Fostenko Family Trip to Disneyland by Maryna Fostenko

Disneyland seems like every child’s dream, but what is it really like, is there anything to do for adults and how to make the trip as stress-free as possible? Here’s a story of Maryna, the co-owner of EnjoyTheWood, shared with us.

Read on for pro tips, fun moments and lots of good stuff!

Trip planning, transfers, hotels etc.

We decided to fly to Disneyland Paris in August as a gift for our older daughters’ birthdays — 4 and 8.

We chose AirFrance, because I really like the way they treat children, so the flight was nice. Then it got fun cos I didn’t really know which route would be the fastest to get to Disneyland. There are direct trains from Charles de Gaulle airport (TGV is only 12 minutes to the park), but of course we did not find them, so we chose RER and instead of the promised 40 minutes we spent 3 hours on the train, because a lot of stations were closed due to renovations.

We stayed at the “Explorers Hotel &” that has a free shuttle to the park, amazing themed rooms and a pool with a small water park. The only downside — there were too many people, especially in the morning. Next time we will definitely stay at a hotel on the territory of Disneyland, so that everything is within walking distance at a convenient time (for guests of such hotels, the park opens an hour earlier than Extra Magic Hour). another option — an Airbnb rental.

The Parks: how long you need to stay, the shows & more

A little bit about the wrong decisions: to fly in the summer and on the weekends :)  I think everything is clear here. Also, there are 2 parks, so you need at least 2 days. The more - the better and it also depends on your preferences, but of course if you spend so much time to get there — you want to see everything! So plan ahead and remember that it always seems like having enough days when you are planning the vacation, but when you get there — you want to stay longer. If you can — add a day or two to your itinerary beforehand.

In the middle of the trip we realised that a trip to Disneyland is not the best gift for a 4-year-old, because Amelie had almost nothing to do there (she’s not a fan of extreme sports), but she would definitely be more impressed if we took her there now. She was also afraid of some of the VR attractions and we could not convince her to try again. :)

Be sure to visit several shows in the parks! It’s such a fantastic sight — probably, more for parents than for children. Heroes, costumes, music, decorations — a pure delight to see. A large number of people — a good thing, but a downside too.

There are a lot of souvenirs that will seduce both kids and adults, so come prepared :) And make sure you wait until the evening fireworks. You’ll know why when you see them.

Disneyland tips:

 You definitely need to fork out for a fastpass, especially if you are there for a few days.

 Try to buy everything online in advance, so you don’t have to stand in lines on the spot.

 If you stay in hotels in the park, make sure to ask them about Disneyland tickets — there may be additional discounts and promotional offers. 

 Download the application it is convenient to search for the desired locations and saves a lot of time.

If you want a photo session with the heroes, you need to register in advance. For real. Like a week or two earlier through the application. Well, at least one day before, if there is still an available spot.

We hope this story will help you plan an amazing trip to Disneyland and enjoy it to the fullest! 

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