3D Wooden Triptych World Map Urban

Add a positive wave to your home and create a stunning focal point with a 3D wooden triptych map! If blank walls make the space feel boring and empty, add a pinch of style, creativity, and wanderlust to it.

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To finish off your interior look and fill in those empty-looking walls, get a framed 3 panel wood world map that will do the job. Made of quality and durable materials, three piece world map wall art gives the right dynamic and texture to any room – from a kid’s playroom or nursery to a study room and even bathroom. It doesn’t matter what interior style you seek wall art for – minimalistic, industrial, contemporary, electric, or any other – 3D triptych from the urban series will change up your wall’s dull texture with beautiful and uplifting design.

Even with monochrome color schemes, you can add a touch of brightness and creativity to the area. Looking for a memorable birthday, thanksgiving, easter, or Christmas gift? Triptychs will be appealing to all of the senses of the most demanding giftee!

Set up your wall art in no time – use the step-by-step instructions provided with the purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: The map is not a geographical one, some smaller countries and islands may be omitted. Each Map is unique and shades vary because it's made of natural wood.


Handcrafted from birch plywood, which is the main reason for its nice and smooth surface, the map is durable and stands the test of time. Geographical names are available in English and any other language based on customer’s request.


birch plywood



Default language

English (can be customized)


20 mm

Handcrafted in


Other details

the map is pre-installed on board


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