Style: Vintage Design
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Product description

Can't find your favorite city? This product needs to be customized before adding it to the cart.
Please, contact our team via chat or email.


  • material: birch plywood
  • thickness: 6 mm
  • default language: English
  • size: 22 x 30 cm
  • handcrafted in Ukraine
  • guaranteed shipping
  • elegant and stylish


  • handcrafted with love
  • guaranteed shipping
  • so stylish



birch plywood

Default language

English (can be customized)


6 mm

International patent

Guaranteed shipping

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